Sunday, February 5, 2017


Zap Update: 2-4-17 :  The rumors we are all hearing about how imminent everything is, is pretty close to the truth. There are many events about to start now that Trump has changed the financial landscape to ease the burden for many, get funds flowing, and allow important industry loans to be available again.

Obama stopped this a few years ago of course and industry fled the USA in another exodus of bright people out of the country. Trump has reset this error in judgment (or deliberate tactic) and paved the way for prosperity. Oh, and today I met a really great guy from Pakistan.

We talked for many hours, and he is climbing on board. It turns out he is a Muslim, and believes the idiots that are doing the extremist things should go the way of the dodo. He is also a brilliant Professional Engineer (Mechanical). Amazing the caliber of the people that are being attracted to what we do.

So in my past messages I have advised everybody to be ready and I am not kidding. We are about to have the turnaround.

Love and Light  in Our service    Zap

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