Sunday, March 19, 2017


Article: "Iraq begins new consultations with the IMF and the World Bank late next April"

...even AFTER the RV the CBI will continue to meet with the IMF every three months... 

IMO...Only THE Agreement to become INTERNATIONAL in early 2017 by lifting the 3 000's from their Exchange Rate can help their Economy... 

 Article: "Abadi, head to head an official delegation to Washington to meet with Trump IOO (In Our Opinion) ...The IMF/CBI meeting will NOT take all 14 days and A will go to meet T before the scheduled 19th.

    Security and stability is HOT...and Abadi is ready to tell Trump how hot it is.  I said give us MOSUL...and you’ll see the process of the MR at lightning speed.  Without SECURITY ...no...but I believe they’ve got this.  IMO...Trump will talk to Abadi...will get a wonderful report on the entire Middle East region...the MCP...their currency...money laundering...corruption...terrorism...this has been dealt with. 


Today...Jubari from Parliament tells Abadi ...“I want to discuss the IMPLEMENTATION of the 2017 budget”.  Iraq has really never had a budget...they’ve had it prepared...but never really opened it...just rolls from year to year. Why? Because they are on a program rate.  

  ...the best thing to do is to implement the budget…because you would implement the new rate.   Let’s see what happens with Trump and Abadi.

Abadi said in January 2017...Iraq will be an international nation...lifting the value of their currency...BUT...the Governor of the CBI was told to postpone it...which brings us right to where we are...right now. The private sectors have met with the IMF...the first 4 days of this 2 week meeting...that is unheard of. 

Starting about now (IMF meetings with the CBI)...they will talk about their exchange rate, and monetary policy. That’s why Saleh came out and said that the financial crisis will be behind them...deficit will be lifted...HOW ARE THEY GOING TO DO THAT?  ...about 6 days ago...the finance committee hosted Allaq (CBI Governor)...wanted to know if they could talk about the exchange rate.

  At the start of 2017...we were told they were going to lift the 3 zeros...but it looks like they were given a VARIANCE ...it appears that we are at the end of that VARIANCE right now.  

They are more than ready to lift the value...as far as the technology, mechanism...the CBI is ready.  Yes...Iraq’s leaders feel they are ready.  

Donald Trump wants security across the entire region...

We know Abadi will see Trump on the 19th...and I said earlier...maybe even like tomorrow [Thursday]. 

IMO...after they are done talking... (several days possible)...then Abadi will leave and will go to the Arabic Summit Meeting. Do you think that Abadi will tell Trump that Mosul is liberated?  Will he tell the whole Middle East that terrorism and Daesh is gone?

  Did you know that about 3 days ago on Iraqi TV...they told the citizens that they are 100% liberated?  Could this be why Abadi is coming to America to meet with Trump?  I believe we will see things after Abadi visits with Donald Trump. In my strong opinion...I believe Abadi will need to be in Iraq when the announcement happens to lift the value.


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