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MilitiaMan: Frosty this was in response to your post earlier on the Kuwait. LINK

$3.47 out the gate. This article is very interesting, as it is far easier to manage a 2% spread at that level than it is at say $1.00, and more over at 1184 real close in IRAQs case presently.

Frosty your point is well put by posting this. Imo It shows us that a country can and will do decisive actions when they feel timing is right.

Did they have the blessing of the IMF before they revalued thier currency? I highly doubt it.

I also doubt they had a 2% spread for 90 days running either.. They had no electricity per se, yet they flipped the switch and razed the value from pennies on the dollar to what they were before..
Sorta like what the Final 40 Articles suggest for Iraq. They want the currency of Iraq to be like it was back in the glory days. Oh btw. I don't have the data in front of me , if I recall Iraq can except Article 8 compliance and not have to disclose it to anyone. I read it in the IMF pages on the matter. Fairly sure I posted it last year sometime.

Propaganda is a tool that we all know is used to manipulate thoughts and actions among the populace of the world. Do t think for a moment that it is only used in public media and limited to newspapers, news articles, TV, etc.. Even forums like this may be used to do the exact same thing.

There is no reason an entity can't go on line and be a member here for instance. Use a proper computer and a decent alias and WaLa , once given the okay post away. Keep in mind that this sort of things is not new. One can look to the stock markets. There are people hired to specifically sound good on a stock but, yet purposefully create doubt. That doubt can create selling which is bad for long investors and good for short sellers.

More often than not the hired hands (bashers) will start with a passive negative line of thinking, bring in a subtle good point or two then end with the negative more often than not, thus over time people or investors get worn out and sell and for a loss. All part of the process.

Now if in fact the hired hands actually make money by trading this way and are not just wage earners they have to disclose that information. If they don't it is considered to be fraud. We will be watching how this sort of things g can happen on the upside too.

So, like Dr. Shabibi told us in 2012. Propaganda will be used during the deletion of the Zero Project. This site effects thousands and thousands of people globally. Think about it. Take notice. lol Imo it is live and well now and open for all to see in both open forums and private.. That is if one is a member of both.. jmtc


Doodlebug: The Market Rate has moved 2% each month.

January 2nd: 1299
January 31st: 1274
February 1st: 1275
February 28th: 1252
(or if they needed one more day for the month, then March 1st: 1247
March 1st: 1247
March 16th: POOF

We are looking for March to end around 1222 because then, if they continue with this pattern, the next 2% move for April (whether its a week or two or entire month) puts them at 1197. 1/1997 = .0008354. Drop three 0's and you have .84 (rounding up).

Delta has commented that he has seen .88. This would = 1.13. Add the three 0's and it would = 1135.

Auction Rate 2% move would look like this:

1184 x 2% = 23.68
1184 - 23.68 = 1160.32
1160 x 2% = 23.2
1160 - 23.2 = 1136.
Remember, they are keeping 2 sets of books.

Samson: Iraq is close to resolving the external debt profile

25/03/2017 - 11:19
At a time when Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir revealed his country's intention to cancel the previous debt owed by Iraq and to improve bilateral economic relations, an economic researcher stressed the importance of closing the external debt profile and orientation towards a genuine and effective development of the LAPD.
A Foreign Ministry statement has said that the minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari met with his Saudi counterpart Adel al-Jubeir on the sidelines of the International Alliance meeting against "Daesh" in Washington DC, and discussed with him bilateral relations and the development witnessed during the last period, and ways to deepen, and open new horizons for joint cooperation in all fields .
The two sides agreed - according to the statement - the need for the exchange of visits between the two countries officials, including ministers of trade and industry during the coming period to increase the volume of trade and investment. Jaafari stressed Iraq's desire to establish better relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, pointing out that the country is still in need of financial support, and the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Iraqi cities after its liberation from the grip of a fully "Daesh". For his part, the Saudi foreign minister expressed satisfaction with the visit of the Iraqi delegation to Riyadh, describing it as good and came to activate the volume of cooperation between the two countries.
Jubeir revealed about his country's intention to cancel the previous debt owed by Iraq, noting that his country seeks to open a flight route from Riyadh to Baghdad and Najaf in the context of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.
The cast amounts of external debt overshadowed the economic performance of Iraq in terms of its impact on public budgets, which led the accumulated debt, due to the events experienced by the country, the need to get rid of them for their access to the settlement of such debts as they have a clear impact in supporting economic development.
Economic researcher Firas Amer pointed out that the closure of the external debt profile, especially the Gulf ones, it has become a necessity required by the current stage in order to begin the process of real economic development as that those debts restrict the Iraqi economy and impose upon specific mechanisms for investment spending greatly affected the development of the country. Amer saw the possibility of converting some other external debt to a long or medium-term investments after coordination and agreement with the creditor countries to do so.
According to the Saudi debt owed by Iraq, the sources of around $ 15 billion. The classified Iraq's foreign debt on 4 ratings which all of the countries of the Paris Club debt, the debt of non-member countries of the Paris Club, debt trade creditors (private sector foreign), the debt of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in addition to consultants contracts (accounting and legal).
It is said that Iraq's foreign debt position, as announced by the Ministry of Finance years ago, shows that the total debt, which has been settled for the countries of the Paris Club was up to $ 51.6 billion in 2004 and became the end of 2012 up to 9.444 billion dollars.
As the total debt has been settled for countries outside the Paris Club was up to 18.33 billion dollars in 2004 and became up to 2.712 billion dollars in 2012, while total commercial debt processed up to $ 19 billion in 2004 amounted to become in 2012 (3.681) billion.



Evenstar: Where are they getting the Billions to do this project???? Hmmmmmm I wonder? lol


25th March, 2017

A study by the Iraqi Government into a planned oil pipeline that would extend from Iraq to Jordan has revealed that the project will cost between 5 and 7 billion dollars.

Jordanian press quoted energy minister Ibrahim Seif saying that a decision over the implementation of the project is expected from the Iraqi side soon.

“The pipeline will extend from Iraq’s city of Najaf, along the Saudi borders, to (Jordan’s) al-Aqaba,” the minister said, adding that both countries will be adopting a build-operate-transfer (B.O.T) system within 15-20 years in carrying out the undertaking.

Officials from both countries agreed recently in Amman on the project that is meant to transfer nearly 100 million barrels of oil, covering Jordan’s needs of crude oil, which are estimated at 150.000 barrels a day. The remaining amounts are transferred to Egypt and other countries having oil deals with Iraq.

Jordan and Iraq had already signed a deal involving supplies to Jordan at 10.000 barrels of crude oil per day, surging to 30.000. Oil imports from Iraq are on a halt at present, though, due to the unstable security situation in the country.


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