Sunday, February 19, 2017


I would like to thank everyone involved in intel for their work and dedication to help humanity ascend and prosper.

I am fairly new to all this and i have a question. I understand the process with zims and the rv, but i don't understand if the rate that will be given later is for each actual piece of currency or for the total sum of said currency? And is it for the old 2008 notes or those new "bonds" they have circulating? I'm sorry if this seems silly to ask but i want to have a clear picture in my head. I tend to be such a dreamer and this rv/nesara/gesara would be a dream come true not just for me but for many. Ive always wanted to buy and island and have fruit trees and all sorts of tropical goodies to share with my family and friends. Its a big dream for a poor person but its my happy place right now. 

Thanks for listening and may God and the Light bless is all.


RE: Fairly New, Zim Question

Question about how the value of your zim is calculated. 

As we understand it now, all 2008 zim dollars will be accepted, no matter the denomination (size).

#1) You would add together all the zim you have, in the same way you would add together all the USD you have in your wallet. 

#2) You will then be offered a "Rate" per zim by the Bank. You simply multiply that rate times all the zim you have (all added together) and that is how much total USN (The new American Money) you will have in your account.

Importantly, you may ask for even better rates (higher) based on any Humanitarian projects you may have in mind. That higher rate could be thousands of times higher than the street rate.

Signed: One Who Knows

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