Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Is Footforward Right? Is the RV Today?" by Light Bringer - 3.21.17

"Is Footforward Right? Is the RV Today?" by Light Bringer - 3.21.17

As a reminder, here is Footforward's message from January of this year...Light Bringer

"Dow Hits 20,000 Tomorrow" - Message from Footward 1-19-17

Tomorrow when the dow hits 20,000 it serves as a breakthrough in the dinar. The breakthrough is Donald Trump in office. It will serve as the last warning to get in this investment. Then it will RV on March 21. I'm not hoping. I'm not thinking it might. THIS WILL HAPPEN AS GOD SHOWED ME IT WILL HAPPEN.

I need you guys to understand. This isn't a prediction. In 2013 I was taken up in a dream, taken out of my body and had an experienced that impacted my soul and my spirit. I'm sorry I didn't have the guts to tell you all we had to wait for the election. I'm sorry I let you guys down. I'm sorry i didn't have the courage to speak up and say what I knew to be true at that point. I deeply regret that.

I'm not sharing this insight for my glory. I'm speaking out in boldness so that people will remember the Lord when this happens. I want people to turn back to him when this happens. I want people to give glory to God when this happens as HE said it would.

I'm comfortable putting myself out there, risking my reputation and willing to look like a fool right now for God because I have faith in him. I'm willing to take a "risk" because I trust him.

I want people to remember no guru got it right. This date was not revealed by any "guru". God showed up. He spoke. He got it right. And when the dow hits 20,000 on January 20th, and the RV happens March 21, I hope that is a sign to many of you that God is real. Don't take my word for it. Watch what happens. God bless you all.  Footforward

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