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TNT Call notes 10-February-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Fantabulous Friday, February 10, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls. We made it through yet another week, still looking for the public release of the RV. I don’t have any new information, looking for results from the intel I sent out yesterday and the blackout in Iraq. We are hoping to learn that the ‘something else’ took place. We will find out; the truth will always out in the end. If it is significant, we will bring it to you. Those are the current question marks: the blackout, the apparent division between Iraq and Kurdistan although they share the same real estate. That explains some things that don’t make sense from a unified country, like different rates of currency, and that the unification may not be all it appears to be. All we can do is wait and see what happens.

We are still seeing 42 banks in the US ready to deal in dinar, and probably more, we just haven’t heard about them yet. We are still getting reports from members. As new ones come to us, we will put them on the list – especially those banks who said they would never touch dinar. There are also currency dealers now on board. We just don’t like the rate, but at least we have the capability to exchange, if we choose to. That means the control is now in our hands, and that’s what I like. The mystery currency is still a mystery; I’m still waiting for something substantial on that. We do hear about bank memos, but still nothing has been done by way of exchange… and we’ve had that before, including rates on screens and attempted transaction that have not gone through. We wait patiently, knowing what the end is, and that is coming. So make some good long-range plans based on this information we have shared with you.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: Is Wells Fargo the only bank that will exchange our Zim?

A: I don’t think so. I haven’t heard that is the case, and I haven’t communicated it to you. I’m not worried about WF being the only bank, and you should not worry about it either. Let’s say, for conversation’s sake, that WF is the only one that will touch the Zim – how is that a problem? You won’t have to be worried about not being a customer or WF not being your state; all you have to do is exchange some of your other currencies, and then you can go wherever you want. These banks are in business to make money, and if they are the only ones exchanging Zim, they will want all Zim holders as customers.

Q: Back in the day (a long time ago) we were instructed to keep the Dinar account separate from the other currencies; is that still necessary? We were told to not co-mingle our accounts and my question is do we follow those instructions??

A: That was for tax reasons; we haven’t heard anything otherwise pertaining to that particular process. It won’t cost you anything. I don’t know that it’s necessary now, but it won’t hurt, either. If it’s unnecessary, at least you’ve exercised more discipline that were actually required, and that is no bad thing… and a good example to those after us.

Q: Your Latest TNT Blast said “The Minister of Transport reportedly says starting on Friday the IQD will replace the US dollar at the Iraqi airlines.” Out of curiosity, wouldn’t this make their currency tradable internationally at something more than a programmed rate? Surely, Iraq is not exchanging their currency for other currencies around the world at a programmed rate. It would have to have value of some kind. Am I right? One last thing, do you know what the rate is at the Iraqi Airport?

A: I am not seeing that change in value yet, just a change in currency, although there may be more to that than meets the eye. I haven’t heard anything, so I’m sitting on the fence. I don’t know the rate at the Iraqi airport.

Q: The Senate will not do the Confirmation Vote on the new Secretary of the Treasury until Monday evening. This means no swearing in until Tuesday, probably. Do you think this will delay things for us, since we hoped to be done by today? Also, do you think we could receive 800 numbers before Monday or Tuesday?

A: No, I don’t think so; one man doesn’t stop the show if the show is in motion. We could receive the 800 numbers any time, even during this call!

Q: My plan is to pay cash for my home. I was thinking that I would take a loan against my own money to purchase my home, so that I can still earn interest on that money while paying myself back. Do you see any downfall in this plan?

A: I don’t see how it benefits you to borrow from yourself and pay yourself interest. That’s just circulating your money. Maybe I don’t understand your question.

Q: Would you please share the Banks in Phoenix, Tucson, or San Diego that say they are exchanging or selling Iraq Dinar or dong?

A: No, because then they will get a flood of calls. You can call your local banks yourself and ask if they are exchanging dinar, and at what rate. In fact, that was your homework. When you’re in a pinch for money, you want to unload something to alleviate that pinch; that’s a natural progression, to sell some things that you don’t want to get ready, but your need for money is greater. However, I would sell something that doesn’t have the potential to increase in value. These are income-producing assets, over time, as opposed to a television or freezer – those don’t create income at all. Sell something that doesn’t produce revenue for you; your income-creating assets should be the last to go.

Q: Hey Ray! What do you say? How come it isn’t happening today??

A: Who says it isn’t happening today?

Q: Are we able to go into exchanges with each family member when they exchange?

A: Ask the person on the phone when you call for your appointment, say you want to bring people with you, see if they will allow you to do that.

Q: I am sure this is a question that haunts about everyone on this site, and that is; aside from all of the news we want to believe about past or even current “transaction” having taken place, what is there that we can rely on that this is going to happen for us period! 

A: What exactly are you calling ‘this’? Some thought the currency would never have any value, or it was a scam, because someone told you that. What do you really want to know? If it will revalue, or if you can exchange it? Well, 42 banks say that you can exchange it now, at the program rate. You need to listen to the information and see if you have a belief system that is high enough to carry you through the process. If you don’t believe those with boots on the ground, fighting for this revaluation, I don’t what to tell you. If you don’t have that belief, you can sell your currency and go back to your previous life. But you’ve already bought the currency, so you can wait it out, in faith, and if you eventually give it up, you still have the value when you sell it. So it’s a no-lose situation.

Q: Do you believe this RV will be this month or year?

A: Yes, and yes.

Q: Where on the website is the list of banks that are exchanging Dinar currently?

A: There is no such list on the website; this is my personal list compiled from the members.

Q: In the text this morning, you said, “thoughts and concerns”. What are your concerns? Was that referring to something unpleasant?

A: No, nothing unpleasant.

Q: Do you believe the current iqd rate is artificially low?

A: Of course.

Q + A Callers

465/404 caller: PM Abadi has sent out tweets and has spoken to trump on the phone; do you have any comments on that? Also, how likely are we to have a pre-RV call Monday?

RayRen: No, nothing further on that. I think a lot of that is smoke and mirrors. As for Monday’s call, I just don’t know. My intel says that the banks are ready for this to pop – they see rates and receive memos, but still no forward movement. That is a question mark, and we wait. In Iraq, my best people there are saying ‘”it’s done”. So why don’t people see it? There are some questions they cannot answer. We have freedom of speech over here; they don’t have it like that in Iraq, so they can’t say some things. They keep saying “it’s done”, and they are waiting for things to happen, too.

610 caller: Please go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click the DONATE button.

321 caller: You say 42 banks are dealing in IQD; I called six large banks, and their corporate offices in Florida, and they all said No. I don’t want to buy off the internet. Do you have a company online where you feel safe to buy currency?

RayRen: Why? If the bank is in NY, would you fly up there to buy dinar? I’m not going to tell you over the phone, but I can give you the info you want, and I’ll send you an online company as well.

817 caller: At the last call, you said you gave it a 10 that this will happen by the end of the month; do you still believe that?

RayRen: Sure. Money is flowing, people have money, there is a rate of 87 cents in Kurdistan… the information changes but we are still getting information, so this must be happening. Sooner or later, this will happen. There is definitely progress, with at least a few individuals actually exchanging at reasonable rates. The CBI has not changed their rate for a month, and everyone over there knows that something is going on. People keep wanting me to get proof, when I pass on things from people who have just been in Iraq. I get information from several directions, and that gives me peace of mind. If every thing I said of the last year is false, you’d still have to wait it out. When this guy says “I’ve been paid” or “I used my card”, why would I challenge that? It’s all helpful, and it shows me that there is movement. I still have to wait like anyone else, and I’d rather do that in a cheerful way than waiting it out being grumpy and snapping at folks.

786 caller: Did you find out anything more about the airline using dinar?

RayRen: People in Baghdad saw it on the television, and that’s all I know.

Caller: I would think that would have to do with their rate, if they no longer want to use their dollars.

RayRen: Not necessarily. All it says is that people have to pay in dinar, not a change in value. However, we have also seen lots of prices adjusted that show people will need to use the lower denominations – 150 IQD rather than thousands of dinar. Also, add in the rate in Kurdistan: 78 cents to the dinar. That’s an enormous shift right there.

601 caller: I would like to donate, but can’t, so appreciate those who do.

RayRen: Many are in that position. You can still do something on the PIF day, ten days after the RV. Go out and help some people!

406 caller: If we go to the bank today, is the revalued rate showing on the screens? It’s been $3.71 for a long time; is that showing on our screens?

RayRen: I’m at a loss on the type of question you are asking and why.

Caller: I decided that I will only exchange at a bottom rate of $3.71; if I can exchange now, why wait? So is that rate of $3.71 on the screens in our banks?

RayRen: You cannot exchange at that rate today; that process doesn’t go through. We can’t do it until it’s public in Iraq.

Caller: I’m thinking about an annuity; have you talked about that at all?

RayRen: If you have an insurance person who deals in annuities, call them; they can give you details of what’s available.

Caller: I spoke with WF two days ago, and they told me my currency is not worth anything, and so on. My answer was, “I know they are telling you this”, but it was kind of disheartening that they still don’t know!

RayRen: They work in the bank; you don’t expect them to know. All they are supposed to know is banking, not world affairs. They are repeating what the supervisor or branch manager has said. They don’t know about world finances, so why are you listening to their opinion. The currencies are tradable, and they are used in their own countries, so how can they be worthless? And the bank people are not watching this situation they way we are watching it. Members have asked the bank about certain currencies, and once the bank person looked it up, they were surprised at how high it is. They want to impress you with their intelligence, but if you ask “Do you know who Abadi is? Or Maliki?” They are ignorant people who don’t know about these subjects. You hold currency that the countries in question use to buy and sell every day, so it is NOT worthless.

Caller: I don’t have Zim, but a friend has some and wants to know what it will be worth. I told her that she needs to subtract six zeros; what would her currency be worth.

RayRen: In brief, if six zeros are removed, then 100 trillion becomes 100 million. Only those who have actually exchanged know the real deal. The numbers on the screen might change. So tell her to hold onto her Zim and she’ll find out. You can still buy Zim online as collectibles, not at the bank, and you need to look for the 2008 AA series, which are not the notes in service in Zimbabwe today. Do a search on eBay, amazon.com, etc.

Closing Statement

RayRen: We are in a holding pattern still. I did expect movement this week, and there was some over there, but the changes here didn’t move as much as I expected. I can see this happening this weekend, next week, any time this month.

There are other things may be telling you the 12th, etc., and they have their reasons for that. I don’t have sufficient reasons to take me beyond February, so I am staying February, day by day. As new information surfaces, I’ll work with that. If the banks tell me “we’re on any minute now”… well, they’ve been saying that for a while. We are in a window, and when that window closes, that’s when the party starts. I am looking for that window to close ay minute, but I cannot lock in on a date because there are still a few pieces missing.

I am planning to enjoy the weekend, with some plans to hang out with friends, depending on the weather. It’s Friday and the end of business for me. If something happens, I’ll let you know; otherwise, let’s enjoy the weekend and not be hang up on this every minute. If you are ready, enjoy the weekend; if not, finish getting ready. Do you have your currency in order? Do you know which of your local banks exchange currency? Do you have enough currency, and if not, do you know where you plan to get more? Sooner or later, we will have seen our last weekend; what did you do with it? Keep believing…

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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