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Bruce: I am very excited where we are. Are we father along? Here is the thing every time we get together Tuesday and Thursday night I have more things, and more things that have happened more situations behind the scenes not seen on news or on blogs.

I already know what is going on out there. I am fortunate enough to have the sources on the front lines of everything going on. That is a bonus for us. I bring you as much as I can without putting myself and all you in jeopardy.

Bruce: We have special guests from the Far East on tonight, and special guests in the banking and financial community all over the world. Also listeners that are from parts all over the world and part of the blessing all over the world.

I want you to understand I appreciate you and your faithfulness coming Tuesday and Thursday night. I hope this is the last call.

Bruce: We don’t know if it is going to be a pre-celebration call at end of the call. This is as close as we can be to that celebration. I am hoping not to do a call the next few weeks. Then we will regroup with our portal, pod cast. We have things to do.

Each of you have things to do. You have to get with your banks, financial people, attorneys, CPAs, set up your structures such as trusts, foundations, LLCs, all of these things you need to work on. You don’t need to do everything the first week or two, but you need to get started with your own pace and speed.

Enjoy this time and learn what you can when you are in these meetings, ask good questions, and you will get good help with our banking partners. This is whether it is Abbott Downing, wealth service management people with Wells Fargo, HSBC, or any other bank you wish to use in building your team.

Bruce: We have talked about building your team for months, finding those people, build your own team. I am going to build several teams. I have a lot of humanitarian projects. Take your time; enjoy the experience of the exchange itself. Be in it. See yourself going through the exchange process like you are in a wedding. You are in a wedding and you are the groom and all you can see is the wedding.

You see the bride coming down aisle, but you don’t see the people, or the Pastor. You are aware only a little a bit. I am asking you to be aware of everything like you seeing everything. You appreciate the smell of flowers, the glow of the candles, the smiles on the faces on any side of the aisle, the decorations in the church, and the pastor who is patiently waiting like you are for the bride coming down the aisle.

Bruce: Be aware of the people in the exchange locations. Shake their hands firmly. You don’t need to shake with bone crushing. Look them in the eye. When you get their names, say their name. They say if you say their names 3 times you can remember it. Try to calm your mind, and have beautiful flow go in. Use the eraser technique the night before, and before you walk in and just say I am open to a beautiful experienced. I am going to enjoy meeting my banking partners. Have that mentality, like a wedding of sorts.

Bruce: You go in to exchange. You exchange currency instead of vows. Appreciate the surroundings, look around, get the feel what is going on, and feel the vibe. What is the energy in that exchange location? See how if it matches yours or don’t match yours. See how you present your projects that you want to do. If you don’t have a project of your own, you can join the Big Call Rebuild America.

If you don’t have one of your own projects on your heart, and say I don’t know what to do. If you have the heart for God and other people, consider our project, our Corporate project: Rebuild America. Once we get rebuild America started, we will rebuild the world. Rebuild American and then rebuild the world. Let’s just start here first. President Trump has the expression: America first. Making America great again. It is a great slogan.

Bruce: My slogan is “Rebuild America”. Simple two words: Rebuild America. That is what we will do. We will talk about that in a little while. I just want to tell you guys this is going to be the most fun, awesome unbelievable experience you ever had in your life. This might be number one and number two of anything you done.

I am looking forward to it. I think it is going to be excited. An hour to an hour and ten minutes or so. Get your exchanges done, get your accounts set up, and then walk out of there with cash up to $10,000, $2500 bundles of $100 bills, $2500, $5000, $7500, and $10,000, whatever you are comfortable with.

Then you get your temporary debit/credit card. Maybe one or two, no more than two bank certified checks. Then you are good to go. Arrange follow up appointment with your wealth management people for ten days or so later. Then on your way out of the parking lot, pinch yourself gently did that just happen to me? You will remember all, because you will go in prepared to live that experience and enjoy it as you are out of body.

You will see everything in your mind’s eye. Totally aware what happened, what was said, and delivered because it will be in your own words. You don’t have to act. Just be yourself. It is great. It is what you were groomed for. It is what you have been prepared for. This is going to be a wonderful time. We will have a lot of fun with this. 

Bruce: Where are we now with regard to this happening? I will tell you what is going on as far as I can tell. Here is what is happening. We had until today with the Paris Agreement being completed and initiated. That was done at the last minute just before midnight. Everything signed off for that to occur. Shortly after midnight at 12:01am EST to 12:17 am EST is when over 38,500 were paid out.

Their liquidity to their accounts were given. They could be platform people. Over 38,500 were hydrated that way. My understanding is they didn’t get immediate access to their funds. My understanding is most of them will have access sometime tonight. That is good for us. Did President Trump have something to do with this? Yes.

Bruce: Let us go to Iraq. Since Tuesday night’s call, we heard there would be a blackout of communication in Iraq. I mean black out. No internet service, no phone service, no broadcast. That was to start tonight,8:30pm Iraqi time and go to 9:30 am Iraqi time tomorrow. Why would they go on a communication blackout for 13 hours? Maybe they will be putting out new rates or new information about their budget which is scene in their Gazette, release all the people that have been in position in their parliament? Talk about the declaration and recovery of Mosul?

Yes all 4 of those areas and maybe a few I did not mention. That is going on and we can’t find out about it. No communication out of the country maybe that means something for us? I would think so. That means that quite possible we are at the end and something good for us may come out after that blackout is over. Do the math. About 2:30am EST tomorrow morning and could mean that possibly something could come out in the middle of that black out like an 800 or toll free number possibly.

Bruce: That is how close we are in our mind. Is Bruce calling it? No. I think this should do it for us. We should be at the end. I would say what I heard that was told to me today at large banking institution that is part of this whole thing, “Get everything together. Be ready. Possible exchanges tomorrow”. I am telling you what I heard, “Be ready. Possibility of exchanges starting tomorrow”. I can’t say it will happen. Just told to be ready. Boom, simple as that.

Bruce: I thinking guys that is a good sign to hear those things. I am hearing also our two major lead banks in terms of redemption center, Wells Fargo and HSBC got together yesterday and said that what we hear is the rate of the Iraqi dinar could be very exciting for us. I am drawing one assumption with that. It is about the screen rate being higher than we thought. I know roughly what it suppose to be. I can’t go there. It is very good.

Bruce: The ZIM rate 1 to 1 is extremely good. You can negotiate more. If you want to be part of Rebuild America that includes infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools, clinics, hospitals, homes, community centers, and recreation areas. You say what area be like to have a new gym, new whatever fills the blank such as a library, performing art center to do their own plays, and concerts, all that. I remember my High School years we had the Kinks play in our auditorium. That was fun. In High School? Yes.

Bruce: Listen think in those terms I am going to take a little bit more money than you thought to do these projects? Yes. Well the bank partners with us Rebuilding America such as Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Sutherlands, and all the other building material companies such as Koehlers. Great companies we have heard of. It is an opportunity to partner not only with our Banks but Corporate America as well.

I think if you go in and say I got a city to adopt, Bruce’s calls this Rebuild America to adopt a city, town, depends on how big you want to go. If you can pick these areas, and you got an area you love, we will get together so we don’t duplicate. We will cover the country. 

Bruce: I am looking for 5,000 people to say I want to adopt something, this city, this community. We can make a major dent in all 50 states to Rebuild America. A 100 cities per state average. Realize what you can do. You need a little bit more money than you thought, maybe in the trillions? Don’t limit yourself. You limit yourself you limit God.

Plenty money available to do what we want to do. Ask for higher rate than what you thought about for the ZIM and tell them why you want it. Do I know how much money I need? Not exactly. Be a lot? Yes it will be a lot. I will have teams to execute these programs. I can find the people that can lead, find the people. Can lead to disperse the funds for these projects we are doing. More about team building and finding leaders. Then we can be the philanthropist we were called to be.

Bruce: That is what we will be doing, Rebuild America. We will have our website portal ready to go so we can communicate as a country with a high light map of what cities that are taken, and what is available. Let us know, we will use a digital put a pin point flag. All over the country. Put one where we have a new city. I will have an 8 foot map in my office and be pin pointing cities all over the city. Maybe you will do that too with a wall paper map that cover s 8 by 12 feet wide of the United States or maybe the world. This is where we are going. We can do it. You will have help.

It is just not you, me, Bog, Sue, Kent or Pastor Steve. It is all of us together sharing ideas, technology building systems, and free energy. We know some stuff. I am excited. Bruce: Anymore Intel? We know what is going on in Iraq. Know when their black out comes off. We know that eh redemption centers are prepared to go from active to engage status the minute they get the memo.

We know that we don’t plan to do anymore Big Calls for a while. We know the rates are going to be better than we thought it was on the Iraqi dinar. No clue on the Dong. The ZIM is what everything you want it to be. Basically it is all good. I think it is wonderful the people were paid at 12:01 am to 12:17am in the morning. Just waiting to get their start. It is not called a shot gun shot, but a collision.

Bruce: I am looking forward to partner with our banks Wells Fargo, HSBC, the redemption centers, our Canadian partners Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank. In Central America with Moca Pocia, with HSBC, AIIB, Peoples Bank of China, the three large top ten Chinese banks, they are just huge. We will be working with International partners ANZ bank, which is Australia and New Zealand Bank. Also Citibank, Chase Bank, Bank of America, and Tier two banks. I will diversify with about three banks. 

Bruce: Be careful not to go into putting accounts online so fast you are not totally secure to look at your own accounts on your laptops tablets and phones. Make sure you find the encryption you want to use so you are protected from hacking. That is the greatest issue we have to face is the idea of being protected using your own servers. Get your high-tech people you trust to work with you on this.

At first think low tech at first until you are really ready and all in place. I am not going to look at balances on screens all the time. The banks are secure just you are not secure on your own computer. Your computer is not secure when you go looking at your own site. Look at debtechhigh girl. Security with Switzerland. That is something we need be aware of. It is called Privacy Abroad. It is a good system. I had my guys check it out. Just be aware of to make sure you are covered before you get all crazy watching your balances all day. I am going old school right away. I do not want to risk it.

Bruce: I believe the Cabinet choices President Trump has moving through possibility even before we catch it on the news. There is a lot going on behind the scenes to get this all done. Barely made it last night. Should put us in good position sometime tomorrow and this weekend.

We started our 6 years ago. I have been in this for 12 years. I am excited partnering with the banks, and business partners with Rebuild America.

Bruce: Don’t forget our veterans. Veterans Retreat network. It will be the largest employer with veterans with that. If we can utilize veterans with skills in those areas to rebuild America, say we hire them to lead us in some of these cities. Then we have mentorship programs with our youth in the inner cities. We want to give opportunity to people especially in our inner cities.

President Trump’s heart is there. We will be doing that working with the youth, training programs, and mentorships with them paid to learn on those job sites so they can come out of this program with experience and with an apprenticeship. They will learn skills in the building profession. A great opportunity to combine our experience and leadership with our veterans with the willingness and open mindedness with our youth. These are boys and girls maybe with not a complete family.

Those men and women who are veterans can help to fill that void as we teach and mentor these kids. Not all have to have a college education. If you want to have one, God bless you. I hope you learn a lot and apply that. To these college grads we will have stuff for you to do. We will put you to work if you want to work. Listen guys we can do it. It is not up to the government to do all this.

I know the President is going to make a difference with infrastructure. We can do it too. We can dovetail and assist with all these plans with Rebuild America. We will do it with our 5,000 or more listeners. I believe people will get the vision we have and jump in and say I want to be part of that. Not going to need their money but use their help, expertise, and leadership skills, but not need their money. God is providing the money. He gives what we need. He will bring the people to us.

Bruce: Intel was limited when you are at the end. Not a whole lot to say. Be prepared. Go through your stuff and see if you got together all what you need.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steve, and Kent. We are based on the last couple of texts I just received in a very good place. It just further emphasized the time frame in the earlier segment of the call. The time line is great for us. Right now it is looking right at the very end.

Bruce: I appreciate everybody coming in tonight. Thank you to our banking partners, listeners in Big Call country. We are just in great shape right now to receive this blessing. I hope I am not on another call for a while. We will keep you inform by our web site: thebigccall.net.

I will be happy to put out the 800 number on our website. A 15 to 20 minute celebration call we will put it out for you. We will expect the best and look forward to this blessing coming forth shortly.

Have a beautiful night tonight. I would be in preparation mood. Have ready your currency, ID, a utility bill, if you been a customer of Wells Fargo in the past, have the account paper work. Have fun. Get your little presentation ready, and practice it with someone you trust. Put together a little role play practice for a minute or so. You will do fine. You have much more information than you realize. Ask God to give you the words to speak.

Bruce: Have a beautiful night and we should have an awesome weekend. You are at the 2nd of February. Tomorrow is the 3rd. Get in shape, start eating healthy, start working to preserve your body and begin age reverse with Sue and Bob’s information. Thank you everybody. Appreciate you all for coming in. Good night everybody.


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