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February 4, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

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I bring you much news today.  

Once again I have to clean up the mess left behind from many of these so “intel gurus”. So first I want to clarify some bad intel currently being put out to everyone. There is not even the slightest of changes of an RV this weekend or this coming week. So I do not imagine why they are telling you this information. I have proof of what I say do they?

Again I ask everyone to get off the rollercoaster and relax. The Iraqi economy can not move in the direction they are planning to move it without first getting out of the sanctioned economy and getting off the “artificial” currency.

Will it happen soon? Yes- and the CBI itself has told us all this will happen in EARLY 2017. It is now just February and we still have almost 2 months to go to qualify to still be within the reach of the EARLY 2017 timeframe.
Did Obama hold up the RV in the past? Who knows and who cares. All we care about is what the CBI tells us. Get it? Obama nor even Trump can hold up the revaluation of the Iraqi currency. Get it? There is nothing else except watching them put together the needed laws to support the economic and financial reforms, then they will need the liberation of Mosul, but most importantly the Security breach in Iraq must be resolved. 

This week we witnessed president Trump made plans to sign an executive action that establishes a framework for scaling back the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial-overhaul law, part of a sweeping plan to dismantle much of the regulatory system put in place after the financial crisis. This legislation was meant to be temporary and is now actualy hurting the economy of the USA and hindering growth. It is too protective. 

As usual a grain of sand if taken and made into a mountain of intel. Many of these gurus used this information to spread rumors that Trump signed into law the RV. Really? Are we dealing with the RV of the USA or the country of Iraq.  This spreading of this rumor is the hard part to believe. Yes there can be a mistifous person.  But this is so ridiculous that my mind is blown even to think this possible that responsible intel providers would even consider repeating it as “maybe factual” or factual. This only shows where the intel from these gurus has gone to even yet higher levels of insanity than thought possible. 

We are also hearing yet more rumors (once again) that Iraq, especially in the Kurdistan region, is trading dinars at the rate of 1 dinar = 3.00+ rate and that this rate will eventually reach the entire country of Iraq as it is just a matter of time. How ridiculous can this be? I can assure you this is all just rumors and more garbage intel. How many times must this rumor get recycled?

Folks I am not bringing you clarity to these RUMORS to bash anyone. Those who are the culprits know who they are. They know this information can't possibly correct. So why spread rumors? Unfortunately they will not change their minds and come onboard with FACTUAL backed information.

Next I want to repeat to you again that the RV will not and could not possibly happen in this manner. I have told everyone keep a watch for the launching of the lower denominations. This will begin the RV. This is in FACT the ONLY way they can begin the RV process. Get it?

If they change the rate, and they do not first launch the lower denominations, the average citizen will be filthy rich and we all know they do not plan to allow this to happen in the transition to the new system. Terrorists also will take the opportunity to use the dinar for their purposes. The stores/markets will not even be able to make change for the large 3 zero notes. There will be massive confusion and panic over their currency. Did I mention the vendors too will be confused since they will stand to lose lots of money as the prices for their inventory will be all mixed up and confusing. So the CBI must take this process slowly and let it evolve. Yes-there is a plan and they are executing it. The next step is yet to come and we will see it shortly.


This is all FACTUAL based information from the CBI itself. You only need to research it yourself if you don’t believe me. In my past news letters I  have stated everything I need to back up today’s statements. I have sent you dozens of articles on this topic.  I have stated my case clearly and even asked if you had any questions I needing to clarity. Many of the questions, unfortunately were not on my information but to clarify someone else’s intel. Folks if you have to second guess what someone is telling you then stop listening to it. If its too good to be true than it’s not true. This news letter today is based on FACTS not lies.

So please stick to the TRUE and stay grounded in what you already know to be the TRUTH. The CBI is not changing the game plan on how they are going to roll out this RV at least not because some mysterious “source” decides they want to spread rumors to you.

The timing may be delayed due to the Security and Stability reasons, but the game plan has not waivered nor will it. Also keep telling yourself over and over again that the CBI WILL keep the citizens informed and thus we too will piggyback off these articles and get informed if and when they decide to continue the process of the “project to delete the zeros”.

Next you can easily see that this rumor keeps recycling over and over again. Just how many times must we hear this rumor before we realize it is just that a RUMOR and nothing more.

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin


Associated Press
Feb 2, 11:00 AM EST
UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- The U.N. envoy for Iraq says military operations to liberate Iraq from the Islamic State extremist group will be coming to an end "in the rather short foreseeable future." (I like the word short. This does not mean months. It means weeks.)
Jan Kubis told the U.N. Security Council Thursday that "the days of the so-called ISIL are counted," using one of the acronyms for the militant group.
He said progress and the government's successful campaign to retake the eastern part of Mosul "should not conceal that fighting has been and will be a massive challenge, in particular inside the old city in western Mosul."
Kubis said that after Islamic State extremists are routed, Iraq will need "substantial and sustainable" international support and assistance.
He said that "any abrupt scaling-down of engagement or support would mean repeating mistakes of the past."
Professional associations launches the Supreme Economic Council initiative

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb

Initiated professional associations representing the private sector to the establishment of the Supreme Economic Council 's aim of uniting the efforts of the sector and future visions for the advancement of the national economy, and that the private sector is an official partner of the government in economic decision making.  (WOW! I can hardly believe what I am reading!!!!!)

The organization includes professional associations law both the Iraqi Federation of Industries and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Contractors, as well as the Union of peasant associations and the insurance down to the Travel and Tourism Association in Iraq, a group of economists and businessmen. (I think they have all the bases covered. Did they miss anything?) 

Economic Management
Founder of the initiative engineer Adham Pottery said the initiative presented to the Prime Minister included the adoption of short  or long - term and coordination between the joints of the national economy to lead the economic file to see a unified and binding applicable to all sectors involved in the economic arena, offset by the multiplicity of the leadership of this file sources by State institutions for the management of the national economy, and that the official partner of the state of the private sector under the Constitution intended all specialties and its statesmen and experience to take part in the national economic decision - making, especially the private sector supports the principle of the actual viability of any economic process respect her and do not accept any of the transactions that kind of corruption in private institutions, and that the time equivalent of money in the daily details of his movement, is also available to display the courage to adopt a lot of realistic solutions applicable work.

The successive governments to govern Iraq for decades rolled on leaders not to involve the private sector and national economic and efficient experience in an executive official to lead the joints of the economic decision.

Board components pottery between the goals and objectives are led by the country 's economy as an authority implementing economic graduate headed by the Prime Minister and the Secretariat of the Secretary - General of the Cabinet (they had a meeting there is a different article about that) members include representatives of the government represented by the ministers of finance of jurisdiction and planning, agriculture, oil and transportation as well as telecommunications and the Central Bank of Iraq, trade and electricity , as well as housing, water resources. 

It also has economists and businessmen , with an equal number members to members of the government side in the Council, and be nominated by professional official unions operating under the law , which represents exclusively and legally different business sectors work segments in the Iraqi market , trade and industry, contractors and agriculture, will be selected in accordance with the rigorous standards - based principle scientific competence - experience - age under the proposed criteria attached schedule to be true representatives of professionals to represent segments of business sectors in Iraq.

The work of voluntary pottery and stressed that this segment and in accordance with the initiative to operate without any allowances or salaries or privileges because they receive paid by budgets and imports of professional associations nominated, and that the decision to take the vote of 51 percent according to the number of attendees and not the number of members to miss an opportunity towards any intention to block any approval process or legislation.

Strategic plans and between that of the Council advisory body represented by top economic advisory offices of local and international with the finest of the Iraqi economy and international experts to develop strategic plans for the economy of the country , according to statistics accurate and realistic.

Also, this Council is leading all the joints of the Iraqi economy centralized Officially, coupled with the inclusion of any of the current multi - government formations of a nature similar work and of the "bodies and economic committees and the board of advisers and committees prime minister and the crisis cell" in turn , Chairman of the Federation of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al - Hamdani noted considerable efforts made during the past years in all professional associations to deliver the voices of the private sector , including in respect of advice and expertise to the center of the government 's decision, and the Federation of Chambers of Commerce includes many of the economic consulting centers of the finest trade experts and that she was determined to prepare recommendations and advice to the attention of decision - makers, and that the launch of the initiative of the founding of a message ( the Supreme economic Council) in the Iraqi Council of Ministers is to the attention of the Prime Minister by a professional request shows the imperatives of private sector involvement in economic decision - making platform.

The d. Wael Abdul Latif was the importance to keep the strategy and clear "to be or not to be" and that years ago from loss and lack of vision clear central leadership capabilities of Iraq 's economic what brought us to this painful case in the decline of all assess the economic situation indicators, including imperative necessities the establishment of ( the Supreme economic Council), as well as indicating the need for the private sector to take over management of the economic process with a policy to convert all public sectors of production in state institutions to the real private sector.

While head of the Iraqi Federation of Industries Ali Sabih said that one of the achievements of the national initiative is uniting the visions of leaders of private sector representatives of the real official representatives of unions and professional have a long history since the establishment of the Iraqi state in the early last century , and it is time for the official trade unions institution adopts under the law authorizes the right official discourse unified formally to the government 's participation in the leadership capabilities of the country, their service providers , including live up to them and enhances the process of building a sound and healthy economy.

Iraq: Calls to raise the value of the dinar 

Registration of the Iraqi economy, experts do not rule out a relatively rebound this year compared to 2016, in the event of rising crude oil prices continued worldwide. They expected the government to take the initiative on economic reform a broader dimension to the level of activation of the special efforts supported any productive sectors of industry, agriculture and services.

(one of these “special efforts” they talk about is the currency reform. Note they say expected the government to take the initiative”. Yes- but they did not yet do it. )

And approaching experts forecast a lot of calls to correct the value of the Iraqi dinar and the path, consistent with the exceptional economic situation in which the country is going through, with many believing that the official pricing of the dinar against the dollar is unrealistic in the current circumstances.

Economic academic Essam Mahouelle called in an interview, noted that this year be the year to enhance the purchasing power of the dinar and the ability of strengthens the confidence in the national currency, which represents the sovereignty of Iraq. He stressed the need to restrict foreign business dealings only in dollars. (First you need to remember this is NOT the CBI talking in this article. It is economists. This news is nothing new. They already know what they have to do and have a plan to do it. The real purpose of this article is to once again get the average citizen used to the idea that this effort is coming.  
this is the part I really like the most and I quote from the article – “He stressed the need to restrict foreign business dealings only in dollars”. I especially like this last sentence because it means to move out of the “closed” economy to a global market and restrict the use of the dollars in paying for imports. So what do they use instead?  Actually to me the word restrict means they want to use dinars not dollars in foreign business dealings because they just told us they also want to and I quote “strengthens the confidence in the national currency”.  So they are not talking about the “artificial” rate Iraq is now under when they exchange dinars for dollars to pay for imports but rather getting out of the post -war sanctioned currency auction process thus completing the next phase of the “project to delete the zeros”. This is exactly what we want and are waiting for. This is exactly what they keep telling us the 2017 is the year to do this. That’s why this article is so exciting)
And ways to raise the price of the dinar, Mahouelle saw the need to manage the country's affairs, economic mentality and look long-term, along with a quote economic experiences of states passed in conditions similar to those in which the passing of Iraq, as well as the reduction of trading the dollar in the domestic business transactions to support the national currency.

He stressed that the supervision of the Central Bank and coordination with economic authorities and relevant ministries role in enhancing the value of the dinar by preventing the circulation of foreign currency in the local trade for whatever reason, and counted only foreign transactions.

He stressed the importance that the private and government banks take action to deal strengthens Iraqi dinars. (what have we been seeing these last couple months?)

The dollar exchange rate against the dinar will fluctuate up and down, as he was about 4 thousand dinars in the nineties in the dollar, and scored a gradual decline after 2003 to continue to fall to 1200 dinars to the dollar in the last ten years. And it rose again after the adoption of the budget in 2015, and to require the central bank to determine its sales of foreign currency in accordance with Article 50 of that year's budget law. (now they are referring to the artificial rate they are now under – thus the currency auctions)

Mahouelle He pointed out that importers of goods were turning the dinar to the dollar when paying their price by banks, as the audience did not feel the importance of the US currency only when traveling abroad and are turning to banks, turned them dinar to the dollar in foreign currency and give them cash or instruments travelers after bank approval Central and under the foreign exchange law.

He was an expert in the industrial sector Aqeel al-Saadi, said that the government's initiative to reform the economy will take a wider range with the central bank's quest to launch industrial and agricultural loans, as well as legislation supporting the private sector laws and the transition to a market economy.

He said the financial expert Thamer al-Azzawi, the new year will see a recovery in the capital market, with the trend to increase the foreign currency sale and provided outlets for citizens, as well as the central bank is keen to maintain the value of the Iraqi dinar and the dollar exchange rate.

He explained that the new year will see a greater reliance on technology in financial transactions, as well as to facilitate the transactions of the citizens in the banks. He predicted that Iraq Stock Exchange achieved a wider traded compared to last year, during which the record trillion traded shares of companies contributing to Iraq, because of the direction the state to move to a market economy.

He guessed expert Rahim al-Shammari, that the sale of crude oil price increases in the world markets, because of OPEC and nations outside the Organization agreement means that the coming months will see a rise in prices. Did not rule out that the estimated price of a barrel of crude oil between $ 55 to $ 65.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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