Monday, February 6, 2017

"Roll Out" - Intel SITREP - 01:00 EST -, 6 FEB

"Roll Out" - Intel SITREP - 01:00 EST - Monday - February 6, 2017

1:52:00 AM 
Everything that was projected to happen over the weekend -- did. And until 9am EST Monday, the weekend isn't technically over. So...

New Zealand, Australia and Asia are all reporting new system activation as of opening bells Monday morning. Even walk up exchanges have been reported.

We understand exchanges are also taking place in zones or global regions one by one. Rates are slightly different in each zone (country) due to newly adjusted currency values depending on where you redeem.

We believe the old east to west philosophy is finally in effect and circling the the earth with the sun at this hour.

Europe will open at 3am and we should know a lot more then. USA markets will open at 9am and we should all then.

As of this post, call centers are still not active, thus neither are the pre-disbursed 800#s.

We've also received new information that couriers will begin distributing packages tomorrow morning starting @ 12am Hawaii (6:00am EST) with additional 800# packages possibly for the private internet community to disperse among themselves.

There is a lot happening folks, don't be fooled by this stagnant exterior appearance of announcement worthy events. Big moves in the sovereign wealth world always happen in diplomatic black out and less any media attention.

The goal of the NPTB is to execute the RV and make it appear as if there never was an RV nor shall there ever be such a crazy thing--hence the many months and years of disinformation campaigns and overt false starts to fool the enemy.

If no one officially verifies the RV on the public record did it really happen? How can such a thing occur and not one country admits to it? Yet we know 209 countries are utterly dependent on the RV in order to survive. There's an odd reality appearing as fantasy right now. In this case, opposition of the truth is actually revealing said truth to the world.

Expect to see remaining cabal administrations collapse quickly starting this week due to GESARA compliance for their nation, as a result, seasoned politicians will be seen running for cover in the absolute opposite direction of their elected leaders.

In the USA, the Super Bowl distraction was used to move last minute military vehicles and personnel openly on public freeways. All in preparation for the private redemptions starting this week.

Many in clandestined intelligence circles believe the Republic must now legally roll out the RV, and release new USN to the general public, in order to stay within GESARA compliance--as all countries in fact must now participate 100% within new financial system mandates starting the first full banking week--Monday morning.

The world has changed dramatically this weekend. The game of life has reversed from dark to light. And perhaps the tables have finally turned in humanity's favor, where suddenly the meek are driving the bus versus riding on it.

But one must sincerely believe in order to infinitely receive.

We shall see.

God is with us.

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