Friday, February 24, 2017



Everyone in the world pinned to the U.S.D. is waiting on the U.S.

We were told tonight that we're just waiting on Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin to officially announce the Gold standard, or release the 800#s.

Secretary Mnuchin is probably waiting on General Joseph Dunford to give the all clear on the status of the Military.

General Joseph Dunford could be waiting on the Go Ahead from the Elders. 

The Elders are probably just waiting on the Green Light from the Galactics.

The Galactics are surely just waiting on permission to move forward from God.

God is just waiting on you and I to be ready. So he's waiting on US too.

So I wanted to announce this officially if I could be so bold as to invoke the spirit of US for a moment:

We are ready to move forward. Go ahead and announce the Gold Standard, it's all clear, you can release the 800#s and free humanity from generations of slavery, abuse, and oppression.

I make no promises as to what we will do with that freedom, but I can assure you we will not experiment any further on humanity to see how they respond to their children being kidnapped, raped and abused. We will not oppress man's most natural ability to create, explore, and think. We will not endeavor to wipe out 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. We will not try to control the minds of everything on the planet so that we can create the illusion of freedom while we snatch and destroy any truly innovative concept, idea, and motivation.

In all seriousness, how could we possibly do anything worse than what you have already done and still allow to this day. If you are truly waiting on God, then this is him putting you on notice. It's time to demonstrate a truly peaceful transition of power.

It's time to transfer power, back to the people.


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