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Shybaby:   Trump I believe in Currencies we will all be on a Level Playing Field. We will make it Fair

Trump in press conference

I have complained for a long time about currency devaluation

I believe we will be much bigger in trade in the future

A big part of US trade improvements will be due to tax policy which will be an 'incentive based policy'

Abe said he and Trump agreed on new framework for economic talks.

Here is exactly what Trump said on currency devaluation.

"As far as currency devaluations, I've been complaining about that for a long time. I believe that we will all eventually and probably very much sooner than a lot of people understand or think; we will be all at a level playing field. Because that's the only way it's fair. That's the only way you can fairly compete on trade and other things. And we will be on that field and we will all be working very hard to do great for our country.

But it has to be fair and we will make it fair. I think the United States is going to be an even bigger player than it is right now, by a lot, when it comes to trade. A lot of that will have to do with our tax policy, which you'll be seeing in the not-too-distant future. We'll have an incentive-based policy, much more so than we have right now. Right now nobody even knows what policy we have. We're working with Congress, we're working with Paul Ryan, we're working with Mitch McConnell and I think people are going to be very, very impressed."

Drock:  Start watching at 1:50.  He says "sooner than most people understand or think, everyone will be on a level playing field...."   https://youtu.be/FBa9H1SmdyY
Fuze: Thank you for an accurate portrayal of what he said rather than reading into the statement what was not there... As is so common in dinar land... If anything, your remarks are an understatement , because he literally made this statement in direct correlation to Currency!  How refreshing and exciting!!!  Thank you again!!! 

OKRocks:  Yes he did... "As far as currency devaluations,..."

Fuze:  The context  of Potus answers here are clearly on how Currency valuations affect trade "a level playing field" regarding currency valuations,  is the essence of a GCR.
The words "trade embalances", "treasties" etc.. are not mentioned... Just Trade as it relates to Currency Valuations. He did not say China and America will have a level playing field. He Said we will ALL, have a level playing field; then "indicated" an unknown effort by most and unexpected is underway to provide this level playing field for Currency valuations, which will help with fair trade.... IMHO

Devaluation has consistently been the tool of China to take advantage of our trade agreements. Since the context began with China, it was necessary to address devaluation, however currency devaluations, appreciations even some revaluations are necessary to have FAIR trade. Under the so-called Currency reset...

Some will go up I. E. China , some will stay the same and others will be adjusted down a little I. E. USA...my point is a very basic one sentence summary  of Potus statements  is this:

(All currencies being fairly valued, improves fair trade;  There is something unbeknownst to most underway to level that playing field)... I think it's Plausibly a reference to what seek... Imho.


Breitling  ….We’ll wake up and just find out.  At what rate?  At what pace?  We don’t know.

Let’s say it revalues at .05 cents or .10 cents… I’ve been trying to talk people into understanding what could happen and not jumping off a stinking bridge or jumping out of a basement window because it doesn’t come out at a dollar seven the first night. 

The value will go up.  It will progress.  The value will keep going up….don’t get stuck on the day it’s going to revalue and what it is.  It’s going to take a while to trend...and how the market in Iraq reacts. 

It’s not a magic wand.  It never was and never will be.

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