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February 14, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

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I bring you much news today.   

I find it very funny now how many so these so called intel “gurus” are only now jumping onboard the ship and coming to the reality that perhaps it is the final liberalization and the enactment of the reconciliation law effort waiting for the RV. This will give Iraq the STABILITY and SECURITY it needs to allow the CBI to implement the next phase of the currency reform that of the project to delete the zeros. Oh – but Mnt Goat has said this many times already over the past years. Did anyone listen? Are you listening now?

But hold on everyone! Again I tell you don’t go off half-cocked there is still the problem with the Iranian influence. This issue has been the major reason Iraq is in this war with ISIS in the first place. This is the reason why it is so hard to have peace and security in Iraq. So when Abadi officially announces the “full” liberation of Iraq there will still be this lingering issue. So it is not over till it’s over.
So today we hear news that the newly elected Trump is cracking down on Iran and telling them to get out of Iraq. Again he is flexing the muscles of the USA military. He is walking tall and carrying a big stick! My personal feeling is that - ITS ABOUT TIME!

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

Iraqi President has announced the completion of a new draft election law after bloody demonstrations

BAGHDAD ­ 11­2 (KUNA) ­ Iraqi President Fuad Masum said on Saturday finalized a new draft election law after hours of mass demonstrations in Baghdad, during which they demanded a change in the current law and the Board of Commissioners, who runs the elections.

Masum said in a statement that the Presidency of the Republic has completed the preparation of a new draft law for the Iraqi elections and has been discussed with the main parliamentary blocs. He expressed hope that the new project is approved by the House of Representatives as soon as possible after his study and discuss its support for any measures and legislation to promote the democratic system and ensure professional integrity and transparency of the electoral process in Iraq. (since when does the president write the laws. I thought that in Iraq this part of legislation was the responsibility of the council of ministers. This is very weird but I am glad they are addressing this with the provincial elections just around the corner.)

He called on the Iraqi people, especially the infallible demonstrators of them to give priority to calm and abide by the law and restraint and without prejudice to any of the staff and property of the Independent High Electoral Commission officials directed security authorities to urgently investigate the incident and hold negligent.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al­ Abadi face earlier on Saturday to open a full investigation into the injuries that took place between security forces and protesters during the demonstration staged by Tahrir Square and the prosecution of the elements responsible for the occurrence of these injuries. There were conflicting reports about the number of dead and injured as a result demonstration today as Baghdad Operations Command announced the death of one policeman and wounding seven security men were injured while the governor of Baghdad, Ali al­Tamimi said killed four demonstrators and wounded 320 others injured. (I did not now these protests got this violent. This is really new news. Guess us in Europe and in the USA don’t get the real news and must scape for it, like in this article. So the protests are working. Let’s see now if the law is passed and implemented. Many of these lawmakers tend to pass legislation but it is very slow to being implemented)

Thousands of Iraqis went out on Saturday in a massive demonstration Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to demand a change of members of the Board of Commissioners, who runs the Independent Electoral Commission and the adoption of a new election law.

Trump told Abadi, Iran has to leave because we were coming and strongly (45,000 more troops)

Dr. Ayham al – Samarrai – Telephone conversation that took place yesterday between Trump and Abadi was part of three telephone calls to President Trump and important personal meeting in Washington with Prime Minister of Japan. President Trump spoke with Prince Tamim , the Emir of Qatar, speaking on cooperation between the two countries and Syria and the entry of international allies and Arab forces led by the United States to work safe areas for refugees walls and the elimination of Daesh and Iranian militias  and the formation of the Syrian democratic government of the people.
(I did not include the entire article since it repeats itself and is long. But I will address what I think are the major points. Remember when I told you that even though they will have the Reconciliation Law soon there will still be the lingering issue of how to deal with the Iranian militias. Including Iranian militias as part of the provincial security forces does absolutely nothing to help Iraq. Yes- I too  have read this as part of the solution. But we all know this will not work in the long run. In fact it only perpetuates the possibility that more violence will occur anytime Iran does not have its way with Iraq. We have already seen this Maliki and his goons. Why would they want this to continue. Seems they never bite the bullet and do what they must do. Well now it seems Trump is going to force them to do the right thing for the long term.

I found throughout the article that Trump’s insistence that the Iranian militias must leave Iraq and Iraq be an independent state is very interesting. I think he gets it! Finally a president who gets it. We have known this all along that Iran is the problem. I have been on my soap box about this all along. I have not heard any mention of this by anyone else. Why? Because they are too busy watching bank screens and “secret” bank memos….lol…lol..to know what I actually going on and what can in reality hold back the RV.

Also Trump noted that Iran has to leave and as an added assurance the USA is sending in more forces as part of the SOFA agreement between US – Iraqi. Many keep asking me what is the stalling for in the final attack on western Mosul? It is simple. They are told to wait until the US generals feel they have sufficient buildup of forces to control the region once western Mosul is liberated. Yes – they must get the 45,000 troops (or more troops) in place first, or at least what is necessary to start. These troops are not so much to conduct the battle but to control the region in the aftermath.

Remember the new SOFA agreement allows America to bring back more  troops and have a lasting presence. Folks – at 45,000 this is almost at the pre-2011 pullout levels. They are setting the clock back. Seems to me they just waisted 5 years?

 All the lives lost, equipment expended and who is the blame? If I could pick one person I would have to say ex-president Obama. Yes he gets to go o home at the end of the day while millions suffer in Iraq. Why? Because of his support for Muri al-Maliki. Because of his lack of interest in the region. There is no other root cause. Everything comes afterwards and is history now. It is all due to this mistakes of Obama (and G.W. Bush) foreign policy. Now we have to watch the newly elected president Trump clean up the mess. Please give him all the support and prayers he needs. At least someone who knows what he has to do in the middle east. At least now someone listening to his generals and CIA intelligence.  

In the article, Trump then goes on to say that the rules (meaning “rules of law” - for Iraqi freedoms) that have been built by American taxpayers (US funds) and without reference to the approval of the Iraqi government or its parliament. He is being sarcastic in his last statement about the stalled parliament.

He then goes on to say Trump had given orders to his generals to increase the US military in Iraq and do it quickly. Why quickly? I just explained it to you in my comments above.

Also president Trump knows what will happen post ISIS in Mosul area and is not leaving it to chance that the Iraqi’s and the so called “National Reconciliation Law” will solve all their sectarian problems. How many times must we hear about this law, yet nothing ever happens. You see these sectarian problems are kindled by Iran in the first place. They are the instigators. Remember if you are going to have a dictatorship you need instability and constant chaos. This is the MO for Iran. Get this rule and remember it…... I can only guess Trump realizes (Obama never did) that Iraqis are not dependable and do not take action on their commitments.

So now Trump is forcing them to commit and take action. We have seen examples already 1. middle eastern restrictions on immigration policy 2. The threat of confiscating Iraqi funds in US banks. 3. Troop buildup in Iraq. You see these things are not just happening rather it is a game of chess.)

People in a major revolution and the world supports it, and I assure you that the news of the martyrs of Liberation Day and pictures briefed by President Trump and knew who the rulers of Iraq , more than ever before! How are killing their own people in cold blood unarmed what is the difference between them and the villainous Daesh that kill innocent of them , too, and knew also drew the government on this cowardly crime against unarmed heroes and how they will cover the crime of militias and as I have done hundreds of times before. And make sure today than before the government of Iraq and also uttered many times by himself and TV interviews that no government in Iraq and the country in chaos.
Today you said that you will continue to achieve your demands: (these are the demands that are needed as part of the National Reconciliation. They don’t use these terms in the article but this is the list of conditions. If you have been following this RV saga all a long and reading the news you can see how each of these items in needed and  holding back Iraq.)
1. Ending the quota system , but national cohesion and the return to the homeland

2. Solution to the Electoral Commission , but a national one and a variety of specialists and support checks on three. The withdrawal of all weapons from the militias and give the tasks of the army and security services

3. The announcement to re army and security services on the international foundations recognized in all countries of Creation

4. Close all television and radio stations and newspapers partisans  and start giving vacations to international foundations, the spectrum interests of freedom of the national press clean work (propaganda news stations)

5. The release of political prisoners , all of them without exception and immediately (this is full implementation of the Amnesty law passed almost over a year ago)

6. Return of all the displaced to their villages and towns immediately and without delay (resettle Mosul region)

7. And the formation of a government of technocrats headed by technocrats ( the Prime Minister) and not of the minorities (Christian Turkmen Yazidi Sabia Jew or the like) (this is a huge one, yes- technocrats and not just filling sectarian quotas with incompetent people to run the government)

8. Call of the United Nations and the United States to enter Iraq and strongly military to protect its people from both customers and dealers money and criminals as a failed state and has also been identified by the State and US President Trump many times (Failure State) (looks like the USA is in Iraq to stay as part of the latest SOFA. This is VERY, VERY good news for us. Can you see why?…..)

Airlines fail to adopt the Iraqi dinar in the sale of tickets

BAGHDAD - The Journal News
It revealed a document obtained by (Journal) Adoption of the Ministry of Transport, not to implement the Board of Airlines management's decision, the sale of tickets in Iraqi dinars(and not US dollars) for the sectors and offices exclusively internal.

The document attributed the lack of implementation, to the SITA system supports the introduction of price as the dollar can not be received amounts in Iraqi dinars on the basis of the dollar due to the fluctuating exchange rate. (Has this not been the problem all along? The MCP is the problem and this will not go away as long as they have the currency auctions and street vendors selling dinars. Its time to enforce your own laws and come down hard on anyone)

While the source confirmed Iraqi Airways, the passenger numbers in Iraqi airports, increased by 24% and did not share lines only 1% in.
A section of the Technical Department of Air Transport and Aviation Affairs at the Ministry of Transport, in a book addressed to the legal department at the Ministry of Transport, "We would like to inform you of the receipt book of the House of Representatives MP Dr. Khalaf Abdul Samad, Office No. M -1067 in 07.10.2016 with a request for a citizens about the adoption of the Iraqi currency instead of foreign currency and has approached the company operating in the Iraqi Airways indicated that its board of directors held on 05.07.2016 has taken a decision to sell tickets in Iraqi dinars for the sectors of interior and offices exclusively, but the decision has not been implemented because the SITA system supports the introduction of price the dollar amounts can not be received in Iraqi dinars on the basis of the dollar due to the fluctuating exchange rate. "

A source in the Iraqi Airways, who asked not to be named told (Journal), "The number of passengers through the Iraqi airports all 2016 reached (8.2658 million) passengers, while the number in 2015 (6,658,687), an increase of more than 24% ". 
(I did not include the rest of the article since the information was very long and only statistics on the Iraqi airlines and really not much significant to what we are looking for anyhow. One more point – too bad for all you so called intel “gurus” who went off half cocked and used this information of using dinars instead of dollars to mean that an RV had happened. Really? So you are wrong again and so this article today proves it once again and only shows your ignorance in knowing the FACTS. Next time use your head instead of making a mountain of intel out of a grain of sand. Did it ever occur to you that they want to limit any US dollars sales for any reason and are only looking for ways to slow down the sales. The terrorists are getting the dollars. If you really want to look at this threat of corruption and the money laundering of US dollars one must ask if this is counter-productive anyhow to the Chapter VII sanctions that force Iraq to convert diinars to dollars in the first place. It is through this procedure that is the cause of the corruption. Instead of being afraid of getting dinars into the hands of the terrorists I would be afraid of getting dollars to them, which is what the sanctions are doing. So why not end the sanctions then and do it now? But once you do they will have to raise the value of the dinar and thus the same issue repeats itself, now only using the dinar to fund terrorism. Really? I don’t think so since the US Dollar is king not the Iraqi dinar. So there is something else deeply rooted holding this back. If  you really think about it I can give 100 good reasons to RV over 1 reason not to)
The Central Bank pulls two license leave brokered one of "financing of terrorism"
(this is exactly the kind of CBI cooperation and enforcement we need to see, its all very good. I am sure the USA is luving it too! )


The Central Bank announced Tuesday, dragging two license leave brokered one of "financing of terrorism", for trade cancellation certificate of incorporation granted them.

The Bank said in a statement that it "decided to withdraw the Baba Gurgur Company license to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currencies granted them", adding that the company had committed serious irregularities concerning remittances outside Iraq and receiving money from abroad, as well as transfers to people living in the areas controlled by ISIS "terrorist 

The Bank said that "also decides to pull off the Gold Chain Company to transfer due to inclusion of this company in the blacklist, according to u.s. law, which was adopted by the Office of foreign assets control in the Treasury Department aimed at persons who finance or facilitate the financing of terrorism or terrorist acts.

The Bank asked the Commerce Department to "cancel the certificate of incorporation granted by them and provide us with a book off of the company name of your records and provide us with the minutes and filter writers adopt."

CBI was founded as an independent bank under its law of 6th of March of 2004, as an independent body, is responsible for maintaining price stability and monetary policy implementation and oversees 10 commercial banks and 26 community banks and 16 Islamic banks, adding to the 19 foreign banks, as well as 6 and 31 financial institutions remittance company.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

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