Saturday, March 25, 2017


3-25-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   [Would changing the rate of the Dinar have any affect on their rampant corruption issues?]   Just the opposite...them dealing with their corruption issues will help the world accept a higher rate for the Dinar. I am positive this is one of the items the IMF will be discussing shortly.  

3-25-2017   Newshound Guru Kaperoni
  Article:  "Iraq on the brink of an ambitious program looming..."     I am encouraged that we will see the beginnings of currency reform within the next few months. We can hope anyway.

3-25-2017   Newshound Guru loop   [Would changing the rate of the Dinar have any affect on their rampant corruption issues?]   IMO...They have a good handle on the corruption going on in the banking sector. While they still have work to do on this front they have systems in place to catch the crooks. So I do not see it has stopping them from a rate change at this point.

3-25-2017   Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat
  The month of March is winding down and so where is the early, in the EARLY 2017 statement, for the continuance of the “project to the delete the zeros”?  Article quote:  "Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, said on Thursday that the government is proceeding towards a free economy and activating the private sector."  ...they didn’t say they WILL proceed they just told us instead they ARE proceeding forward...  ...so now it sounds like the GOI is about to give the CBI the go ahead once again to proceed with the “project to delete the zeros...it’s coming.  We watch and wait for the articles from the CBI then we get excited....  (...the Iraqi news media is using the term“keywords” to mean an influential person of authority speaking policy...)
3-25-2017   Intel Guru RayRen98   It is getting hot in terms of what we are looking for.  There was a translation from Arabic found on the CBI website, and it reads: “to all licensed banks and money transferers and currency dealers, approve all companies for exchange rate..."   ...it seems to be saying that the CBI has approved a new rate for all currency locations.  One of my best translators...says that is what is says.  ...this is the type of thing we want to see and hear and acknowledge...and there is a lot of excitement and expectation surrounding it, but there is still a timing factor. If the green light has been given, how fast does movement commence?   It could happen today[Friday], tomorrow or Sunday. We know it’s inevitable...because the process has already begun.

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