Thursday, March 23, 2017


Many of the corrupted are falling arrested into the net. Someone yelled 140 is the amount. Walk of shame scheduled, mainstream media must comply for they themselves have a few. 40 hours of who is and don'ts. All charges exposed. Presidential observeness will decline while the new focus shall fall on those that first observed,seeing them being picked off for conspiracy against the office of the President. New wealth for the country shall be released immediately. There is a New Dollar Bill and it will be exposed to all shortly. And a new dawn for this New Republic shall be unleashed. These changes are transpiring as we speak. Anonymous

PUERTO RICO: My people are in the streets in the rain raising there flags in gratitude for our baseball team,the whole highway has now stopped just watching them go by. I love this moment. It doesn't get any better then that. Bluwolf 3/23/17

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