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Tex20071:  I read small article yesterday explaining why the Exchange rates are so sporadic....the Banks use those Exchanges to raise their cash requirements to meet Basel III requirements.

Yada:  Tex20071,,Basel III is not an asset requirement currency,,,it is asset based for the banks assets,,,cash doesnt do it, other things on the asset list do but currency is not asset based because of basel III

Tex20071:  Yada...correct but Banks, Tiers I,II, & III have to hold certain levels of CASH in their Systems to meet Basel III requirements.

Yada:  Yes, the amount of cash a bank has determines the amount of assets they have to have to cover their bank,,so if the bank fails, they will not bring the other banks down,,,many in dinarland have linked the Basel to back currency and it doesnt,,just banks and all their assets,,,assets are loans, credit cards, investments, CD,,,but cash is not asset back thru Basel
KTFA:Google Basel I, II, III, and in 2019, the asset requirement for bank's assets goes up another notch

Perfect example of Basel III in action was the issue with Greece a few years ago,,they had to forfeit part of their gold holdings to keep their banking system going,,,

Tex20071:  ....and Basel IV is just around the corner...

Yada:  exactly,,,not sure the percentage of assets each bank as to set aside but the US tends to go on the higher side because we get a cold and the world coughs,

RV or no RV,,banks will increase their assets buy more loans to consumers as well as corporates, increased investments on the public and privates,,,,,,,they will entice new millionaires,,,ie Dinarians, hint hint to start investments of various types

I like the idea Tex that we are the next waive of new money coming into the system

individual branches are in competition with their other branches within each bank company,,the higher their new loans, investments,the great on the list of importance that branch becomes… smaller branches only grow to certain limits based on their locations but over all the corperate bank grows,,.. incentives are great for branch manager as well as Wealth managers

Tex20017:  Yada, my point. Big get BIGGER...

Yada:  interesting the questions of Dodd Frank,,,it protected banks from failure thus limited their growth,,,the banks would only take the sure things and individuals and small companies lost the ability to get operating loans,, Banks have grown wiser but doubt with the removal of Dodd Frank they will go hog wild because now,,,if they do not cover their assets, it can have negative effect on their growth,

Dinarians are guaranteed new money,,,and until the fiat system is stopped,, they will caustiously increase by investments creating more money for us and them,,,,we can expect higher rates because of the initiatives our government is releasing and growth for and in America will be highly favored from government to the individual

Before DF being removed,,,they probably had plans to move so hard to say but who ever came up with the decision with Citibank is being paid well,,,, Citibank, like many banks, are probably decreasing in areas where the preformed the least,,happened in 2008 of many bank downsizing,,

I Still think they are in the drivers seat of the a GCR,,,which to me,,,has changed meanings from the original intent of just an RV,,,,,how can they rule the world with a currency that consistently being reduced in value ,,just in order to entice people to use their currency,,,that would be like the Dollar store competing with Wal Mart,,you get a low quality product doing less and less in the world affairs of investing

Tex20071:  Yada...agree.....also they keep reducing value of currency to "prop up" other values..

Yada:  ! believe the RV of the Dinar,,or the new kid on the block of forex trading, will affect all currencies as they trade,,in theory, the lower value get the gas in hopes of bring it up to match the other currencny it is paired with, until it reach parity then the traders look for other currencies to move

Tex20071:  Yada...the "P"(parity)  word is a powerful one...carries BIG STICK...

Yada:  Tex20071,,,how do you think the zim ended up in the state it ended years ago? they are so low in value, that we'd have to start at the core of the earth to get to the surface just to be on par with the other currdencies and guess,,all the hand in the jar are making that happen….. we can thank the Chinese investing in Zimbabwe and bring it to the table

DKC101:  Regarding Prez announment, pay attention to the 5PM press conference from Florida.


PinkShell:  so much excitement in here today must be the day

Ecubucs:  I'm looking for a message this afternoon to be given in the President's speech at Orlando International Airport. something in the form of "asset backed" or "leveling of global currencies".... May not be there but I'm looking for something of that nature…. I know Abadi is also flying to the US today….

Airam:  Ecu that could make this long weekend an interesting one ...

Ecubucs:  Yes it could... Certain signatures needed for this to be made "Fluid" for us masses have still Not occurred. But, as always that could change in a moment's notice.

Dajen:  Abadi has tweeted so many x's today I think he met with the whole world. LOL maybe it's happening. (Crossing my fingers)

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