Friday, February 10, 2017


Frank26:  It depends on A (Abadi) ......... but this coming MONDAY CC may be very unique .

Justwhoiam:  Just heard on Fox News, vote for treasury secretary to happen on Monday night.

Frank26:  Look at your cc notes from Wednesday ..........  Insert smile .   Link to CC Notes

MarknLinda:  At about 3PM Est I just heard on Fox Business News that Daniel Tarullo, they called the Regulatory Point Man for the Federal Reserve, is resigning by April. They said it was a surprising resignation on television. IMO, could have something to do with the new banking system being put in place. Looks like the shaking Kim Clement talked about is taking place in our country.

Doodlebug:  Ringy Ding Ding....Ringy Ding Ding...

Abadi: Al-lo?

Trump: Yo, Junior, is this you?

Abadi: Who dis? Trump? Is that you?

Trump: Yes Junior...just checking in on you...

Abadi: We good Trump, we good.

Trump: How good?

Abadi: Very good Trump. MOOSE-UL is done, we got security and stability

Trump: Very good.  What else?

Abadi: We got our Economic Reforms all done.

Trump: Very good. What else?

Abadi: We got our Monetary Reforms all done.

Trump: Very good. What else?

Abadi: OH! Trump...we are selling Airline tickets in Dinars now!

Trump: How the heck are you doing that at 1198?!?

Abadi: We're not...I mean, we are now, but we got these lower....you know.

Trump: Yes, Abadi...I know. You have impressed many with all of the changes that you've made since taking office in 9/2014.

Abadi: Now about (clearing his throat) now about that list, Sir.

Trump: Don't you worry about that list, we got your back...BUT only as long as you do what we want.

Abadi: Yes Sir. Now...what do you want to do about all your citizens in your country that hold the Dinar?

Trump: What about them?!?

Abadi: Well, O didn't want them to have that money. He was only concerned with himself.

Trump: I know, he was stupid. He doesn't know anything about business. He didn't trust or believe that our citizens would stimulate the economy with their new blessing.  He didn't believe in the Christian Spirit, nor the pride and patriotism of the AMERICAN citizens, in helping others in need.  

Abadi: It is a strong Spirit Trump

Trump: Yes it is, unbreakable. And you soon, too, will also witness and feel the power of a national pride. So don't you worry about them. Go ahead and release it.
Abadi:  Okay, Mr. President.  I gotta'go...the UN is calling...

Just having fun!


Prudence12:  Wow, wow, wow!

The 28 - min press conf between Presidents Trump and Abe revealed so much today!
A gracious and statesman-like speech by President Trump totally revealing that our governance has returned to God, as he appropriately praised and respected the Japanese people for the magnificent culture that they are.

And in his turn, President Abe was most gracious and forward-looking choosing not to dwell on past mistakes of both countries, but fully engaged in building with our nation an extremely powerful alliance.

And both Presidents were equally respectful of China in their remarks, all of which can only result in a harmonious Pacific region in the future.

And for the icing on this cake, in the last few minutes our President discussed currency parity, leveling the playing field, and announcements to come soon regarding this and taxes as well.

And no gold fringe on the US flag.  Thank you for hearing us, General Dunford....

Blessings to all,  Prudence12


Lady Pamela:  Trump Press Conference

I saw the press conference, excited!!!!


Here is exactly what Trump said on currency devaluation.

"As far as currency devaluations, I've been complaining about that for a long time. I believe that we will all eventually and probably very much sooner than a lot of people understand or think; we will be all at a level playing field. Because that's the only way it's fair.

 That's the only way you can fairly compete on trade and other things. And we will be on that field and we will all be working very hard to do great for our country. But it has to be fair and we will make it fair.

 I think the United States is going to be an even bigger player than it is right now, by a lot, when it comes to trade. A lot of that will have to do with our tax policy, which you'll be seeing in the not-too-distant future. We'll have an incentive-based policy, much more so than we have right now.

Right now nobody even knows what policy we have. We're working with Congress, we're working with Paul Ryan, we're working with Mitch McConnell and I think people are going to be very, very impressed.".
MilitiaMan:  The National Reconciliation is in motion to be eventually released to US.

You see the photos of the clean up phase in Mosul with a nice crowd of youth working together as a Team. Just like we are doing here are KTFA, working as a Family of Team members. Remember if it is in print it is already done with (loosely).

They just may not have fully disclosed it to us yet. So looking at the quotes below and that Hakim has openly stated that in recent articles "Iraqi's are closer than ever to unity." That is a powerful shot across the NRL bow to me!

"Remember … they cannot directly tell you they are having an RV family … so they INDIRECTLY tell you everything else.~ Frank26

"The NRL is a very good key to the MR. The NRL is also NOT released yet … it’s agreed upon last Sunday … voted on Monday … hopefully we’ll see it in the Gazette very soon. Maybe sometime around the 12th to the 15th – this is our time study. The NRL has to come into a position of LAW.  It has to become the NRL. The process of the MR is precious … marching forward at a FAST-CLICK."~ Frank26

"Remember … like I’ve told you before … when you read something … it’s ALREADY HAPPENED.  Keep that in mind … especially in the last few days."~Frank26

"IMO the National Reconciliation is everything we are involved with as a study Family…the Economic Reform….to the Monetary Reform….to the budget……to the Qi Cards….the HCL….to the Security and Stability that will come….to Mosul…to me it is all wrapped up in the National Reconciliation Law….to me it is the candles you put on a birthday cake….already lit…..asking you to blow them out….everything is encompassed in the National Reconciliation Law."~Frank26

This is not rocket science. It is plain and simple. The Final Plays in the Game are in motion.

"“The NEW IRAQ is open to the world and seeks to build relations with the countries of the region and the world.” They also want to pay their bills in E-dinars. They can't and won't hold out for ever, imo.  They will not fail. It is not an option at this point.

Keep in mind this is only a study of what they say they are doing. As we know there is another short term window if they miss this one, that is as wide open as it gets.. lol

Thank you FRANK for your kind words today! Made my day be sure! BTB

"From the 12th to the 15th … for them to pay their own bills … NOT with foreign currency … but with NEW CURRENCY … with eDinars … evidence by the TRILLIONS from 7 different locations!. ~Frank26

"eDinars represent SECURITY and STABILITY. "eDinars CANNOT be stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"~Frank26

"IMO --- on Jan 12th the CBI presented the new numbers that have been missing now for over 41(+) days."~Frank26 " So Jan 12th … they talked … then they met again on the 17-19th  … with the IMF. The coming weeks … they have BIG reasons to lift the 3 zeros from exchange rate … and bring back the GLORY DAYS of the IQD." ~Frank26

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