Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Bruce:  Good Evening Everybody.  Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. In truthfulness I really didn’t think we would have a call tonight. I thought that we would have what we are waiting for is a toll free number to go for tonight. Then we should have the opportunity to exchange by now we thought. Some things have moved along more slowly than we thought they would. It just put us in a situation where here we are again tonight. That is what is going on.  Doesn’t mean things are not moving in our direction, but right now we are still on the Big Call. Maybe we will get some information tonight that is positive. We are still in the mode of waiting and staying patient and looking for the information to call and set our appointments and go in for exchange.

Bruce:  Those of us who have been on the call for 6 years now thank you for your faithfulness to come in and be part of the call with us. We appreciate that very much.  For the new listeners out there we appreciate you.  Those in the financial community in the 100s or more that are coming in and listening to the call each week, thank you for coming in. We appreciate you and we know that more of you are coming in from international places than coming in from North America.  So that is fun and interesting for us. Thank you for coming in and welcome everybody.
Bruce:    We talk about where we are in the process. We are going start with our government. We were looking for Steve Mnuchin to be sworn in as Secretary of the Treasury. We were looking for him to be voted in, confirmed with a confirming vote. That occurred yesterday afternoon.  Then we had the swearing in ceremony approximately 9:10pm EST.   We thought when we get that it is over and we are ready to go. Redemption centers up and running active status to engage status. We thought it would be Go time for us. It wasn’t Go time for us that we can tell. We have heard through other sources we actually did have the initiation for everything yesterday afternoon a little after 4:00pm or 5:00pm.

We got everything moving forward. We had our Secretary of Treasury had been confirmed and we were just waiting for the swearing in ceremony. He did get sworn in last night, and a couple more came in last night and today. Things are moving along in that arena very nicely. We also heard today, I can’t verify this, only hearsay, that he needed to be in sworn in and be in that position for 24 hour before we went.  If that is true then we just went by the 24 hour period by a few minutes a little while ago. Maybe we are at that point we can go forward. 

Bruce:  The redemption centers went to engage status from active status, but I did not get good confirmation on that. Then my sources indicated No, they are not on engage status yet, but they could be over night tonight sometime between 11 pm and 7am. That would be wonderful and would indicate a change and time for us to go ahead and get started. Let see how that holds up. Not calling it.

Bruce:  We heard today a tweet went out talking about leveraging the Dong. It ends up that if there was leverage it was at the bank’s end and not at our end.  We haven’t been able to find good confirmation whether the Dong at teaser rates from 30 cents to 50 cents on the Dong was actually exchanged. We heard it was available in 5 or 6 cities with the Travelex Currency Exchange locations.  Evidently some people did get exchange there, but I can’t confirm any of that.  I can’t confirm that any banks did any exchanges either. We thought it was an opportunity for banks to leverage the Dong and take some of this Dong off the streets for people who need this money now. Supposively this opportunity was going to be there today from 3pm to 10am or ll am tomorrow. The information on this is very sketchy. I would put it at doubtful at best if it even is happening because I can’t get it proven to me. It would be interesting if it is occurring however, I haven’t can say it is happening for sure.

Bruce:  We had a situation in the Middle East.  We know the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu came in to the United States last night about 2am, and he is meeting with President Trump tomorrow. There has been an agreement regarding Palestine and Israel took place one minute before midnight Saturday night.  I doubt if there need be another agreement.  Apparently I believe the Chinese want it to be real and happen.  I believe it did take place and is not an issue for us now. We think it took placeSaturday night.  It is all good.
Bruce:  A lot of people have had ZIM in Platform trades.  Some people seeing some outcome of that even in their accounts, and some have not seen it. All ZIM Platform participants will have access between Thursday and Saturday, February16, 17, 18.  That is an interesting timing.  We understand one of the large humanitarian funding sources have been paid  yesterday, Monday, and will have access to their funds in which case they got quite a bit of liquidity of tranches coming in about 10 days. We suppose to be paid or start on our exchanges before they have total access to their funds. We are right here at that time frame

Bruce:  We are hearing some people have been called by people over the Prosperity Packages to confirm information regarding location and stuff. Some people have been contacted to confirm their information. So the Prosperity Packages are imminent. That is a good and positive thing. That affects some of our listeners.

Bruce:  Beyond that, everything seems to be moving where we should be there.  Not going to call it. We thought we have it before tonight, but hearing good things, good info pointing to the next few days.  Maybe we get it sooner, but maybe by the end of the week. We have the new Secretary of Treasury in.  Everything can move forward. We did get a short announcement by the President last night after the swearing in ceremony.  He talked about we are golden now. Maybe that was a reference to us being put back on the gold standard. We should have one soon, I don’t know who is going to make it maybe it be Mnuchin.  That would be something good for us.

Bruce:  We are hearing the John Q Public would start in the vicinity of the 20th.  Today is the 14th.  I think we are that close guys, really good shape to come through for us. Everything we heard in Iraq is that they did get their smart cards charged up at the new rate. Back pay from the start of January and paid again the last 9 to 12 days. They suppose to have their new rates for the Dinar on their cards, and everyone has it. Not in some regions and not  in other regions. We believe that is the case.

Bruce:  There are a lot of things happening here in terms of some bad people getting arrested for major crimes, and moving those people away.  We are hearing the work taking place to remove ISIS is happening. There are a lot of Special forces from about 6 different countries that are combining to put a strong effort together to rid ourselves of that situation not only there in the Middle East, but around the world.  So we are in the midst of a lot of activity now.  Sounds to me like we are just getting ready for this to go down for us.  We are in a great position for this to go through.  We just have to stick with it a little bit longer guys as we have been doing knowing we are going to be blessed beyond our  wildest dreams. We look forward coming together to do the various humanitarian projects and ministry we all intend to do.

Bruce:  If we get this 800 number and we can do a quick 15 to 20 minute celebration recording call if we get between now andTuesday night call, we will put it on the front page of our website:  thebigcall.net.  You will be able to click on the link and listen to it, and also listen to it on our replay on the phone. We thought we would have that call done before now. When we get that toll free number, I will put it out on a recording so all can hear it, and put it on our site and other few sites.  It will be posted first on our site:  thebigcall.net.

Bruce:  I am hearing very good things.  Even now I got a couple more texts and things are moving through. We could have this very soon here, very quickly, good chance. Even after President Trump said after swearing in Secretary Mnuchin,  he did say we will level the playing  field very shortly, more quickly than you think. I think he was giving us a heads up that we were going to have this thing go through very soon.  I just got confirmation on the John Q Public in the range of February 20th. We should be in and out by then.

Bruce:  Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent.  Thank you everybody for coming in.  Make sure you have identification for yourself as a driver’s license or passport.  Proof of your residence, some kind of bill like a utility bill in your name with a physical address where you live.  Proof of citizenship as passport or a driver’s license. Plan if you are going for private negotiated rates.  Make sure you have good plan, a pitch of what you plan to do in helping the world. Make sure if you want to be part of something in addition to the Veterans Retreat work, and Pastoral work, let them know I am hearing a project Bruce putting together called Rebuild America to adopt a city, town, community. We are looking for 100 listeners in 50 states. That is 5,000 listeners to each adopt a city, community, or town to make a difference in infrastructure,  housing, clinics, community centers, schools, all depending on the area. Make a decision based on where you live or where you want to live. Some cities some people are going to pick right away. 

​We will coordinate that with a website portal and we can see where we have somebody already in an area and where we need help. Maybe need help in Denver, in the Carolinas, West Virginia. One of the first places we are going to help  is coal country. We want them to get jobs and training in technological areas. They can choose to go into something a little bit newer especially regarding energy. We have that technology now.
Bruce:  You get my gist of it, my heart. I want to try to get 100 people in 50 states. Let’s consider that. That is something you can mention. I am going to be part of something on the Big Call, Rebuild America. When you guys go in and don’t have your own projects or you want to add this to your projects say “There is a group going to get at least 5,000 people and rebuild America. It works in conjunction with the protocol and concept the President has to rebuild America.”

Bruce:  We will do it with grant money, money we are going to give to these opportunities.  I think our banking partners will work closely with us. Also our building partners will work with us as Lowes, Home Depot, etc. We will build for the future homes, bridges, and dams as in California you heard what is happening there. We hear, we see a need, find a need, we meet the need, and we change the Nation. We will do this corporately. We will work together and it is going to be fun. We will need help to build these teams out. I am going to look for leaders that can step up and say Bruce I got background in this, design, any number of areas. And I can put it on the website so when we have people go to the site and say what they are doing in California, Texas, Oregon, etc.  Just go to that state and see a few things going on there, but some available in this area of that state.

​We not try to reinvent the wheel but work together in the latest in technology, free energy, and building techniques. Bob and Sue have ideas on healing, brain science and  health helping the veterans out, some really good ideas. I want you to know that is what we are about. I know not everybody will stay on the call, but a lot of you will. I bet a lot of you will say I want to stay and help. We can negotiate rates that can take this and allow us to do projects for 50 years longevity beyond our days. Technology we are hearing about and learning about such as age reversing.  We can very well be here 50 years form now.

Bruce:  I am excited. I want you guys to hang in there a little bit longer. Stay positive.  Be careful of what you read online. A lot out there is garbage.  Stay in this with me.

Bruce:  Thank you all for tuning in. Thank you to our banking partners Wells Fargo, HSBC, Scotia Bank, TD Bank, Chase Bank, Citi Bank,  Bank of America, Tier 2 Banks, Community banks.  There is nothing wrong with diversifying with other banks. Check them all out before you get too diversified. I am going to diversify. I decided to use the entire ZIM exchange as my God account, and use the Dinar and Dong exchange what I want to do personally. We can do so much by working with the structure payout and decent interest up to 8 percent paid quarterly. Use our trusts, whatever structure you want to use whether it is a LLC inside a trust, a foundation, a nonprofit, all this in advice of your CPA, your advice team. On your 2nd follow-up meeting and beyond go in more detail.

Bruce:  Hopefully we will have a celebration recording before Thursday.  Thank you for everybody being part of the call. Thank you to my team Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Good night, everybody.


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