Friday, March 24, 2017


3-24-2017   Intel Guru Bruce   Let’s make sure we make it clear to everybody that we know things are happening behind the scenes...fortunately we have sources very close to the area and we sort of know what the real deal is if you know what I mean.  Let’s talk about Iraq. We know Prime Minister Abadi was over here since Sunday morning. He met with President Trump, other members of Congress, and a select group of people while he was here.  He met with business leaders from various corporations. He flew out yesterday to Iraq then from there to Jordan for the Arab Summit.  ...what about the possibly of an announcement about Iraq? That is sort of what we all are looking for. We know the new budget was passed and suppose to have been put in the Gazette this morning.  That new budget and rate did not show up in the Gazette because there still is a media blackout. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-24-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   3. "This week on Fox News Sunday: Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq, in an exclusive interview."  Get your popcorn out! Abadi on with Chris Wallace this weekend. Don’t expect a huge announcement from Abadi on the RV...this is just more proof that Iraq and the PTB are not going to stay where they are. The country is poised to make a leap, and we’re watching!  Another thing I am paying close attention to in the news is Saudi Arabia... there is a LOT going on with that country right now. It’s a very complex situation, but the direction is tremendously good for us and for Iraq’s future as a very powerful and wealthy country. That might be one of the reasons why Saudi Arabia is taking these steps: "Saudi Arabia plans to cancel previous debt on Iraq"   Bottom line...this is happening fast, and we’re just here for the ride.  [post 2
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3-24-2017   Newshound Guru Adam Montana  There’s one name in particular that I’m happy to see in the news: Abadi. Anyone who’s been in this for more than a couple years has seen the amazing progress that’s come about since Maliki got the boot and Abadi came stomping in with the big boy pants on! The GOI was revamped, decluttered, and streamlined. Parliament picked up the pace and got a lot of things done that were simply not happening under the previous administration, and now: 1. Abadi confirms he’s planning on running for a second term. I see this as a shoe-in, no-brainer, it will happen, DONE. (Yes, we are going to hear some noise from the Maliki Camp, I say...ignore it).  2. Abadi is working hard towards full IMF and basically global support, and the fruits are coming.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

3-24-2017   Intel Guru Frank26   Mosul has been the reason why we’ve been waiting. Could Mosul be at 100% by the time Abadi gets to the Arab Summit?  I believe so.  President Trump wanted all of the terrorism to be dealt with BEFORE a revaluation...that is in MY STRONG OPINION!  Many things will ACTIVATE post-Mosul. This next phase of the monetary reform...that is going on right now...must go forward very smoothly.  President Trump and PM Abadi...I believe...are on the same page.  The CBI and the IMF are on the same page for the monetary reform.  After the Arab Summit...we should see Abadi move forward with the monetary reform.  The first 2 weeks in April are going to be very interesting...  In my STRONG, STRONG OPINION...the monetary reform for Iraq is still in its infancy...BUT when it happens...it will happen VERY QUICKLY! Allak said that the PREPARATION ARE SET... He was ready to proceed in the beginning of 2017 (in his words)...was put off temporarily...but now we need the new rate.

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