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Why T4 is Better Than T1, T2, & T3

First, I have to note that the "levels" such as T1-T4, may or may not be correctly understood and frankly they matter not. All that matters is that there ARE levels and a "Sequence of Exchangers," from the First Exchangers, to the Last Exchangers.

Frustration & Complaints

I notice that periodically, someone complains, or is just frustrated thinking that we have somehow been "Forgotten" or left behind. Why did all these other levels get to go already and we are still waiting? The reason is "We are the Big Deal!" Frankly, we are the biggest players in this Exchange situation. 

We are at the "PERFECT" place in line (Sequence of Exchangers). Those who went before us, not only got a lower rate, and in most cases VERY LOW RATES, but they also got SKRs as well, meaning they don't have money yet either. Importantly, those who go after us, the REGULAR EVERYDAY PUBLIC, will get no more than the basic, on screen exchange rate. 

What Does That Mean?

By comparison to those who Exchanged before us in the "Exchange Sequence," and those who will Exchange after us, we are in the PERFECT place in line (The Sequence). We are the GOLDEN TICKET holders. When we go, not only will we get the highest rates, but, since it will be after the GCR "Officially" starts, our money will also be immediately accessible as well. Of course our window of calling 800#s and going to the special offsite Exchange/redemption centers is very short, just a few days at most. When our "Window" closes, then EVERYONE else who has not exchanged yet, will turn back into Ordinary Public Exchangers at the end of the Sequence of Exchangers.

Don't Complain, or Be Frustrated

Those Big Whales that exchanged back in the day of the Friends and Family exchanges got VERY LOW RATES and still don't have spendable cash. A person who has one $100T Zim, will have more money than ALL THE WHALES PUT TOGETHER. Would you rather have exchanged then? NO, I doubt it.

Then there have been GROUPS that have their paymasters funded already, but at low rates and no spendable money either. Would you rather have exchanged then? NO, I doubt it.

Where Does That Leave You?

Well, if you didn't want to exchange at the low Friends and Family rates, with unspendable SKRs, and You didn't want to exchange with the Groups and their lower rates and No spendable cash yet, then You MUST be wanting to exchange with the T4 people. I hesitate to say they are the "Internet Group" as it is confusing to those who take the word Group, to be like the other groups. So, I will call us the "Internet People," who will get to exchange at the Privately Negotiated Rates (FKA Sovereign Rates), at the special offsite Exchange/Redemption centers. All this talk about T1, T2, T3, T4 etc, all comes down to these three time frames: Those Before Us, Us, Those After Us.

The GCR Time Line

Those Before Us
(Before GCR Is Officially Public - Window: Ongoing for Years) Simply put, those who exchanged in some way before the GCR is "Officially Public," got lower Rates, and Non-Spendable SKRs. Notice given by private communication.

(Just After GCR Is Officially Public - Window: A few Days at the MOST) These People will not only get the Highest Rates possible, but will have immediately spendable cash. Notice Given by email and internet posting.

Those After Us
(After GCR Is Announced To The World - Window: Forever More) These people will get the "REGULAR" exchange rates on the screen at any public place that exchanges currency. No time limit, no special high rates, no special exchange locations. Notice given by public address on national and international TV and news services.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that no one is getting a better deal or exchange time than you. What good is it to exchange early for less money when you don't even have access to it anyway? Why not wait till our "Window" opens up and get the highest rates available, with immediate access to your cash? There are NO BETTER OPTIONS THAN OURS. 

So, don’t worry or get frustrated, that you have not exchanged yet as you are in the BEST PLACE IN THE EXCHANGE SEQUENCE. Frankly, I feel sorry for those who joined a group or exchanged early just to get locked into low rates and had no available cash anyway. That, is a frustrating situation if there is one. Of course with the NDAs we will be signing, they should NEVER actually find out that they got screwed. The NDAs keep the people who exchanged before us and who will exchange after us from finding out what we got. That makes a lot of sense to me and is the "Kind" thing to do since they would freak out if they knew what we got. Our time in the Exchange Sequence is VERY NEAR. ;-)

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of your Dreams

Signed: One Who Knows

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