Saturday, February 4, 2017

SitRep -- Zim holders still get first appointments, keep your smart phones close a&charged, 4 FEB

Subject: SitRep -- Zim holders still get first appointments, keep your smart phones close a&charged. 2/3/17   Today at 7:42 am

Regional 800#s came out when the Dow hit 20k again at exactly 9:30am EST Friday.

We were following Dow Futures all night in expectation of this trigger event, but saw nothing significant, then the last 5 minutes before market posted--wham--it just showed up; only to disappear immediately after and fall back below 20k.

Don't blink!

General Dunford is in full control of all the call centers. So only when he and only he enters the final technological release codes for the 800#s to be received by said call centers, public access will indeed activate.

Meaning the military is control of the RV behind the scenes, not the Trump administration. I suspect no one is disappointed about that reality.

All exchange personnel, in all disciplines including security, are already in position and on stand by right now. No one including paymasters have been told an exact go time.

The RV will begin anytime after the the banks close Friday (West Coast) through the weekend.

The entire RV release operation and its planning falls exclusively on General Dunford per a Chinese Elder request.

The Dodd Frank executive order termination is part of his final RV protocol and why Trump was made to sign it today by the Republic military's central command.

Zim holders still get the first appointments, so it's wise to keep your smart phones close and charged.

God is with us.

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