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Jay:  How can this ( see article below) and 4 other contracts (not know what the 4 others are) be signed while still under CHAPTER 7. We all walked right by this family. Thank you Doodles for remembering the UN & Chapter 7 things that Frank said to us over the past month.

Paraphrasing Frankie Here.... HOW CAN THE U.N. SIGN ANNNNY CONTRACTS WITH IRAQ STILL UNDER CH.7 ??? U.N... You can't make deals with a sanctioned country...
Frank26:  Bravo JAY.

Samson: Iraq joins the transparency in the arbitration agreement between investors and states agreement promissory between investors and states.
The head of the Sami al-Araji, said in a statement / balance News / received a copy of it, that "the Commission signed a transparency agreement in the arbitration promissory between investors and states, at United Nations Headquarters in New York City," noting that "bringing Iraq's second Arab state acceded to this agreement which preceded it 18 countries in the world. "

He said al-Araji, that "the signing of the agreement represents an important signal to the international arena that Iraq is committed to all the rules of transparency in international arbitration in case of dispute between the investors and the states," and expressed hope that "Iraq is essential to attracting capital and center."

He explained, "The agreement means all contracts between states and investors will come into effect some of the entry of two other members, you also need to the Iraqi parliament's approval."

He said the President of the Commission, that "there are steps that must precede resort to international arbitration which, compromise and domestic courts, such as the Commercial Court in Iraq and the Court of investment soon, in the absence of conviction decision can resort to international arbitration," explaining that "it is in the interest of both parties state and the investor. "

He pointed out that "this agreement is one of the five agreements we signed earlier, the legislative and the environment in Iraq became one of the best in the region and is an important message to reassure investors that his rights reserved and respect for the application of the results of international arbitration."

And on the differences between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the company Dana Gas, Araji said: "I have no comment, because I do not know the privacy of the contract between the Kurdistan region and Dana, and I apologize for the answer to this question is that I did not have the clarity of vision and science and privileges parties rights."

He stressed that "any economic or administrative reform against corruption always welcome by the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the governments of the region process, and this is a fundamental goal we all strive to attract big investors and give more space for building and reconstruction through local and international Alasttmarin" .anthy      LINK

Jay:  After those 2 UN articles with 5 contracts being signed with a clearly, removed chapter 7 sanction on Iraq, IMO... I'm thinking this is HOURS not days.

Then add the 2 articles that stated the Right side of Mosul will be started imminently and the 2nd Mosul article that said the battle will start within hours.????

C'MON MAN...hahahhaa.   IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!!!


Frank26:  I can't believe I'm gonna say this again......... bravo 


Frank26:  Excellent
Walkingstick:  World leaders declare their support for Iraq

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi was held on the sidelines of the Munich conference ,important meetings with international officials chain, according to separate data Information Office of the Prime Minister, while stressing presidents and world leaders their full support for Iraq.

Abadi was held a bilateral meeting and meeting of joint talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been , during which the review of the advanced level reached by the relations between the two countries and the results of liberalization of Nineveh operations and supporting Iraqi troops and praised the sacrifices of the Iraqis, and to discuss reform program for the Iraqi government and issues of common interest in the region.

» She stressed German Chancellor «her country 's commitment to the unity of Iraq, and Germany 's support continuous both directly and through NATO« NATO »and will expand in the field of military support for Iraq», praising b «cleanliness of the battle and respect for human rights and the protection of civilians by Iraqi forces», and in the economic sphere , she said :

Chancellor Germany 's presentation , Dr. Abadi plans to develop and reform the economy and confirmed it «instructed to send a special envoy to Iraq in the coming days to support the government 's economic reform plans.» Pines and the congressional delegation  and met with Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in Munich , US Vice President Mike Pence , who stressed during the meeting «full support for the Iraqi government and full commitment to the support of their plans and their efforts in tackling terrorism and achieving security and stability in the whole of Iraq»,

indicating that « the position of supporting US President Donald Trump , who confirmed in recent contact with al - Abadi and his invitation to visit Washington »and expressed US Vice President« admiration for the leadership and wisdom of Dr. Abadi , and plan ambitious adopted by the Iraqi government to reform the economy and overcome the difficulties, and offered his congratulations victories achieved by the Iraqi forces against «Daesh» terrorist, as he pines for «solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attacks on unarmed civilians.»

He also stressed US congressional delegation headed by senior Senator John McCain , Chairman of the reinforcement in the Congress, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, the United States ' support for Iraq in the fight against terrorism and its desire to expand cooperation between the two countries, and received Abadi , the US delegation , which included 12 members from the Republicans and Democrats, as confirmed Senator McCain and his entourage « the continued support of Iraq and its government and expand the horizons of cooperation between the two countries in various fields, expressing admiration for the military successes and the growing capability of Iraqi troops».

And accept Abadi « the great progress made by Iraqi forces near complete liberalization of Mosul under unite Iraqis in the face of « Daesh »which has lost most of the territory that was under their control, emphasizing the design and determined to end its presence in Iraq, pointing to the need of the Iraqi forces and security services to more than support and counter - terrorism that targets Iraqis in cities and vital areas », as was done in the meeting« discuss the latest developments in the region and its future in the post «Daesh» terrorist ».
French support for a British Iranian as prime minister received a message from French President Francois Hollande during a meeting at his residence in Munich , French Foreign Minister Jean - Marc Aerlot, the French minister stressed « the unlimited support given by France to Iraqi forces in their fight against«

Daesh », congratulated the victory in the liberation Coast left of Mosul and head to liberate the rest of the city », Describing it as« important historical moment », and expressed his country 's desire to strengthen ties in all areas, from his part , asked Abadi from the French minister transferred his thanks and appreciation to the French president and his support for Iraq and its people and shared the desire to the development of relations between the two countries.

And he received Abadi British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and they discussed the development of relations between the two countries and to increase cooperation in all fields, particularly the support of the Iraqi forces and security services in the face of terrorism and assured the British minister «continuation of parking his country , along with Iraq and its forces fighting Daesh and Britain 's support for the projects of reform and development of the economy Iraqi and building state institutions and supporting the sectors of education, tourism », the new British Foreign Secretary to put the draft to criminalize« Daesh »and bring their leaders to international justice.

And discuss the prime minister with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his cooperation against terrorism and the delegation, and during the meeting « to discuss the development of cooperation between the two neighboring countries in economic fields , electric power and common challenges relations in the areas of environment and water resources, as they discussed the latest developments in the region and cooperation against terrorism and the importance of achieving security and stability for their people », congratulated Zarif victories achieved by the Iraqi forces, praising« the sacrifice and courage of the Iraqis ».

Arab and international acclaim  as well as the Prime Minister received at his residence in Munich , secretary general of the Arab League , Ahmed Aboul Gheit, at the beginning of the meeting , Abul Gheit across all «happiness successfully Iraqi government in Tahrir and defeat terrorism.»

He said: «What heartening news is reassuring verification of these successes and the return of civilians to their homes and their confidence in the Iraqi forces, we look with respect to Iraq 's position and capabilities of its people», saying «his intention to visit Iraq soon», was discussed the ongoing preparations for holding the next Arab Summit in Jordan. Abul Gheit stressed « the need to attend Iraq at the highest levels because it represents a heaviness in his surroundings Arab and regional levels, as confirmed parking with the Arab League and Iraq 's unity, sovereignty and cohesion of its people».

Prime Minister said the Secretary-General of the Arab League: «We are pursuing political and economic reform and our government respects the freedom and intellectual diversity». In the area of the fight against terrorism and the operations edit Nineveh Abadi pointed out that «the rest of the city is less than the editor pane space, and this is the first battle we are waging in terms of the survival of civilians in their homes and their towns crowded and spare them the risk of abuse by« Daesh »with restoring basic and health services and what pleased is the growing trust and cooperation of the citizens with the Iraqi forces ».

Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi also met at his residence in Munich , Secretary General of the United Nations , Antonio Guterres. And received Abadi Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Abdul Latif Al - Zayani ....   to meet with Barzani and on the sidelines of the Munich also conference, the Prime Minister received at his residence in Munich President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani, was stressed during the meeting on the continuation of cooperation and coordination for the Liberation of Mosul and efforts to restore stability and the expulsion « Daesh »from Iraqi territory and care for the displaced and planning for the post« Daesh », Abadi stressed« the importance of work to guide the international effort in favor of the unity of Iraq ».

Abadi also met at his residence in Munich Italian Foreign Minister Angelito Alfano, the two sides discussed between the two friendly relations and common desire to foster in the economic, trade and cultural fields as well as the support provided by Italy to Iraqi forces and security services in the areas of training, and praised the prime minister 's position in support of Iraq , the Italian government in its war against terrorism and in the areas of support for the economy and the contribution of Italian companies in the reconstruction and stabilization and rehabilitation of dams, he said Italian Foreign Minister told Abadi: «entitled to your people be proud that your government is the reform and development , the government and they have the appreciation and respect of the international community, and we are eager to stand with you to face challenges and support your efforts to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people for security, stability  and prosperity. »

And search the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres activate cooperation with the International Organization in the areas of care of the displaced and accelerate efforts to combat corruption and promote economic reform and drew Abadi during his meeting with UN Secretary - General in Munich , thanks to the efforts of the United Nations working in Iraq organization, were reviewed edit Nineveh process and the keenness of the Iraqi forces to protect civilians and welcomed by the crimes committed by the

«Daesh» gangs against children and women and use citizens as human shields, for his part praised the secretary general of the government 's efforts and success in the liberation of the Iraqi cities and in the human side, restoring basic services to the liberated areas, expressing «ready international Organization to provide more support and humanitarian relief efforts. »


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