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February 11, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

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I bring you much news today.  

The news today mostly centers around the final plan to liberated Mosul and the aftermath. We are seeing the preparations being made for this event and we are told it will occur very soon.

The next issue facing Iraq is what will happen with the Mosul region once it is fully liberated and the troops are removed? Will the Iranian militants or another radical group fill the gap? We are told that the implementation of the National Reconciliation Law will provide solutions to these issues. We are also told this will be implemented post-Mosul liberation and is now ready and agreed to by all parties.
So what happens after the National Reconciliation Law is implemented? Can it be enforced? Will it finally bring the SECURITY and STABILITY that the CBI has told us is needed to go forward once again with the “postponed” project to delete the zeros? All we can do now is educate ourselves by reading what articles trickle out of Iraq to get a sense of what is going on. These articles will be their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin
Local source: "Daesh" closes the headquarters of the calculation and liquidates west of Mosul , money

A local source in Nineveh said that the terrorist organization Daesh closed all the headquarters of the so-called calculation and decided to liquidate their funds and transfer elements to the fighting fronts west of the province for fear of their information but security forces.

The source added that the organization decided to send those elements of the headquarters to the fighting fronts in preparation to repel the planned launch joint forces operations over the next few days.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi completely, announced Tuesday the liberation of the left side (western half) of the city of Mosul from the control of the organization while Daesh called joint security forces to move quickly to edit the right side of the city.

(Folks – the planned final push is about to begin. All indications are telling us this is true. So what comes after Mosul is “fully” liberated? We have been told they are waiting for the implementation of the Reconciliation Law until after Mosul is liberated. Now move and read the next article below. More confirmation that we need the National Reconciliation – Why? Well read the next article….)

Mr. Ammar al-Hakim Kubiš: single community reconciliation task of the settlement vocabulary

Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, that "community reconciliation single task of nationalreconciliation vocabulary."

A statement by the Office of the President of the National Alliance, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, met with the representative of the Secretary - General of the United Nations , Jan Kubiš, and discussed with him developments in the political and security situation in Iraq and the region, and the file of national reconciliation and the role of the United Nations in marketed locally and as a regional Iraqi national. "

He said the two sides stressed that national reconciliation is the perfect choice for the post Daesh and exit Iraq from security and political crises, and community reconciliation single task of national reconciliation vocabulary ".
(I will quote from above article – He said the two sides stressed that national reconciliation is the perfect choice for the post Daesh and exit Iraq from security and political crises”. So what does this statement by United Nations, Jan Kubiš mean? What is the significance to us? To me it means IMPLEMENTING the National Reconciliation is the SECURITY and political STABILITY we have been waiting for. Why have we been waiting for this? Because the CBI told us they “postponed” the project to delete the zeros until such time there is adequate STABILITY and SECURITY….WOW!...Its coming….)
New Funding for Economic Reform in Iraq from UN
Iraq-Business News

January 30, 2017 in Iraq Banking & Finance News
The United Nations Development Program(UNDP) signed a project document today in Baghdad with the Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq to establish a Funding Facility for Economic Reform(FFER).
Through the Facility, UNDP will support the Government of Iraq to address key economic challenges and invigorate the reform agenda. Diversifying the economy, increasing national income, and improving the management of national assets will be of specific focus.
Deputy Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister, Dr. Naufel Al-Hassan, said:
“The Government of Iraq appreciates the support provided by UNDP to the implementation of the reform agenda announced by the Prime Minister, as part of a series of measures undertaken by the Government to boost the economy.”
UNDP Country Director for Iraq, Mr. Mounir Tabet, said:
“In the past years, Iraq has been burdened by enormous economic challenges that are straining the fiscal budget and affecting the livelihoods of thousands of people. Establishing the Funding Facility for Economic Reform provides an opportunity to expedite the Government’s reform plan.”
FFER will mobilize expertise to support the implementation of top priority reform initiatives under the leadership of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Coalition forces reveals a planned visit to Washington to meet with Trump
Baghdad balances News

MP for the coalition of Iraqi forces Raad Aldhlki, on Friday, an expected visit will be conducted by a delegation from the Iraqi coalition forces to Washington to meet with US President Donald Trump this month.

He said Aldhlki, the "coalition of Iraqi forces planned to visit the United States and meet with its president, Donald Trump during this month," pointing out that "the visit is currently preparing her by political parties" 

He added, "The delegation will discuss the displaced files and edit areas usurped by Daesh and Washington's role in the reconstruction of those areas and bring families to them, in addition to economic and political files."

He Aldhlki, "The United States bears a great responsibility towards Iraq, they are concerned to change the governance and policies of the previous US government was the reason for the entry Daesh to our areas," noting that "the delegation of the Iraqi coalition forces would be politically.

(This article is short but says so much. Why is this delegation coming to see Trump? I quote from the article – to change the governance and policies of the previous US government”. So what was wrong with the policies of the previous administration of the US government? Again I quote from the article – “the previous US government was the reason for the entry Daesh to our areas”.  
How could the US Government be the cause of Daesh coming into Iraq?
The answer to this question is long but I have tried to explain it as best I could in previous news letters. Did you read them? Let me summarize again today.
First of all former President Obama was not really interested in Iraq nor the middle East. His foreign policy was very weak overall and he was seen as a weak leader. The Iraq situation is something he inherited from the Republicans and he wished he could “float” through it for his 8 years in office;
Second Obama took every opportunity (excuse) he could find ensure he would justify pulling out of Iraq in 2011 even though Iraq was not ready and there were other options that could have been imposed to allow US troops to stay;
Third he intentionally supported Nuri al-Maliki administration knowing he would reject any new Status of Forces Agreement. (This would almost guarantee Maliki would have his way and aggressively move more towards dictatorial ambitions for Iraq.). We witnessed the end results;
Forth, certain politicians were already warning the US Government of militant forces building up in the Mosul region and they could form to be a serious threat to the sovereignty of Iraq and that if continued unchecked to progress and recruit Sunnis. The Sunnis sought a solution to Nuri al-Maliki and felt there was no other alternative and that Daesh could help them to overthrow Maliki and his corrupt government. Remember they protested for change and wanted him gone. This is why so many Iraqi’s joined ISIS. ISIS thus became an instrument for a civil war in Iraq.
I fully believe too the abandoning of US equipment (given to the Iraq army upon leaving in 2011) was not coincidental but intentional, well thought out and planned to arm Daesh. Maliki also knew the elections of 2014 were coming up and his possibility of being FREELY re-elected were slim. He needed a diversion, an instrument and thus the opportunity to raise a coupe against the government (the honest politicians remaining) if he did not get his way.
Nobody is going to convince me that that CIA did not know about the ISIS buildup and the potential threat to Iraq. I am positive that Obama was fully briefed daily on this situation. So why didn’t he do anything about it and why did it let the situation fall apart? We all know the end result. Folks you have to realize by now these situations just don’t happen. They are instigated and moved the direction they need to go for a reason. There is always a plan. Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!  Nothing is coincidental. )
Sadr supporters demonstrating in Baghdad to demand reforms

Gather thousands of supporters of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr on Saturday February 11, the center of the capital Baghdad, the second consecutive day to demand the abolition of the Electoral Commission and the fight against corruption.

The protesters are demanding to change the Electoral Commission because it is according to the expression of "crossing the corrupt parties and are subject to the powerful", while the High Commissioner identified the month of September / September next date for provincial council elections.

For its part, the Electoral Commission said that the Commission change must be done through the introduction of the draft amendment to the Parliament as the legislative body competent to do so.

The demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square, it is expected to increase their numbers in the coming hours. As a security measure to protect the demonstrators, Iraqi security forces sealed off a number of streets in the center of the Iraqi capital.

The witness of Baghdad and the provinces of Iraq more than a year of protest demonstrations denouncing corruption in government institutions, and calls for the demonstrators to carry out further reforms and to hold corrupt officials responsible.

(So what are they protesting about now? I quote from the article – demanding to change the Electoral Commission because it is according to the expression of "crossing the corrupt parties and are subject to the powerful". This demand goes right back to the heart of the reforming process of the government and the weeding out of the corrupt politicians. These are the people responsible for the mess. These people still are allowed to be involved in the government affairs. These people still live in mansions, live in luxury and take long vacations, while the average person can’t even get a consistent payrolls, or services. But more than that they want the files opened on these politicians responsible for the current economic situation and to bring them to justice. The demand an end to this form or government, as in their eyes it is not democratic.)   

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
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