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An Interview with Highlander , 27 MARCH

Since last summer I have become familiar with the views of a certain very informed dinar analyst who goes by the name of Highlander.  She ran a dinar site for a while but has since changed her focus to research and commentary on the dinar.  Recently she took the time to answer a few questions related to her experiences in this investment.

Sam: Thanks for taking the time to discuss the dinar with me for my readers. I first approached you about this a couple of months ago but you didn't seem too interested. What changed your mind?

HL: First off I want to thank you for this opportunity. My delayed decision had nothing to do with you or this site. I just feel that if I don't see something worth while sharing or talking about then there is no reason to do so. I will do research and digging and watching until something changes or comes to light that I didn't know or I don't see being presented to the people and then I will share via a conference call.

Sam: Could you give us some insight into who you are and what you do?

HL: I was born and raised in Arizona. I have traveled some and lived in a few different states and also lived in South Korea. I have since returned to my home state and currently I am self-employed with my own business. While I have attended college, I hold no formal degrees at the present time. I am just like many on this net. A very passionate person who just wants to know what is going on with our investment. I respect hard work and self motivation. I love talking to people and hearing their thoughts and opinions, especially if they can base them on research and provable documentation whether they agree with me or not.

Sam: How long have you been a dinar investor?

HL: I first entered this investment in March of 2010.

Sam: How long have you been a researcher?

HL: I very slowly entered the research arena. I started off with articles, but like many out there, I had a hard time at first understanding them. And then if you throw the rumors on top of that it seemed impossible to figure it out. After August of 2011 when Iraq did not get their chapter 7 release I really decided that it was time to know why. That is when I was blessed to be taken under the wing of some of the best researchers on the net and they started sharing documents with me. Once I started down that path I couldn't stop. I was amazed at the information that was truly available to us and I have tried to absorb anything I could get my hands on ever since.

Sam: Who were your influences in researching?

HL: My intial exposure to anyone trying to decipher the news and make it understandable was Enorste. When he moved over to currency chatter I followed and found Randy Koonce there who also was steadfast on articles and research. Then of course I went on to meet the likes of Scooter and Enoch8 which just opened the flood gates! But the one that influenced me the deepest was a gentleman that went by the handle Hiram601. This gentleman not only believed in education, research and hard work but he had spent decades studying the middle east, the culture, the religions, the people, the customs, the list goes on and on. He spent hundreds of hours teaching me to try and not perceive Iraq through western eyes and thoughts but to try and understand through their eyes. Unfortunately he was taken from the dinar community too soon. Tough financial times hit, like it has for most, and there wasn't any money to keep his home or to acquire his blood pressure medicine. With some of the research missing and not having enough knowledge in the arsenal yet, decisions were made that I firmly believe would not have been had he known then what we know now. With the stress of what was going on in his life and the added stress that came from this investment he suffered from a brain aneurysm brought on by his high blood pressure and he passed on. After holding his hand and having to say good-bye to a man that had become like a brother to me I vowed that I was going to research everything I could get my hands on. I don't want to see another person make those choices with their life because they don't have the information that is available out there. That event broke my heart and put a burning passion in me to present the research so people could make educated decisions and not ones based on hopium.

Sam: Unfortunately I've heard far too many similar stories to that one.  Thanks for sharing that as it really demonstrates the seriousness of the intel nonsense we're constantly subjected to.

HL: Yes Sam there are far too many people who have suffered similar fates as Hiram601. I have met people who lost their jobs, homes, cars, filed bankruptcy and have nothing left and don't even know where the money is going to come from for groceries next week but they still hold the dinar they purchased.  The danger of not looking at all the factual evidence, documents, and history of an event like this is that life altering decisions can be made on bad information or hopium.  I truly believe it is important for people to think of this as an investment and not a lottery ticket. If they can do that, it will help ground their thoughts and emotions and open their hearts and minds to all possible outcomes and allow them to properly prepare and make better decisions that affect their lives today.

Sam: How have your views on the RV changed since you started researching?

HL: Oh boy have they ever changed! Before dedicating myself to researching I fell into the same roller coaster I still see happening on the net today. I would see the news and hear the "intel" and get all excited and then get let down when it didn't come true. I believed that surely someone had researched these so called "facts". Imagine my dismay when I started digging into the documents, Iraqi parliament minutes, council of ministers minutes, and even video logs from our government and the European government and more and discovered that what we were being told was not the truth at all! I so strongly believed that they would do what we were told that Kuwait did that I even stated on a conference call I wouldn't cash in for anything less than 3.22! Now I have a lot more background not only on Iraq's history but in economics and the study of currency reforms. I am more grounded and have removed myself from that very unpleasant roller coaster that is very harmful to people. I still believe that their is potential for the country of Iraq and their currency. What i am looking at now is how can they make that happen and if they can make that happen then what is realistic for us as investors to expect in return for our investment if anything.

Sam: You were telling me an interesting theory the other day on "The Plan" and how it might have been legit at one time but derailed by the Iraqis. Could you talk about that a little?

HL: The short version is this. I think it is possible that there may have been a lofty plan to go into the country of Iraq and benefit from the wealth of that country. After all the United States had done it multiple times throughout history. The problem they ran into in Iraq, if in fact such said plan did exist, was the history and strength of these people. Just like Britain held out against the on slaught from Hitler day after day, the iraqis have held out against decades, centuries and milleniums of on slaught from many nations. They know how to survive and they have a very rich history and are a very proud people. They had in their history many of the things we try to take credit for giving them. They already had a constitution from the 1930's. In fact they had a democratic government and open trade until the Baath party over threw that government which ultimately led to Saddam. In other words they are capable of deciding their destiny and I belive that is exactly what they are trying to accomplish despite any outside influences.

Sam: Tell us a little about the conference call series that you and a few others are doing now?

HL: Myself along with Enoch8, Proteus and Patriot (with occasional guest appearances from others) have endevored on a series of conference calls that we have entitled "The Iraqi Dinar: Fact or Fiction". The purpose of this series is to try and break down the different items that are the basics of Iraq and monetary reforms and help the people to feel like they have the power to research and understand their investment and not rely on someone else to tell them what is going on. Basically we are trying to lay the foundation that people need to have before they try to build their house. We seperated each item into a week of its own and we try to share as much as we can on the designated topic for the night and demonstrate how it may relate to Iraq and our investment. For example one of the upcoming topics is "Monetary Policy vs. Fiscal Policy. On that call we hope to be able to explain to people the difference between the two, who is in charge of each one, how each one affects the economy and money and how they relate to each other and ultimately try to understand why this is important to investors in the Iraqi Dinar. We are holding this series every Friday night and it is hosted by ReValue.US with a second feed in to the call being handled by the Call Squad. Recordings of the past weeks are available on either of those sites. And I want to take this opportunity to thank both Proteus and Patriot for being willing to tackle these tough issues in their forums along with Enoch8 too for all his time and willingness to share his research and knowledge as well!

Sam: Any advice for investors and potential investors?

HL: I think first and foremost would be the recommendation to people to arm yourself with knowledge of your own. Build your foundation properly and then make your decisions. Only you as an investor or potential investor knows how much risk you can afford without damaging your financial well being. If everyone would remember that this is an investment and not a guarantee they can make more sound financial decisions. Rember that you can lose on an investment just as easily as gain so please make sure that what you invest into this is something that you can do without if this does not turn into a money maker. Please don't fall into the everyday hype of it is going to RV today. That is harmful to yourself and your family. This is not the first monetary reform to have occurred in history and there are steps that have to occur before they can "pull the trigger" as some would say. Learn the steps and then you can sit back and relax and wait this ride out knowing that no matter what the outcome is you are prepared for it.

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