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Bruce:  Good Evening, everybody. Welcome to the Big Call. Today is February 16th, and we thought last Tuesday would be a good time for us the next few days. We still believe that. We are in good a position that a lot happened to get us to Tuesday and a lot happened to get to us where we are now. A lot has happened the last 24 to 48 hours.

Bruce:  What we heard is what we are going to call early exchanges on Vietnamese Dong.

A few weeks ago same type thing going on with the dinar. Some exchanges at some of the major banks with the dinar of what I called at the time with teaser rates.  They were done so the banks could increase their liquidity to handle the Basel 3 requirements.

So they needed additional funds so they could hit that liquidity in their banks. That went on primarily with customers that purchased dinar with those banks. They were contacted and asked if they wish to do an exchange at a lower rate for their customers at that time. The last couple of days same thing occur Tuesday on the Vietnamese Dong. Sort like a trial number #2. First on the dinar than now the dong.
Bruce:  My understanding this is it. The Dinar was done. The Dong was exchangeable at lower rates which I know were 39 cents to 56 cents per Dong. That was available to people that knew about it. They generally speaking were clients or customers of the bank. Some banks did exchange non-previously customers at those lower rates. These exchanges went on for 23 hours and 35 minutes. Then they stopped abruptly.

We thought they were going to resume yesterday from approximately from 3pm EST and go to 11pm EST. My understanding that 2nd opportunity did not occur. Ok that opportunity is gone.

Bruce:  Then today we found out there was an opportunity to exchange from 10am EST to  1:30pm EST.   We heard it might go as late as 4:30pm EST. There was a reason why it was cut short. We know people that did get exchanged at some of the major banks and some people got exchanged at some banks or regional banks, Tier 3 banks or even Tier 4 banks. We heard some major Tier 1 banks were involved even today. This is a good thing.

Bruce:  The point I am telling you about this is that is to show you how close we are.

These were opportunities to exchange to get some Dong off the street, reduce the amount needed for the real exchanges at the redemption centers, and leverage the value of the currency of the Dong higher which will ultimately benefit all of us. Instead of looking at the situation with regret or miss opportunity, but a situation to occur to give you possible higher screen rates on these currencies. These were teaser rates.

I am not trying to say not real money but from 39cents to 56 cents. I can go into more detail on that. Let just say the opportunity was a short window today for a reason.

Bruce:  The reason was we find that you guys heard about the CIPS system. That has superseded the swift system. It was put together to allow wire transfer to occur in as little as 18 sec to 53 sec around the world. attempts been made to integrate the swift system into the CIPS system and make those two systems work parallel with each other in such a way the Swift system can operate at the same speed of the CIPS system. We have that system interrogated approximately 1:30pm EST.

Bruce:  What does that mean? The timing was that system was to switch on in its activation at same time the intake for the Dong at the trial exchanges stopped. It wasn’t coincidence.

What does that mean? Now we have the ability to do wire transfers all over the world and domestic transfer in the United States at lightning speed without delay, open transparent. Without entities holding the money and making money on our money as it is held until the wire is good so to speak. That is part of the process that is going away.  That is positive for us.

Bruce:  Another thing is that system allows the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 paymasters to pay their clients out from the various trades such as the ZIM platform trade and others using that new system as of 6pm EST tonight. We had heard Tiers 1, 2, and 3 would be paid out through the liquidity today, this afternoon. We got some specific information it was to occur at 6pm EST. Good for us. Great sign.
Bruce: We understand this morning the United Nations approved to return to the gold standard not just for the United States but for the world. I don’t know when that occurred. I heard it occurred this morning. That is very positive thing for us moving forward.

The IMF would give the Go-ahead to the parties out West that would activate the starting time for the groups like ours, the so called Internet group to start. That got some major deal and be handled in conjunction with the timing for security purposes by our military and by our government.  So the whole thing will be triggered with that in mind.

Bruce:  We understand we will have our new currency, the rainbow currency, for each denomination, and have the United States Treasury on it as opposed the Federal Reserve Bank on it.  It should have the new signature by Steven Mnuchin, our new Secretary of Treasury. It should be on the bills.  What I understand, can’t prove it, that the new currency is to be at the banks on Saturday, and maybe available for us on Saturday.   That is going to be interesting, really interesting.

Bruce:  Our understanding is President Trump is suppose to make an announcement at 5pm EST regarding the gold standard. I don’t think it be a direct announcement related to the RV. Possibly the GCR. I think regarding the return of the US Republic to the gold standard and possibly he may talk about the new currency that should be at our banks the same day, on Saturday. 

What is interesting is I found today putting the pieces together of this puzzle what this announcement can be.  I remember hearing there is going to hold a large rally in Florida at 5pm EST Saturday.  That would be an optimum time with large press coverage, and with the large rally already sold out.  He did mention several times 5pm Saturday. Is this something that would occur at that venue? We will see what happens. It just might.

Bruce:  What does that means for us?  Does it mean we go then? Or could it mean we go before then? I hope guys and I am not calling it.  I hope it means we get to go before then. I am hearing we might. 

I am hearing the next step is to go to engage status at the redemption centers, and get the toll free number. If we receive it, I would put it out as directed. I think that is the next step. It appears this morning the US currency, the USN, went live.  When it went live it allowed these transfers to take place all over the world.  I know in at least 60 countries with our new valued currency. That takes care of a lot.

Bruce:  In Iraq Prime Minister Abadi was scheduled to go to Germany.  His schedule changed and he is staying in Iraq.  President of the regional government in Kurdistan in Iraq, Masoud Barzani, went instead. I am thinking Prime Minister Abadi is staying for a possible international announcement about the Dinar in conjunction with the gold standard for the world, part of the GCR.  That is happening. That is going on.

Bruce:  Another thing I am hearing is certain banks are more trained than others.  We have a three day weekend coming up. Will the banks be closed?  I believe they will be closed for business.  Several of the banks are said to be open for training on Sunday and Monday. Could it be they are training for the public to start at their banks on Tuesday?

We know Wells Fargo is well trained.  HSBC is well trained, actually over trained on the ZIM. I am sure the other currencies as well.

Bruce:  What about other larger banks such as Citibank, Bank of America, TD Bank, Chase Bank, and other banks we have here in the United States?  Are they as up to speed at the local level?  I think they will be getting trained for Sunday and Monday for the public start.

Does that mean we have to wait until Tuesday?  I don’t think so. This is only my opinion.  I don’t think we going to wait that long.  I think they want to bring the ZIM in before then. We can get large amounts of ZIM in 4 days. That is all they need to get the ZIM in.

There will be some who were gifted ZIM and won’t know or won’t have the knowledge we have to go in to do their exchange. They probably end up at the bank and get lower results.  That is going to happen to some. I have heard the rate for the public. It is way better than what we thought it was for the public.

Bruce:  We know we have the opportunity to negotiate the ZIM if you have humanitarian projects. I got confirmed on that.  I hesitate to put rates out. We had a few things said on this call before. I don’t want to go there with that. Purpose in your heart the rate you want to ask for. If you have humanitarian projects and a half way decent presentation.

Don’t need a 100 page business plan.  Have a one to three page bulletin point what you intend to do. If you need a project I told you can be part of Rebuild America. You can grab on to Rebuild America and be part of what you want to talk about.

Bruce:  You say I don’t have anything written down. I have given you concept to adopt a city, town, community, rebuilding homes, buying the homes and lots. We can tear down or if the homes are worth restoring in neighborhood, we will restore those homes if do not we tear them down and we will rebuild them.

That is the concept we use to rebuild one house, one neighborhood at a time in a city, a town one at a time. New schools. There are schools adding new gyms, libraries, performing art centers.  That is an area we can work infrastructure.  We need money to rebuild dames, highways, high speed railway systems.

 We need major dollars to do that. Don’t sell yourself short. If you want to be part of that project, I am not asking for donations or money, we can do this as a team together. I would like 5,000 listeners to team up with me, Bob Sue, Pastor Steven and the rest of our leadership teams to rebuild this country. We will do this internationally, South and Central America, the Caribbean, all around the world.

If you don’t have anything jot down Rebuild America, adopt city, town, and community. If you have your idea in mind where you want to do it, you can say I have my heart to rebuild this area, this city. And this includes major things we talked about. This is longevity of 20, 50 years.
Bruce:  Let’s plan on a long prosperous healthy life together working together and consider helping the US to rebuild itself in conjunction with President Trump wanting to in terms of making America great again. That is all we will be doing is rebuilding America. We start here and make a major dent. I am looking for 100 cities in 50 states.

Can you imagine what 100 cities in any one particular state? What about San Antonio, Texas, and all the other places such as Houston, Texas?  A lot can be done all over this country. Imagine using private money from our trusts. Our trusts will be earning interest with our structure payouts. Our job is to grant it, give it out, sow it in to good projects, and employ people.  We can do it. We can make a huge difference.  I am psyched  and juiced. 

Bruce:  This is something we are all called to be part of. If you want to go the island and chill, I not blame you. Am I afraid of an NDA? No.  Am I going to negotiate a higher rate on the ZIM   so I can fund these projects? You betch em! Yes. If you got a situation in your family concerning an NDA you feel I don’t know if I can sign that. 

With my family I can’t trust them.  You talk about wiki leaks. What about my family. I have family leaks. I get it. If that is the case you can’t keep quiet, that is fine. Don’t go for anything besides the screen rates. Just go screen. Be a screen rater.  That is okay. It is still a lot of money. A bunch of money.  I don’t fault you for that.

A lot of you guys will not be afraid of a little NDA.  We will learn to it, see where it is, adhere to it, and ask for a higher negotiated rate not just on the ZIM, but also on the Dinar and dong. Other currencies, I do not think so.

Bruce:  Intel wise this is about as rich as we ever been on Intel. It really is.  We will do another call. We will if we need to do a celebration call between now and Tuesday. A call 15 to 20 minutes and put it on our web site: thebigcall.net, and on a link. Also put it on Dinar Recaps and one or two other sites.  That is all you really need.

Some sites we will put it on and some other sites we won’t put it on. I am excited and waiting for rates to populate and where the IMF and the various countries want the rates to be before this goes.  Also we believe we are at a prime time for this to go. That is how close we are.

Bruce:  We have the Veterans Retreat Network, Pastoral Ministry Projects, The Jerusalem Prayer Team, Aquaponics, Farming and Food production, etc as projects.

Bruce:   Thank you to Sue, Bob, Pastoral Steven, and Kent. Some of you have sent emails that you appreciate the work we are doing and work going forward and want to donate. I really appreciate that and that is very kind. At this point we are not set up to receive any donations of any kind legally.

I am thinking we will put that together because I know people will want to do that, to donate to us. My goal is to do all of this work without taking donations. I don’t want to do that. I want to give from our own trusts or legal structures your attorneys and CPAs want to set you up with whether it be foundations, master trusts, LLCs inside your trusts, etc.  Beware there might be a possibility for that. We are not sure we will take donations. Keep it in mind.

Bruce:  I rather everyone do what they need to do in their own communities. I think we have Veterans Network worked out in terms of the funding.  Rebuild America that is where we need help locally in your own community. You would plug in with community grants, municipal grants for roads.etc.  Say we do a bond offering for this particular city. This just an idea I have. Then the other people in the community can even help. You are helping your community by buying this tax exempt bond and it pays interest. Those funds go to the projects we are talking about working together.

That is an idea to work with your bank partners. A sophisticated idea, but an idea that has merit especially with large projects such as roads, dams, etc. That is really where the big money will be needed such as infrastructure, schools, theaters, things for the community. So many things come to mind we can do to get us all the way up to rebuild and bring us back.

Our banking partners that are listening now are thinking of ideas now that I not thinking of. Thinking when that person comes if they not have a suggestion, say I got a suggestion for them. I am thinking out of my banking box. I am going to use my right side of my brain instead of the left side of my brain to help build the community.  I am a member of that community and I know what they need. We have been looking to do something in this town.  This is what they need here. It is opportunity to do that.
Bruce:  We might have a matching fund program. I am going off the deep end now. Maybe a matching Grant opportunity there. Who knows.  A lot we can do to involve the community, local businesses, material building companies, and help with housing, community centers, schools. Wouldn’t it be fun if all the schools have the technology that private schools have like laptops, tablets, and the latest brain technology. 

Bruce:  I am excited to partner with Wells Fargo, HSBC, AIIB, Banks based in China such as Peoples Bank of China, and larger banks that are there not to mention our banks here such as Citibank, Chase Bank, Bank of America, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada. Also Moca Pocia Bank, HSBC Internationally, and other banks such as ANZ Bank in Australia and New Zealand bank.

Bruce:  We will be doing our pod casts one a week for you. You can pick it up whenever, pick up the link. A new portal will be on the website: thebigcall.net.  We will make it interactive. We will have the latest technology doing calls. I am looking forward to it

Bruce:  I want to thank everyone for coming in. Thank you to all our financial partners listening in and to all International listeners. All of you in Big Call country in the US, Canada, Mexico. Brazil, South Africa, France, and everyone else listening in. We appreciate we have an International audience now and look forward to grow that audience. The world is not as big as we thought. With the internet it is much smaller. The word  is getting out. We appreciate you all listening. Thank you all for coming in tonight.

Bruce:  We are very close. Stay tuned and look for our celebration call to be put on. Get serious to get healthy and look forward to amazing times together. Thank you everybody. We love you and appreciate you so much. Good night all.


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