Tuesday, February 7, 2017

SitRep 2/6/17 , 7 FEB

SitRep 2/6/17   Yesterday at 2:12 pm

A cop friend of mine once told me that when serving arrest warrants, he would always tell perps they could go one of two ways: the "easy way" or the "hard way."

Well after the 120 day GESARA implementation period and 3 day reconciliation period, the US/Israeli/Ukraine/German cabal crime syndicate has chosen the hard way and the results of said choice will begin to reveal themselves publicly and today.

This means the current US President Donald J Trump will either be forced to resign (which has been happening all morning in private) or be publicly impeached and jailed for treason before the end of February.

We are told that the full Congress (Senate and House of Representatives) already has the 2/3 majority votes required to declare Trump unfit to lead and thus impeach him.

Trump has been informed the Congress they will bounce his administration out of the White House at a moments notice unless he resigns today.

You read that right.

This is why the Senate was holding up his cabinet confirmation picks and why the RV was held up last night by Trump himself (who clearly serves at the pleasure Israel).

You also read that right. Trump committed treason last night in favor of a foreign government.

Per GESARA compliance mandates, any sitting government or leader unwilling to release new gold backed currency must be replaced in order for that nation to remain in good standing with international law.

This is what we are waiting on. Also, hearing there's a full blown GCR/RV announcement forthcoming as soon as markets close.

The Chinese aren't playing around anymore and why they told Dunford to put additional National Guard troops in position yesterday, as to handle any potential outbreak of violence or protest that may arise from such a sudden and forced transition of power.

Side note: Shame on anyone that voted either voted for Trump or Clinton. You slept right through the most important moment in your nation's recent history, and consented to a pair of treasonous candidates continuing the rape and pillage of your America. Your gross ignorance and/or passive decision making is no longer acceptable. Either wake the f*** up or leave the country!

Only true patriots are needed here.

God is with us.

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