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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 14 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 14 2017

Compiled in the early morning hours EST of 14 Feb. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Feb. 13 2017 11:11 pm EST Geopolitical GCR/RV Overview: "War or Peace" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - Monday - February 13, 2017

1. Per the Chinese Elders the entire world waits upon this one epic sovereignty dispute to resolve before we RV - War: https://www.rt.com/news/377254-israel-west-bank-annexation/ or Peace: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2011/09/2011922135540203743.html

2. General Dunford has his finger on the trigger whenever it does, as Israel dangerously risks being shut out 100% from any future RV monies.

3. We shall see what Israeli Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu chooses Wed. Feb. 15 with President Trump in Washington.

4. Or maybe Bibi was forced to choose this past Saturday Feb. 11 at midnight? http://m.jpost.com/Israel-News/Politics-And-Diplomacy/Netanyahu-to-tell-Trump-he-supports-a-Palestinian-state-481360#article=7783MEU5MUEwQjBERkNCRTQ2ODZFMUNEREM2NjE3RDc1MjY=

B. Feb. 13 2017 4:05 pm EST TNT OleSailor: "Our Time is Near" - Mon. PM TNT Thoughts

1. The US Secretary of the Treasury Congressional debate starts at noon today Feb. 13 and will last 7 hours.

2. There will be a three hour vote period from 7 till 10 pm EST.

3. At 10 pm the swearing in ceremony will be televised on CSpan.

4. As soon as that is done we hope to see Trump and/or the Sec of Treasury announce the gold standard for US currency.

5. The 800 numbers should soon follow.


C. Feb. 13 2017 TNT Call :

1. The Central Bank of Iraq still has not updated their rates after 30+ days - something is going on there.

2. The UN rates are usually updated by now as well, but there is no new posting yet.

3. My best source keeps saying “It’s done, just be patient.”

4. I’ve received information that some banks have started contacting large currency holders. Some members are being told to check in every day because the banks think something might happen.

5. Some believe that the swearing in of the Secretary of the Treasury will get the ball rolling, and others think it is already rolling.

6. Things are looking good and there are several indicators that this will be a good week.


D. Feb. 13 2017 12:01 pm EST WSOMN AdminBill: "Nearing an End" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 9:30 AM MT 2-13-17

1. This should be a very interesting week for us all.

2. Do not look for an event to occur, just sit back and be ready to take action.

3. My intel says that the process is nearing an end and should be completed this week.

4. I'm not sure when each currency will roll out, though once it starts the rest will follow. 5. Be it exchanging Zim, Dinar, or Dong, ect, we will be happy.


E. Feb. 13 2017 9:55 am EST GCR Timeline TNT Maninc56: "New Treasury Secretary" - Thoughts from TNT Maninc56

1. CSpan 2 programming schedule for Mon Feb. 13 shows what we have waited for regarding the new US Treasury Secretary.

2. At 12 noon EST Mon., the 7 hour debate/discussion time allowed for Steve Mnuchin is scheduled.

3. At 7 p.m. EST Mon. evening Feb. 13, the confirmation vote takes place with a 3+ hour time-frame.

4. At 10:00 p.m. EST the swearing in takes place.

5. Three separate sources state the 800#s will be released shortly thereafter.

6. Info people are saying Tuesday/Wednesday for making appointments and doing exchanges.

7. Bottom line is that we should be listening for President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin to disclose our return to the gold standard.

8. Our currency - United States Notes - will once again be asset-backed and tied to gold.

9. The Global Currency Reset taking place brings all nations' monetary systems back to asset-backed currency.


F. Feb. 13 2017 2:55 am EST Intel Situation Report: "White Knights" - Intel SITREP - 02:00 EST - Monday - February 13, 2017

1. The Elders finally flipped the proverbial and physical switch shortly after midnight on Sat. Feb. 11, 2017.

2. This was their gift to humanity also signifying the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations.

3. All accounts worldwide went immediately gold backed, active with new rates and accessible in some countries on Sunday morning @ 2am EST - while all the banks and markets worldwide were closed.

4. General Dunford was also told at that time to "get his troops ready" - so he did - all day Sunday AM and PM.

5. We're told all security and banking assets were mobilized and are right now in "jump position" on high readiness alert status.

6. Republic Oath Keeper White Knights (very different than White Hats) were told to "be ready for Monday morning activation."

7. The exit timing of all these sovereign national leaders who were late holdouts was always scheduled for this time period due to the changes required for our Republic to become GESARA complaint post-2016 election.


G. Feb. 13 2017 10:08 am EST Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report: "Internal Power Struggles" -- February 13, 2017 http://benjaminfulford.net/ benjamin

Excerpts:  There are intense power struggles taking place in the United States and China these days meaning that big new initiatives for the planet as a whole will have to wait until the dust settles in both countries, Chinese and American sources say.

The struggle in the US is between the deep state faction behind Trump and the remnants of the Bush/Clinton deep state apparatus. In China, three main factions are duking it out as part of an elaborate power dance that will produce a new central government line up sometime around the end of March.

When these power struggles are over, then we can expect major reforms of the Federal Reserve Board, the United Nations, the IMF, the EU etc. to begin in earnest.

The US power struggle has intensified now that Jeff Sessions has been formally appointed Attorney General. Immediately following his appointment Trump issued an executive order that “re-focuses the Federal Government’s energy and resources on dismantling transnational criminal organizations, such as drug cartels.” As a Pentagon official described it “Trump declared war on the Bushes and Mexican drug cartels.”

The Federal Judiciary is also heavily loaded with anti-Trump people. Here is what the Pentagon source had to say about that: “After liberal activist judges ignored the law and usurped power to block Trump’s Muslim ban to stop ISIS infiltration, the federal judiciary may be purged all the way to the Supreme Court.”

 The hardest power struggle of all, though, will be over control of the Federal Reserve Board. On that front, the announced resignation last week of two top Fed officials, Board of Governors member Daniel Tarullo and top Fed lawyer Scott Alvarez means that, when combined with existing vacancies Trump will be filling, the Trump regime can now take effective control of the Fed. The last President to pull off a feat like that and not get assassinated was Andrew Jackson, but Trump has the backing of the US military so he might just pull it off.

Since the globally traded US dollars have been shifted now towards a system centered on China, it increases the chances that the US will be issuing treasury dollars separate from international dollars, possibly within a few months. This will also, as mentioned at the top of the article, mean a total revamp of the international financial and political architecture. However, this will have to wait until the power struggles in the US and China are completed.

 Secretary of State Tillerson has convinced Trump to go back to the one China policy and stop provoking China. Tillerson is also “busy ridding the State Department of Neocons as well as Israeli and Muslim agents.” As a result nasty thugs like Richard Armitage, Victoria Nuland and Elliot Abrams have lost their power to wreak havoc in different parts of the world.

The Japanese government has been thrown into considerable turmoil by the loss of power of their traditional bosses like Rothschild agent Michael Greenberg and Bush agent Richard Armitage. That is why they sent Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a big delegation on a major brown-nosing visit to the Trump regime last week. Abe looted the Japanese national pension fund to buy favour with Trump, much to the consternation of many in Japan. This is how Abe was able to promise to finance the construction of a fast train service linking Washington DC and New York.

The Japanese were told the US had discontinued its policy of preventing Japan from having close relations with Russia and there would be less US interference in domestic Japanese politics, such as the murdering of disobedient Prime Ministers. That is because the US wants to keep Japan on its side as it negotiates world changes with China.

The Chinese government is preparing for a once in 5 years power change that will mean 5 of the 7 standing members of the politburo will be stepping down. The battle is over who will replace them and who will be crowned as successor to President Xi Jinping. There are three main factions involved in this conflict. The consesus is that China’s Elders will emphasize continuity and stability of government so Xi will remain in power for another 5 year term.

We are hearing that, behind the scenes, the Chinese and Americans are cooperating in the fight against the Nazi faction of the Khazarian mafia.

The next big moves on a global level will probably be seen in March.

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