Sunday, February 19, 2017



@THE_TNT_TEAM: PM  Abadi announced a full invasion into Western Mosul. This shouldn't take too long. Time will tell what's next..  #wearethepeople  

PM Abadi announced a full invasion into Western Mosul. This shouldn't take too long and then we will see if THAT (the Mosul situation) was really a holdup or a scapegoat in the process.

OohLord:  Went and set and account up with First Citizen Bank. They said they will be taking the VNN, didn't know about IQN and Zim as of yet. The rate for VNN was .000037 if i'm remembering right. Oh happy day. I ask him had he brought any yet, he said no, and ask me what to buy,?, so i told him the ones i know of. humm. Guys its getting hot in here…..They was more impress of how i had protected the currency in holder i had. lol they know i was serious. Said can call anytime for rates. 

The SweetGuy: Anybody get any feedback as to why President Trump didn't mention any information about the new TRN in his Florida speech today?

69Ford:  Ok not sure if I can tell this but trump mentioned 2 things he is gonna stop currency manipulation and Middle East will pay us back for war

The SweetGuy:  Do you think that the currency comment was to be what we were hoping for?

Gracie:  I heard that and felt really optimistic

69Ford:  Really good he brought it up about the war and manipulation I thought that was some of what we were looking for

Maurt:  He will never say Exactly ..but could be key

69Ford:  The currency manipulation first of speech…. The Middle East paying us back was in the middle of speech

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