Friday, March 10, 2017



Jeffers:  Great Bank Story: My housemate just went to WF to open new accounts. While there, she asked if they exchanged foreign currency and if they verified onsite. The answer was yes to both questions and then the person helping her asked which currencies she held.

She responded with IQD, VND and ZIM. The Teller asked her to wait while she checked in the back. She returned very excitedly stating that all three were showing but very volatile.
 (No Rates given or asked for.) The Teller then asked her how much she held.

She responded with "a sizeable amount."

The Tellers' eyes grew large and asked if she minded being added to the "List" to be contacted. To which my housemate responded, "of course, when the rates are more favorable."

We're both PUMPED!

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