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TNT Call notes 13-February-2017
Replay 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Marvelous Monday February 13, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  Here we are, still on this side of the public release of the RV of the IQD and any other RVs that may follow.

From last week, as we closed down we were looking for exciting things to happen.  Our Iraqi sources went quiet on us, and one of my main contacts with the best information, I didn’t think his change of vocation would interrupt the flow, but it’s been a challenge to get his intel, but it’s coming through and we are thankful to that person and others.
We heard some possibilities on Friday but they didn’t come through.  As for Iraqi news, the ‘million man march’ took place, and some people got hurt. I don’t see any impact on what we are waiting for, although that doesn’t mean there wasn’t.  We were saddened to hear of several deaths, so that might have backfired a bit.   The CBI still has not updated their rates after 30+ days;  something is going on there.  The UN rates are usually updated by now as well, but there is no new posting yet, no indications.  What’s going on with that?  That’s pretty much the intel so far from Iraq, although my best source keeps saying “it’s done, just be patient.”

Over here, banks are even more excited;  I’ve received information that some banks have started contacting large currency holders, although I don’t yet know why.  Some members are being told to check in every day because the banks think something might happen.  Some banks change their rates every day at 2pm, so see if it changes to what we want.  Will the availability change as well?  These banks are already accepting dinar.

Questions from the TNT forum
Q:  If I exchanged on 25,000 Dinar note now would it mess up my option to negotiate a better rate later?  Would it make any difference if I had a family member exchange that note?  A:  I don’t know that it would make any difference – it shouldn’t.  I don’t know of any statutes or requirements saying that what you do this week affects next week.  I think whomever you exchange with can answer that.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  If you want to make absolutely sure, let a family member do it for you, although that brings up other issues.  If it turns out to be taxable, then even if you handle the taxes, it might put them in a higher tax bracket… things to think about.

Q:  My question today is, if a family foundation purchases a home, would that home become exempt from property taxes?  A:  Just call your state tax department and ask them!  They can tell you if charities do or do not pay property tax.

Q:  “Parliamentary Finance Committee warned on Monday not to meet Iraq to pay foreign and domestic debts, indicating that it exceeded the 100 billion.” Iraq’s response was that they had a plan to clear up these debts.  Are you thinking one of their plans includes an RV?  How long do you think it will take to clear up a debt like this one, and at what rate?  A:  I have no idea.

Q:  Do you think this is our week to exchange?  A:  Yes, I do.  Everything looks that way.  Some are focusing on the new SecTreas;  it depends on what you entertain to be true.  If you mix all this stuff up, it doesn’t blend for me, but at this stage I don’t care – let’s just make this thing happen. If the swearing in makes this process happen, then so be it.  If banks are telling people to check in every day after 2pm, then so be it.  I’m okay with any or all of that.

Q + A Callers
716 caller:  Let’s say a couple is married and they bought currency.  She is in another state, and he is in New York state;  can they go separately to get their money?  She could probably fly home to do it, but if that’s not necessary…
RayRen:  I don’t see why not, except if they are going for the contract rate.  I have been told that the contract rate requires signatures from both spouses.  But if not, he can handle it and deposit the money in whatever account they have set up.

865/470/404 caller:  Is this our week to exchange – this is the first time I’ve heard you be so firm and enthusiastic in saying Yes.  What do your folks say in Iraq?  The latest story is that we heard the head of Da’esh was gone;  somehow he has come back to life. Is that story being shared with Iraq?
RayRen: Our guys over there constantly say “pay no attention to the news”, but I know you are paying attention to it.  But that tells me a lot in terms of whether it’s relevant.  My Iraqi sources keep saying “it’s done, just wait, you’ll see it!”  That wasn’t always what they said, but when there was nothing left to say about the steps, they say it is done. I don’t get into political machinations in Iraq.  It’s done, just not full-scale in public.

Caller:  Months ago, we were instructed that 800 numbers would be released, with two hours before appointments are started.  Is that still the case?
406 caller:  Can you tell me again what is supposed to be happening ten days after the RV?
RayRen:  That’s the Pay It Forward initiative, that everyone will do something super-fantastic and humanitarian on that date, without revealing you are the benefactor.  This might be an appropriate time to bring it out in full time.

480 caller:  I would like to send money but I don’t belong to PayPal.  I’ve been listening for six years, and I’ve finally figured out how to donate.  I have a question:  I have five children, and three still live with me. I’ve been putting money away for them every month;  should I continue doing that, or should I set up a trust for each one?
RayRen:  What is it you want them to have?

Caller:  I don’t want to give them enough to live on for the rest of their lives, but I would like them to go to the school of their choice and not have to work while they are doing it.  I don’t want them to have to pay taxes on that money, either.  I just don’t want any of them to run off with a lump sum to have fun.
RayRen:  You can set up college savings plans, as well as establishing trusts so that they can manage those trusts when they come of age.  As managers, they would receive a salary from the trust for their services.

Caller:  I also have an S corporation, and wrote some checks for currency from that corporation.  Should I exchange into the corporation?
RayRen:  Ask a professional if that was okay, and if not, what you should do to remedy that.  If the corporation bought the currency, it belongs to the corporation, not you.  If you use corporation money for personal purposes, that is what you need advice for, so that it doesn’t come back and bite you later.

303 caller:  How can I ask a written question on this call?  I don’t have access to the TNT forum.  Will you ever open up membership again?
RayRen:  That’s the only place you can post a written question.  We will reopen the membership after the RV, when we restructure the whole site.  That’s when we’ll let people know about our various events, and eventually phase it out and shut it down.

281 caller:  As far as bank memos are concerned, do you have any updates?  Is there any kind of deadline on that?
RayRen:  It went out, and we are patiently waiting for the results from that.  My impression is that the banks were given the green light, and if there was an effective date, no one told me.  They didn’t give me a date, just that they have the green light to go ahead.

301 caller:  How do we know when you are going to be in our area?  I wasn’t on the call Friday, and today I found out you had been in the area this last weekend!
RayRen: What if I had given out the 800 numbers on that call?  You weren’t on the call, you didn’t listen to the playback…  I will text you the information.  On October 14, I will definitely be back, and probably before then.

850 caller:  You said to do our homework and find out about local banks that exchange.  You also said not to call them or bother them.  Should I call anyone? I  have an account with one of the major banks, and they have two branches in Tallahassee that do deal in foreign currencies, so I should be okay, right?
RayRen:  Yes. You do your part of the legwork, and we will do our part.  Find out locally what you have to deal with. Then a couple of weeks ago, we started getting reports that banks are accepting Iraqi dinar;  now you do an update call to see if they are dealing in dinar.  It’s not a big deal yet because the rates are not what we are looking for, but you will be ready when I get on the line and say “the rate jumped, do a leverage deal”.  You should already know which banks deal with currency, and you know where to go.  If it’s not the full-blown RV, you might be able to make a few thousand and get out.

360 caller:  How did we learn about the GCR?
RayRen:  In the past, government sources have said X, Y and Z currency will be involved, and then banks started telling us the rates they were seeing on the screen.  Then you take into account the natural events happening in the world, and put it all together = GCR.

719 caller:  I have two grown daughters who think money is water.  What structure should I put this in so they don’t go through it.
RayRen:  One where you or your wife is a board member, until they mature.  For me, it’s nothing but complex trusts, because that gives the trustees complete say-so.  Your daugthers can receive salaries as trustees/managers, and that will teach them how to mange money for themselves and for entities they are involved with.

501 caller:  Have you heard any more on that ‘sleeper’ currency?
RayRen:  We haven’t heard any more on that;  it was probably just a glitch on the screen.

718 caller:  I was an Army translator in Iraq;  for those who don’t like in interest, can you recommend anything?
RayRen:  You mean that you don’t put your money in the bank?

Caller:  No, the money is in the bank, but in non-interest bearing accounts.  We just don’t like interest;  there’s always something negative behind that.
RayRen:  Why wouldn’t the bank be a good choice, if you want to make income on your money?  I think we need to have a separate call on that, but there are some other questions that need to be answered so that I can assist you.

610 caller:  Please go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com and click the DONATE button.  The PIF ten days after the RV – set aside some money to leave a tip of $500 or $1,000 tip for someone deserving, leaving a note that says they are ‘super-fantastic’ so that when it’s reported, we will all know you are a TNT person.

754 caller:  I have mortgage at one of the banks who does currency exchange;  is it better to exchange with that bank, or the one that has my savings account?
RayRen: I have no idea;  do some comparison shopping.

Caller:  With the gold-backed currency that has been circulating through the sites, 
does that have anything to do with this RV?
RayRen:  We can have an RV and not be on a gold-standard, or asset-backed.  I do think we will eventually be asset-backed and possibly on a gold standard, but I don’t see that happening tomorrow morning after someone is sworn in.  That seems farfetched to me.  If that does happen as the RV surfaces, that might be coincidence or part of the plan;  we’ll just have to see when it comes out.

Caller:  Have you heard anything further about the liberation of Mosul?
RayRen:  We heard all about that for a week or so, and then it went silent on Mosul over the weekend.  Maybe we are not hearing anything because nothing is happening.

VI caller:  The football seems to keep moving.  Are we expecting something this week?
RayRen:  Yes, I think so.  I expect to have some kind of call on Friday, although I hope it will be post-RV information.

Closing Statement
RayRen:  Things are looking good and there are several indicators that this will be a good week.  Some believe that swearing in the Secretary of the Treasury will get the ball rolling, and others think it is already rolling.  I really don’t know if that is relevant.  I share the information that I get.  This is the first time I’ve heard banks saying “check back every day this week.”  Somebody must be expecting changes pretty darn soon. That’s what I hold onto. We are waiting, keeping a constant vigil in case we have the opportunity to leverage as we wait for the Big One.  There are opportunities popping up on the way.

As we wait for 800 numbers to come out, I know of banks that have jumped into the call center reality.  Until them, I am in a state of believing…

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA

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