Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Bruce:  Good evening everybody.  Where are we and where are we going? We heard a lot of things happening in terms of out west with groups and with some of the pre-paids getting liquid. Also the ZIM platform trades becoming available and liquid. Then we heard they were going to have access very shortly to those funds. They could see them in their accounts but not quite disperse the funds, couldn’t get access to those funds yet even though they get paid and have access about time we go for our exchanges. So we have a collision course or a shot gun start where all start at same time.

Bruce:  There were some jurated farm claims needed to be handled. Those started to be paid out Friday and continuing through the weekend. Something handled and done separate from the Prosperity package. Something that would go prior to that. Those are being handled.

Bruce:  Now we heard yesterday that everything at a certain time yesterday early afternoon were complete. That the US Treasury had signed off. The go ahead was given. Certain Dignitaries and others out west witnessing and approving of it. Then we heard certain of these people left the area and went to monitor what was going on at another location out east. Those things moving along nicely and continue to moving along nicely.

Bruce:  Our understanding is two ways to look at it. What happened at yesterday morning, at 2:36am EST was that the redemption centers, about 6800 off site redemption centers in the US and Canada went to high alert status at 2:36am yesterday morning. You say why is that different?  I think it is different because they kind of from a security point of view it is on more of an alert and ready to go and the people in the redemption centers are also ready to go. Yesterday afternoon the rates had been populated and could be seen on the bank screens.  My understanding that is still the case today.

Bruce:  Iraq. I got word from one of our sources in Iraq at 1:48pm afternoon today Iraqi time today, that Prime Minister Abadi announced that the gangs and forces for dash or ISIS had essentially laid down and retreated and are no longer a militarian threat. This was announced in Iraq.  We have not seen this on the news here.  It could be coming up here quickly. I don’t know when.

A lot of the news from Iraq is held back from news coverage here.  You guys know when we are looking for the liberation of Mosul, and the flag has been up for two weeks now.  A lot of positive things taking place in Iraq and we are sort of looking for a public revelation what their new rate is and that would be put out internationally. That could be the next from of announcement we get from Iraq. Iraq has done basically all they need to do, and ISIS is no longer a threat in Iraq according to Prime Minister Abadi.

Bruce:  What about Syria, and other areas around the world?  We believe our President have put together special force groups in 6 different countries and given the directive to clean up everything that is needed to clean up regarding ISIS. They have a time frame to get that done even if it is 60 to 90 days for that clean up.  Don’t be surprised if it happens more quickly.  It is a positive thing for us to have that threat removed from the Middle East and other parts  of the world .  That is a good and we like to see happen and go away.  That occurred today.

Bruce: The other thing is that at 5pm EST today, we got word through contacts at Chase Bank and at Citibank on two different coasts that the banks with foreign currency departments inside the branches, nothing to do with the redemption centers, that the banks themselves were to begin contacting people, their clients or people that purchased currency they know about.  They were to contact the people at the time banks closed at 5pm EST to set up exchanges for them to come in and exchange at the screen rates. We know the rates are on all the screens at the banks. We heard some very good rates on Dinar and Dong.  The rates are higher than we thought they would be for the screen rates, quite a bit higher.  That is exciting.

These exchanges are not testing ones and not teaser rates. This would be the real mccoy. If that took place at 5pm tonight, what does that mean for us?  That means we are close for us to be contacted with a toll free number to put that out whether on the call live or tomorrow or the next day whenever that is for you guys to set an appointment and go to the redemption centers.  They want to get the ZIM holders in first. I think this is an amazing time for tonight.  Maybe not tonight, but it could or it could happen the next couple of days. I have been told by people in the know this would be my last call prior to the RV. I hope this is correct and true.  I hope I don’t have to make a callThursday.  I hope I make a pre-celebration call before Thursday.

Bruce:  You know what we do here is to try to put together the Intel I get in a way you can appreciate and you can discern the truth from it as I do. What we are offering is something not the same old stuff.  It varies and changes between calls. People that have been listening to the call know that. They know it is not always the same. I am kind of offended by that. If you are not listening you can think that why is it so special and what is different from tonight?  It is a lot different.  I am encouraged and you should be also. 

Bruce:  What we hear on the Senate confirmations on the Cabinet positions for the President.  You had seen on the news today that Betsy DeVos was approved as Secretary of Education. That was a close one. It was where Vice President Pence casted the tie breaking vote.  That happened close to lunch time today EST.  Then we had Jeff Sessions today in that his vote today was a procedural vote in the Senate.  That went through to 52 to 47. We are waiting for him to get a confirmation vote tomorrow in the Senate.  Then he will be ready to be sworn in.  We are very interested in the new Treasury Secretary who will be Steven Mnuchin. He is in the position now to get a procedural vote in the Senate, but I don’t know for sure that could happen tonight or tomorrow.

When that happens he would get the confirmation vote to follow. I do not know if that can occur on the same day or not. Then he gets sworn in. I have heard two to three different ways it could be affecting us.  I heard when the vote goes through for him the final vote that is all we need to know he is going to be confirmed and everything is a go for us. I have heard this could occur prior to the actual swearing in ceremony it could be a go.  Then I have heard after he is fully sworn in it could be a go. A most recent version of that is we know he is going to be confirmed is enough to release what you and I are concerned with a 800 toll free number to set our appointments. That is another variable. Something to keep our eye on. I have been watching the news to see this come through.

Bruce:  Another variable is under Secretary of the Treasury could also release this for us without him having been sworn in or even completely voted on because they know he will be confirmed. That is where we look at it with a political point of view.

Bruce:  People are back in Reno to make some announcement or witness the release of what we are looking for.  I can’t go into anymore information with that, but that could be very positive for us to keep an eye on.  It is hard to say based on this how just exactly how close we are. This information from today is the best Intel we have had in a long time. I am excited about the timing, and excited some of the banks in their branches are to do exchanges, We are on high alert and excited about that. Excited our time is very close with this information.  With that being put out, this is as close we can put it out without calling it. You know this day is exciting for all of us.

  Everybody,  I was sharing with Bruce because I go online and kind of research for the community for the Big Call . I was watching all the different opinions and I said to Bruce what you are.  We are like the RV weathermen. It is okay as long I can have my wedding if it pours rain. But people out there say the weather man said it will be beautiful and when it rains they freak out.  I think, Bruce, your Intel tonight was clear and strong and we all can feel blue skies ahead we hope. It is going to be sunny and bright and exciting. I think it is just a matter of understanding it does change and this is the best most sifted Intel and locally grounded. Our research and with the people giving us this Intel can’t imagine how lucky and a privilege to get it. I feel honored to have access to the information Bruce brings us.

Bruce:  I want to thank you Sue, Bob, Kent, and Pastor Steven for all you are doing to help me as a team to bring this out. We don’t have to do this. We do this out of compassion and love and we want all in the community to be strengthen and to be in position to take full advantage of this opportunity. We will have projects to work on.  Some things will be separate and some together. I want all of us to cross over that finish line together in a serious way holding hands across the line. We have been through a lot together. Some tough and some great times. Each of us would have a credible story if we could. Some of those stories we won’t be able to bring out after this especially those signing NDAs to get the higher negotiable rates.  Something to keep to ourselves.  I won’t have a problem signing an NDA.  We are chosen for this. We are definitely in this to win it, to make a difference in this world.

Bruce:   We will come across new technology and new information in the next few years. Incredible stuff and to prepare our minds and hearts to move forward.  We will be able to try to bring our community with the Big Call and others along with us as we move forward in some new areas of healing technology, energy and all kinds of things right along with try to do some projects together  as Rebuild America, and Veteran’s  Retreat, we are looking to do some calls where all flow in a beautiful way and learn together.
Sue:  I think all on the call can reflect and learn this can be a time to reflect and slow down and learn something significant for the next lag of your journey. Some of those things we all had to learn to discern.

Bruce:  Continue to stay in faith and run this race you have been called to. Continue to press into God.  Stay with Plan A until Plan B (Blessing) comes through. We have recommend this for over a year now to stay with Plan A till Plan B comes in order for you to move into your new life. Thank you everybody for listening and coming in. Thank you for the regular listeners for continuing to listen.  Thank you to our banking partners out there in being prepared. Let us stay with this and stay in faith. You know to look for the link for the celebration call on the Big Call web site – thebigcall.net.  Thank you everybody. We love you all.  Good night, Everybody.
Thank you Big Call with Bruce, hugsss

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