Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Really" - Intel SITREP , 7 FEB

"Really" - Intel SITREP - 15:00 EST - Tuesday - February 7, 2017

6:51:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, SITREP
It's go time kids. So grab your currency satchels and humanitarian presentations and go get yourself that spiffy new hair cut.
It's your turn to take a bite out of the sovereign wealth apple! Are you ready?
The natural assets of Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq/Iran and Afghanistan--along with the raw gold of Ancient Chinese and European Families acting as collateral--are now freeing humanity from global financial enslavement.
The RV is now (and has always been) a military operation that used the banking industry to set up off-site exchange locations to ease redemption traffic.
Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford has total release authorization in the United States. Everyone involved is awaiting his direct order to commence RV operations.
The Trump administration is waiting like everyone else, including cabinet picks and the Congress.
30 million redeemers are anticipated exchanging or revaluing their currencies worldwide this week.
Of those, less than 10% are expected in the first 6 days, with 1% expected in the first 24 hours.
These exchangers are all considered private redemptions with the banks--who will be issuing an 800# to schedule your appointment which takes roughly an hour.
Higher sovereign rates are reserved for the 1% of exchangers who desire to apply them for humanitarian or job creating projects. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and structured payout program will accompany these redemptions.
Lower screen rates are available for all private exchanges and do not come with non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and structured payout programs.
All ZIM redemptions will go first due to volume and be considered a military operation, which will be done under the control and guidance of military trained forces on a secure military property.
All other currencies will be redeemed at one of 7,000 off-site redemption locations or 5,500 local bank branches that service currency exchanges.
Redeeming these currencies is safe, legal and a tax free event due to secrete treaties signed by all 209 sovereign nations of the free world.
This information was kept out of the public eye to maintain peace and order, as well as stabilize global markets while the financial transition was being implemented.
This same global financial transition was first attempted on September 11, 2001... and humanity's finally come out of a 16 plus year invisible currency war.
God is with us.


"Regarding RV/GCR Required Signatories" by Etheric Blue - 2.7.17

There is one other signature required to clear the RV/GCR and that is from the office of the President of the United States.
Therefore without commenting on Super Bowl Sunday and Mar Del Lago, Trump's signature is/was still a requirement.
At this point, it doesn't matter. Trump or Pence. Just get it done.
Etheric Blue

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