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Restored Republic via a GCR Feb. 17 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Feb. 17 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 17 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Feb. 16 2017 Bruce's The Big Call: Thebigcall.net

1. A lot has occurred in the last 24-48 hours.

2. The IMF will give the go ahead for the RV.

3. We are waiting for the different currencies to populate so the rates are where the countries want them to be when the GCR occurs.

4. There have been early exchanges (at teaser rates 39-56 cents) on the Vietnamese Dong

5. A couple of weeks ago the same thing was going on with the Dinar.

6. This is done for the banks to increase their liquidity for Basil 3 compliance. This also leverages the currencies for higher screen rates.

7. These exchanges went on Tues. for 23 hours. Today there was an opportunity for people to again exchange their Dong from 10 am to 1:30 this afternoon Feb 16 2017.

8. As of around 1:30 pm this afternoon Feb. 16 2017 these exchanges also became a way for the new CIPS system to superceed the old SWIFT system and allow wire transfers to occur within seconds.

9. This morning on Feb. 16 2017 the UN approved return to the gold standard for the world.

10. This morning Feb. 16 2017 the new gold and asset-backed US Notes went live here and in other countries.

11. As of 6 pm tonight Feb. 16 2017 Tiers I, 2, 3 were paid out.

12. It is hoped the Internet group will get the 800#s and go before or on Sat. Feb. 18.

13. As the Internet group we don't have to wait until next Tues when the banks open after the long weekend as the Zim may be taken in beforehand (3 days prior, which would mean beginning Sat. Feb. 18?).

14. We will have our new US Treasury rainbow currency at the banks on Sat. Feb. 18 and available to us.

15. At 5 pm EST on Sat. Feb. 18 President Trump is to make an announcement at a rally in Florida about the return of the US to the gold standard.

16. Abadi was scheduled to go to Germany, but his schedule changed and he is now sending someone else in his stead. Was that so he could be in Iraq for the GCR announcement on Saturday Feb. 18?

17. We have a three day weekend coming up where the banks will be closed - but several bank personnel are in training on Sunday Feb. 19 and Monday Feb. 20. Could it be to prepare for public exchanges on Tues Feb. 21?

18. You can negotiate on the Zim if you have humanitarian projects.

19. You just need a 2-3 page bullet point outline about your humanitarian project.

20. You can rebuild a community, rebuild the infranstructure and homes, one neighborhood at a time. Help schools add gyms, cafeterias, fine arts centers, computers.

21. There are negotiated rates on the Dinar and Dong as well as the Zim.

B. Feb. 16 7:50 pm EST GCR set for release Sat. 5 pm?: Gary Larrabee - Kent Dunn: Trump to Announce the RV at 5 PM EST on Saturday

1. Today Feb. 16 2017 the UN voted in the gold standard.

2. At 11 am EST today Feb. 16 2017 Paul Ryan did a public currency adjustment.

3. At 4:30 Sat. Feb. 18 the new money should be available for distribution.

4. Under law the GCR has a 48 hour wait.

5. The green screen rates are very high with no NDA.

6. Group leaders are being made to send currencies back to the people to exchange themselves.

7. HSBC is going to be exchanging the Zim, Dinar and Dong.

8. Trump is holding a press conference at 5 pm EST Sat. Feb. 18 2017, it is assumed to announce the public GCR.

9. Supposedly the Internet group is going before the public.

10. As of this afternoon Feb. 16 2017, the paymasters are paying out Tiers 1, 2 and 3.

11. The Zim is at a street rate of $1.70 and no NDA needs to be signed.

12. The Zim could be negotiated up to as much as $50,000 to $125,000 for Humanitarian projects that are validated to properly use the funds and are in a 100 plus years payout.


C. Feb. 16 2017 WSOMN DinarBeliever: I've heard that Trump is making an announcement on Sat at 5pm EST.

D. Feb. 16 2017 6:57 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "The Event is Playing Out" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 11 AM MT 2-16-17: This event appears to be playing out.

E. Feb. 16 2017 2 pm EST Swift payment system announced; http://www.mubasher.info/news/.....58932/link

1. Today Feb. 16 2017 the international banks announced and began serving the new "Swift" for innovation in global payments (global payments innovation (gpi) service) in banking transactions,

2. The system was launched in January 2017 to complete the instant payments around the world.

3. Said Wim Remekrz, president of "service innovation in cross-border" with "Swift" payments "Customers want more emphasis, transparency and traceability in their payments cross-border. Swift service for innovation in payments cross-border offer that now. With the addition of nearly 100 leading bank dealings to the service, we expect that the service is expanding rapidly to include more banks and offer new features and services to pay extra. "


F. Feb. 16 2017 9:46 am EST Intel Update Bluwolf: "Actually, We Are Here!" - Bluwolf Update 2-16-17

1. All things talked about - expected to occur are falling into place, one behind the other.

2. Some recent high screen rates are just placeholders. All the rates are still floating. The real rates will be much higher.

3. At the end those in groups with (the promise of) different values of exchange, will follow after our Internet group and be honored with exactly the same rate.

4. To my group and the 30 million others, thank you for hanging in there, for we shall come out first.

5. NESARA is now the official law of our land and that is nice to know.

6. The GCR has a total GO. It's authorizatión will be 1 year old on March 10. Way to go on the delay tactics, greedy elites.

7. Our currencies are all new, gold backed and in banks awaiting immediate release.

8. The 800#s shall be out at any given moment and yes, this is final.

9. The turmoil of political events in DC are being structured to delay our blessings, but the guy with the golden hair knows of that and is pushing forward with this once in a lifetime worldwide GCR/209 countrys release.

10. That is where we are, folks. Did you know that we have a REVALUATION? See you at the bank. Na'maste Bluwolf

G. Feb. 16 2017 9:40 am EST WSOMN "The Reno Gig is up": "The Whole Reno Gig is up" - Last Night's WSOMN Thoughts

1. Here's a one for the books: The whole Reno gig is up.

2. Those who sent currency them are getting it back.

3. Here's the kicker: it's all been co-mingled. Folks probably aren't getting any of the original paperwork that they had to send with it.

4. The saddest part is they called themselves a Christian organization. My fraud experience tells me it took years to collect all the good currency and now they're telling them it will never happen, so giving it all back. I CALL BS.

5. So if I gave them 2m dong I'll get 2m dong back, but what if what is returned to me is counterfit? I HAVE NO LEVERAGE.

6. There were hundred of folks promised higer rates. What a hustle.

7. I heard this from someone who participated and it makes me sick! But we were warned MANY MANY MANY times, DO NOT GIVE AWAY your currency.


H. Feb. 16 2017 2:33 am EST Intel Update Mr. Ed: Operation Closing In" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 2-15-17

1. FBI has sent 13 teams out to arrest the Main Stream Media purveyors of fake news.

2. Arrests of drug gang leaders are next.

3. Then arrests of corrupt congressman and congresswomen will be followed by the announcement of NESARA and the REPUBLIC, which is to be completed by March 1.

4. Military Tribunals should follow soon after that just like Nuremburg WW2.

5. The Bushes and Jim Baker 3rd are planning worldwide riots around April 15th and will give out suitcase bombs to promote panic in hopes that countries will declare Martial Law. Countries have said no way to these crooks.

6. Trump fired Flynn as the results of a "Canary Trap" for leaking vital U.S. secrets.


I. Feb. 15 2017 Bluwolf: BLUWOLF TIDBIT, 15 FEB

1. It has come to my attention that the ZIM is lurking around the $1.70 rate.

2. This is a floating rate, so one can expect a little more to be added.

3. This has not been confirmed, but resonates with what I have been hearing for months.

4. With that rate we are looking at 170 trillion per bill which would signal an adios to that sovereign rate gizmo.


J. Feb. 15 2017 TNT Call :

1. Some said bank screen rate was $38,000 per million dong, but closed before they could exchange.

2. Another person was told $500+ for a million, but by the time their friend was able to get there, the rate had changed.

3. This morning, a bank quoted 40 cents on the Dong. They rejected the rate, waiting for a better one.

4. Intel is saying a couple more hours or days, so I am on for this week.

5. We await the public release of the RV, which is already done, IMO.


K. Feb. 16 2016 7:10 pm EST Bank Story by MarBar: "My Bank Story for the Doubters" by MarBar - 2.16.17 From the manager of small local bank in NE Penn: "We were informed of a new multi colored currency around Christmas time. However, it never arrived. We are expecting it soon, yet an exact date hasn't been given. I have spoken to the WF (there's a WF in my town too) manager and they are aware of the new currency and have stated that it is to be gold backed."


L. Feb. 16 2017 6:59 pm EST WSOMN Bank Story by AvonLady: "Very Good Meeting with WM" - Bank Story from WSOMN AvonLady

1. I had a very good hour long meeting with the Wealth Mgr and a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo on Feb. 16 2017.

2. They are fully aware of whats going on. They said they do know that the banks have been going thru training and that they understand that the process is about to end.

3. The WM said that there are locations set up.

4. He said that he has had many calls on it as well.

5. They told me that I was very prepared , intelligent, and knew what I was looking for in a Financial advisor and WM. These are the questions I asked them:

a. Can you tell me about your current relationship with your coach / mentor? Look for his responses: a. is he open to answers b. look for honesty. c. is the vulnerability there.

b. How do you invest for yourself? This is more directed towards education not money.

c. Whose responsibility is it to keep connected? a. what about meetings? b. are they quarterly or annually? c. who's responsibility is it to schedule those meetings.

d. How are you compensated ?

e. What's your education? a. did you get a college degree b. is the degree related to offering financial services c. its ok to be intelligent but educated is important.

f. Has there ever been any complaints against you or your services ? a. watch for honesty b. how he handles the answer

g. Do you own the same investments and insurance products that your recommending for me? a. if no, why?

h. What will happen to my accounts if something happens to you? a. #1 fear especially if point of contact is by phone. b. who's the next point of contact with.

i. How much do you charge? a. Don't be shy- bring this up, no surprises. b. If fees aren't clear, ask more questions. Compensation varies greatly.

j. Are you a fiduciary ? (fiduciary means legally appointed, authorized to hold assets in trust for another person) He puts clients needs aheadof his own, regardless of the situation.

k. Can you give me examples of your clients commitments? a. He'll either give clues about motivation b. he works only the collect a paycheck. c. and there are those truly dedicated and passionate about what they do. Committed long term.

l. How long as he been in this line of business. Is he licensed, look at credentials. Always make sure they are listening to you and not interrupting you giving a pitch.

m. Have you ever lost a client or fired from a client? This may give you a better sense of the advisor values and shows what type of client he work's with.

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