Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Bluwolf: Equality on my mind

My thoughts are with my people and my Nation. I for one am rooting for Team Puerto Rico in the Baseball Classic. These boys are already Champions in my book.

As my country has been placed in dire straits by the corrupt in the govermental and economic business.

I wish to express that once the GCR and the 209 country revaluation are all set and done that I will be speaking with key people from all streams of knowledge, to set two projects that would eliminate first Puerto Rico national debt and second another project that equalize the economic spectrum for all Puertoricans  in a just and equal way.

It has come to my knowledge that we shall be receiving the 800 number and that is now irreversible, so now I am finally confident on the news brought forward.
1 Full government, ,,2  RV currency,,, 3 Secure land or nation = Iraq has fulfilled all that (announcement placed in there gazette)... US has to fulfill l two.

According to some,  that which the US lacks will be taken care of silently without anyone noticing it within the next couple of days.

 I will leave this here for now and I will be back to you once the 800 number has been  issued.

 Happy Journeys,  Na'maste Bluwolf ( 24 )

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