Saturday, February 25, 2017

"RE-Valuation" by Anonymous , 25 FEB

"RE-Valuation" by Anonymous - 2.24.17

RE-Valuation- my understanding of what I was told, is this is a calculated adjustment of the value of an individual currency based on the resources per capita (per the amount of people in that currency's country)

.. Also my understanding that this would be done so that the currencies of all countries would be on a par with each others.

(it may sometimes seem like splitting hairs to try and have an ultimate and final definition of terms, however. perhaps necessary. there are so many people coming at this from a variety of angles, some varying greatly and others just shaving off the slightest of degrees, this makes for very intense light shining on lots of poignant bits of information as well as concentrating larger groups of general information.)
GOLD BACKED... heard in America gold used to be1/7 with silver, then came the so called "Gold Standard," which was achieved by taking away silver.

Perhaps the key to what we are thinking is "Insured by Gold," or "Currency Underwritten by Gold" however the Valuation is upon the resources per capita

The Dollar I think can be said to be the World Currency, and so it maybe that by its nature it manipulates the Valuation of every other ( I don't know). Whatever all of that history has brought us to today, now we have Reno, at least that is what I hear and seems to be the case.

From rumor, supposedly the TRN has been traded in international markets for more than a year I think. I don't know how to validate

The RV happened in October, meaning what.. all the calculations of the valuations were performed? and they are watching, watching, watching... with the numbers all computed so they know what it will look like.

And so maybe GCR is the moment all the tickers and numbers go to zero and all the valuations are plugged in from that point, and whatever happens after that is new, and a clear break from the old.

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