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Bruce: Good Evening everybody. Everything was moving through of what we were talking about as the appointment picks for the President cabinet. We had some projects based on that. It would have put this thing to us last night. Then late last night it pointed for this morning where we thought we be there and we wake up to it.

Then No, No, No. A delay because of what was happening to the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin getting in terms of him getting in with a vote. That has been held up a little bit. Still need to have him confirmed and then the swearing in follows.

Bruce: We just were thinking oh man this ready to go. I was told I wouldn’t do a call tonight. I thought okay. All right let’s see. I didn’t expect to be on the call tonight. Is Bruce a liar for saying that? I just was encouraged and given the impression it being the case. I just let you know I just do not want to give you false hope, just real hope.
That is why tonight indicating today positive movement for us, and positive for us to be moving forward, the direction for this to come through for us.

Bruce: Let’s talk about Iraq, The President had a conference call early in the day, this morning about 6am with Middle Eastern countries. The leaders all supportive of the fact the US is in support of the Middle East and do all we can to rid of that area of the terrorist influence of ISIS. The President wanted to emphasize that we are behind you, and we are not oppose to you as an alley. Everyone was encouraged by that. My understanding was the President was going to have a private call with Prime Minister Abadi of Iraq and that occurred about 3pm. The affects of that were very positive for us. Was it reported on news? Don’t think so.

Bruce: You guys may have heard or read that tomorrow is a holiday in Iraq, first holy day. We heard Iraq will change or already changed the way they take reservation for their flights in and out of Iraq and ticketing in US dollars to be changed over to Iraqi Dinar. My understanding is to take place and be effective tomorrow morning in Iraq. That is already passed now. At this time it is early am there.

Bruce: What I am saying is that ultimately this moves the dollar out of that system and brings the Iraqi Dinar at some rate. It has to be at a revalued rate. Maybe not the final end all rate but a newly revalued rate. That is a very positive thing. My understanding is that was done or talked about being done. That information is all over the net and being discussed on blog sites. They know it, Iraq knows it, and the President knows it. The call that took place little after 3pm may have moved things along for us a bit quicker than they anticipated.

Bruce: The other information is a lot of money is moving around form the Far East to humanitarian funding sources which you know I am referring to. A large tranche was moved again today to that source that would have access to those funds Sunday night. It takes a couple of days to have accessibility to those funds. In a mater days the funds are accessible. The funds are live. That is what is happening now.

Bruce: We know we had 14 Adjudicated settlements from farm claims that have been settled. Been NDA. We don’t have the details of those. They have been handled. Other things been happening is the activity out west moving along nicely. Everything is in process, moving through where we are really next. We said we are next for a while but we are really next.

Bruce: The redemption centers are on active status right now and looking to go from active to engage status. When they are at engaged status, they are ready for us to go in. That means we have the 800 number out to set appointments to begin to go in to those redemption centers. That is what we are looking for next. That updated memo to those redemption centers. I can’t tell you when that will occur, but from all I have heard maybe not too far away.

Bruce: Another thing is we also heard that the cabinet positions have been moving along slowly. When Jeff Sessions sworn in this morning, this person is suppose to swear in Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of Treasury. A lot of things hinged on confirming vote yet to be held, maybe sworn on that. Maybe held and we do not know about it. We do know certain things will happen once he is sworn in. We have a two prong approach here. The confirming of the Secretary of Treasury and the swearing in the Secretary of Treasury. Both are important to us.

Bruce: We have heard some opinions about the swearing in side. We head that is to occur early afternoon Saturday, but maybe occur sooner. I was given a time for early afternoon Saturday. I think that will essentially solidify our currency USN and TRN to be under the gold standard. We use asset back term because it is backed by a percentage of gold and other precious metals and assets the US has. Our asset back currency would return to the gold standing and our USN and TRN would have an increase value as a result.

That suppose to occur simultaneously with the swearing in the Secretary of Treasury, Steven Mnuchin. We would be looking for that early Saturday afternoon for the confirming vote. We had the vote 52 to 47. We didn’t realize at that time we had the confirming vote to go.

I think that is the one that would trigger the actual release for us based on the confirming vote that he would be confirmed and sworn in. When the swearing in occurs it will essentially release the memo to change the status form active to engage at the redemption centers.
Bruce: Is that the actual trigger? That is what we are hearing. We will see. We are hearing other things may occur even before that confirming vote. Any way we slice it right now things are looking very positive for us. I would say over the next couple of days from Friday and Saturday all looking beautiful.

Bruce: The rates we not talk about. We talk about the ZIM showing on the screens at a dollar one to one with the USD. We heard today it was fluctuating a little higher than that at 40 per cent. Then we heard it did turn back to that dollar rate. It is solid.

Bruce: The idea do I ask for a higher private negotiated rate over a dollar? With the dollar screen rate no NDA is required at that rate we understand. You may say that is all I need right there. Many of you are going to ask for a higher rate because you have plans. We have a lot of plans with our Rebuild America program. That could take more than trillions. I just saying if we are going to rebuild build this country a few trillion dollars does not get it done.

It is going to take more than that. We have the projects to back it up. We have the Veterans Retreat, Rebuild America. The water projects, filtration, the ministry, bible distribution throughout China. We got the Jerusalem Prayer Team, also other ministries you know about, missionary work in Central and South America. It is a big list. I am just saying I plan on asking for a higher rate.

What happens when you do that? You can negotiate quite a bit more. I haven’t talked about the highest rate. I can’t be sure what it will be then when we get there.

Bruce: I’m going to say you probably will wind up with a structure payout. I like that idea parenting with HSBC and Wells Fargo. They will come up with a decent interest rate paying out quarterly and pay out for 50 years. I am probably going to go for 20 to 50 years. My projects are going to have longevity.

We can make a dent in it but we can keep this project going. We will be on our way to rebuilding the rest of the world and make a difference in 3rd world countries. It is going to take more than throwing money at a situation. It is going to take new technology, new medical, new way of healing people, new energy, education, training people for new jobs, new types of jobs, and in 5 or 10 years we don’t even know what we will need. Staying on the leading edge of where we are going. What are the trends where we are going as a people, as a humanity.

Bruce: If you want to ask for a higher private negotiated rate, do it on the ZIM. The Dinar rate on the screens is going to be great and even the Dong. I am going higher. I am going to use the whole ZIM exchange for my God account, and use it for all my humanitarian projects and ministry and I can go as long as I can go. Longevity for projects, job creation, and education is there, all we want to do. I am looking at an NDA. That doesn’t bother me. I am okay with it. The NDA may change from a page and 3/4 to longer. I am looking for a longer payout. It may be that if it would go to 50 years or longer I wonder if it be 7 to 8 pages longer. Here is the thing. If feel once the NDA is read to me, I and get the understanding of it, I would be good to go.

If you are somebody not up to speed of legal documents and need some help what is in an NDA by all means speak with your attorney. Maybe you want an attorney accompany with you to the meeting. I think not all of you want to do that. I think I am not going to do that. I am not an attorney, not a CPA. Maybe there will be certain clauses in there which I don’t know this for a fact. I am talking about a claw back clause. Some are talking about that. I do not think t hat is their intention. Let just say there is a clause, something to do with nonperformance, not being able to do what you say you plan to do, either party, you or the bank.

There may be a way to talk about that and possibly have that particular clause removed from you NDA. I don’t know if you can do it, but I believe in that type of agreement you have the ability to negotiate that as an agreement. This is where your attorney will be helpful as an advocate. A page and ¾ maybe it not have too much on in it and maybe nothing about a not being able to perform. A nonperformance clause maybe not in there. If it were to have this, may be you have the ability to have it removed. Maybe they print out that version of your agreement and that aspect not printed or it blacked out.

Bruce: We plan to partner with our banks. Not an adversary relationship with the banks. The new system is that you have a lot of money and the bank is going to be your friend and partner. They hold up their bargain to give us assistance with the CPAS, attorney with the people that will help us mange this money, all of the private bankers high end aspects of the bank. If they hold up that end of the bargain then we should hold up our end and do our best to be partners.

I not worried about a claw back clause or non performance clause if there is one. If you think about that, do not worry about it, but consider if you a little help going with the legal aspect of the NDA, feel free to bring an attorney with you to help you move things along and not drag out the process. Remember once you get through this initial exchange, you will set up follow up appointments to learn more about your trusts, and other investments, to move money around to a few other banks. I am going to diversify.

Bruce: We are really right we here we need to be. We are in good shape to really welcome the blessing to come into us. I do think the next couple of days will avail much to all of us.
That is the jest of the Intel I can give you tonight. I think we are really in great shape. I want all to go bed early tonight and get a good night sleep. Be prepared for a great Friday and Saturday.

I didn’t call it did I? No I didn’t call it. Just be prepared for a great Friday and Saturday.

Bruce: We are in a very good place to receive. I have received a text to be prepared. I have taught you some things, others have told you things. Some you agree with and some you disagree with.

Bruce: All of us are working closely with our banking partners. I want to thank all of you at the redemption centers, at the banks, and all those who will meet us with smiles to welcome us. Come in confidently and humbly. You are about to embark on a really new life. I am excited for all of us on the Big Call who have been listening faithfully on this call. I am not going away, but I will say when we get this exchange we will take time off. Sort of in creative mode.

Realize guys we will post the information you will need on thebigcall.net site. Click on the tabs and take advantage of the opportunities you have. I am going to say I am looking forward to meeting some of you I would say regionals as we do the Rebuild America plan, Veterans Retreat, etc. We will stay in touch with pod casts. There be more online not so much on the phone as it is now. You will enjoy that. I know you will get the latest technology in getting new tablets, laptops, and phones. Look into encryptions protecting software you need to keep safe and your own information safe. I going old school for a while, not looking a lot online at bank balances.

Bruce: I am looking forward to seeing you on the other side, and giving you an updated call schedule in 2 to3 weeks what the plan is. Take all you have learned and go over it in your mind. Be comfortable, flow in and out of the redemption centers.

Bruce: Thank you to all the banking partners. Thank you in Canada RBC Bank, TD Bank Scotia Bank, and the rest of the banks in the United States such as Citibank, Chase Bank, Bank of America, SunTrust, Tier two and Tier three banks across the country as well as Wells Fargo and HSBC. Moco Pocia Bank working closely with HSBC in Latin America, Scotia Bank in the Caribbean, and ANZ Bank in Australia and New Zealand.
Bruce: We have a beautiful world. Let’s work to keep it beautiful and clean it up. Come together a little bit more. Give all we have clean water, clean air, good quality food, aquaponics, green houses that we do, and looking forward to us making a difference. Building homes that will last. Good strong building systems and good energy. I am going to tell you right now, one last thing I am going to say. I want you to be open to your future in learning a lot of new things, to new technology, and be open to new health cures that are there and been hidden. Be open to things out there not thought of.

Stay grounded in what you know, stay grounded in the Lord and be open at the same time of what you don’t know yet. Your future is about to change radically. I am looking forward to that change myself. Be open to change and to be taught new things. I am going to guess that is what is going to happen to all of us.

Bruce: Thank you Big Call listeners all over the world. Thank you for your faith, the ability to stay with this great blessing and use it unto the Lord. I will be touch with you with the website: thebigcall.net initially. Look for a Big Call celebration recording that will be put out on our website and few other places as well.

Bruce: Thank you all for being faithful to us. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. All have a great night tonight. Get some sleep and hope we wake up in the next couple of days to a new dawn. Good night everybody.


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