Monday, February 6, 2017

"Specific Intel" by islandwave8 - 2.5.17

"Specific Intel" by islandwave8 - 2.5.17

The specific information of we are today HAS been stated clearly.

Gist:   Just this last week:

- Basel 3 compliance milestone met

- Gesara/Paris Agreement compliance milestone met

- Dodd-Frank (bail-in-your-accts-after-RV) law halted

- Treasury Sec positioned (as well as other cabinet positions securing America) to logistical & security scaffolding for uSA release is readied

- loooooots of hot finalizing activity in Iraq (see Franks long posts for details)

- constant money movement via release of certain held funds (to use to pay your appt) & via platforms positioning movement (backstage to public) - positioning our appt $$ to logistically be able to be paid to us (banking/financial system has complex architecture)

- the other people/groups/countries/central banks in front of us in line are done paperwork-wise (a BIG feat!) and ready to get spendable cash (they have "exchanged" logistically/administratively so we don't have to wait around for their way more complicated "appts". This has been attended to all year, with this fall bringing all the last-step "hydration" frenzy.

As has been explained, hydration does not mean spendable cash, it means that every digital "dollar" in their bank acct has been assigned a physical piece of gold, an asset allotted it to "back" it. (All $ on new system will have this. No more satanist pedophiles just firing up the printing presses. Also the new system has blockchain format so at any moment of possible screwy-ness, the process can see who is trying to mess w it & disallows it. Also the new system can see 40 transactions back from the transaction that's happening to see origin of funds - goodbye laundering drug lords & human traffickers & duplicitous politicians!)

- status changes on specific currency at higher level bank screens (for example, zim floating (!) around $1, status changes from pending to active etc. (again, logistical banking readiness)

- CBI at deadline to show a rate now (theory is is they were just gonna pop a low rate they would have done that at start of 2017 - all suggests they must post their high rate by today's deadline)

- everyone is pretty much expecting it anytime, with a strong real possibility we could be called in today during distracted SuperBowl viewership. But even if we don't, the general time window expected by all is within the 1st quarter (bookkeeping can be retroactive to 1st).

Current activity in the world (banking, geopolitics, legislative, Trump fast tracking EO's to remove all of O's GCR roadblocks, etc etc ETC !!!) implies our timing is closer to NOW than March 31, however. (Next weekend we astrologically start rocket-blast "eclipse season", kicked off Fri by a lunar eclipse for a Pele-lava-explosion of transformation.

Perhaps the Chinese will bring us in before and then give that outward-energy-gush to the public via a Shanghai gold price change? Public GCR? We shall see. Only they know, the rest of us are guessing.

~ islandwave8

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