Monday, March 27, 2017


You shall hear from DELTA and me good friend......on our CC this coming Monday.

Last Tuesday ........the day after our CC......DELTA called me and said he wanted to post some info on our site. I told him to wait until this coming Monday and we would present the info together to our KTFA Family. He went on to say that the info was broadcasted on Iraqi TV that morning. I said hmmmm......that took a lot of bravado for them to make such a claim because they basically are giving away the rate. I told DELTA that this supports his CBI source once again. If they are stating on Iraqi TV that they are now in the process of lifting the 000's from the "exchange rate" ........then that would leave us with .86. We know and an audit suggested up to 1.30. So with this bold proclaimation on Iraqi TV and their public announcements during their Mosque's prayers in the last few weeks along with articles discussing fils of 500 and 1000 .....agressively trying to tell us something. I then told DELTA to go ahead and post the info on our forum. We have the recording Family. DELTA says it's in Arabic......I told him I don't care if it's in pig latin just bring it!!! We will play it and then DELTA will translate it for you. You will know what was said to the Iraqi citizens last Tuesday and you will take this to the Lord in prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to calm you. For no one knows the day or the rate but it does not take much to realize that the CBI and Shabbi......are trying to tell us something. Please join us this coming Monday so DELTA and I.......can tell you something.

As for our new VIP membership......it is just one of the projects that we are working on with our time off. Trust me......I miss you very much. But there is a need for what we are puttingn together. My webmaster called it "VIP" ........personally I would have called it PS. We have guided you with your investment but I have pounded the rock to remind you to apply PS to your financial gains.......PROPER STEWARDSHIP. It has been my PS to you for three years now to remind you of this cause. One cannot expect God to bless our earnings if we do not apply His blueprint of proper stewardship to it. When I return in the first week of September........we will have a powerful server and be launched by our own financial support. As I told you.....our webmaster has paid for everything himself for six months now. I thank Devin from lifestream.tv . I want you to look at what we are doing as if you are going to college classes. As you can see there is a variety of subjects that we will be helping you with. Let's say when you come to KTFA from now on you will not only be fellowshiping with your Christian Family but you will also be ......going to school.

I look forward to being with you this coming Monday .......we have a powerful presentation to share with you.

My Christian love and Aloha ahui ho.



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