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FaithPrevails:  F26 and Family,
7 countries have brought in Trillions
Hakim votes changes within 24 hours
CBI time is up Feb 4th
Three Trump Threats , no more money ( Abadi not waiting you think I sent Jarrod over for tea )
I will slap chapter 7 on you in a NY minute
Baghdadi in a fishbowl can't get out
UN gave present to Abadi
Daesh surrendering
General Mattis fully engaged
The initial number raised because of higher Cap
Pays off our Debt and Iraqs
Electronic, SWIFT and IBAN
What affect on not having Secretary of Treasury have on RV
Feeling Bullish with high level summary
All comments and additions are welcome these are some thoughts IMO 

MilitiaMan:  I believe you put a nail in the coffin as we see it unfolding right before our eyes. Trump put the screws on auto tighten to Hakim the other day, hence the immediate about face in regards to National Reconciliation.

"The President of the National Alliance, al-Hakim was told, you’ve gotta do the National Settlement as we agreed in all these meetings. Any rejection of the National Settlement will lead Iraq’s return quickly into a trusteeship that we will govern and control or simply return you back into Chapter 7. Donald Trump is sending another wake-up call. I want you to know something family, that the National Settlement includes the Economic Reform (ER), the MR, it includes all the reforms for their ports and their harbors, it includes Article 140, it includes HCL."~Frank26

I hope everyone by now knows what National Reconciliation means. Frank spells it out clearly in the above. It means we get paid, as well as everyone else in the Long Line!

"Hakim: The draft national settlement ready and this condition was officially launched
According to a member of the leadership of the Islamic Supreme Council Mohsen Hakim, on Wednesday, the readiness of the draft "national reconciliation" put forward by the National Alliance recently, pointing out that it will offer officially after the liberation of the city of Mosul in case of a consensus on them.

"Hakim said in an interview with the official Iranian news agency "IRNA", he was "in the framework of the National Alliance formed a special committee of all blocs and parties in the coalition of this committee and the codification of the draft (national reconciliation) is ready now."

"The draft is now under consideration and discussions which Thoudy UN support, but in the event was a consensus on them, after the liberation of Mosul and Daesh expelled permanently from Iraq, will go officially as a document (national reconciliation) in Iraq."
Hakim pointed out that "this draft consists of four pages develop practical solutions to get out of the political problems plaguing the country, and discuss and discuss with representatives of the various classes of the Iraqi people."

He added that "the coalition does not claim that these are free from shortage draft, but developed after dozens of hours of investigation and with the participation of specialists and experts and toast, and was put forward and writing, and the United Nations ensured that it will support this document," stressing that "the goal of this bill is to preserve the unity of Iraq and the political independence of the Iraqi decision and the preservation and maintenance of the rights of all members of the Iraqi people. "


So now with Hakim in a vice grip to get National Reconciliation done we have witnessed "Perfect Mistakes" coming out of the leaky boat we call Iraq.

"We called it the “perfect mistake” … and another one came out on Tuesday … talking about raising 4 Million Dollars for some fund raising for some religious thing.  They said something like 50 IQD was = to 38 USD’s. "~Frank26

So now we see that everything has doubled since what time was it? 11:57? Now what assets have doubled? Gold holdings we have not heard about yet, could that be it? Did they claw back monies from the crooked 17 they put arrest warrants out on? Did their reserves get a boost? These items are all talked about in the articles we have studied of late.  They have a pool of oil so big it is like a "Brown Dwarf" of energy in the sand. It imo, is Eriely so big it is on the 25K notes even, imo.. So can they afford to double things? Oh Buddy.. I feel that is a no brainer now. Trump suggests he wants to pay off deficits.. How many Dinars does the UST have? 3-6 Trillion? I'll bet closer to the latter.. No wonder the CBI has used all 30 days to post a rate! Imo they want to kill it (CAP) out the gate. The longer they drag their feet the more money we make.

“They are accelerating the reforms”~Frank26

"Everything has more than doubled. ~Frank26

Ministers? … more than doubled.~Frank26

Iraqi assets? … more than doubled.~Frank26

Rate? … more than doubled.~Frank26

Cap? … more than doubled.~Frank26

Now … IMO … President Trump needs to do a few things on this side of the pond … NOW!"~
Last I checked the items needed are now completed. All cabinets are filled. Time to play ball Iraq, as your cabinets are full as well.. Wink wink Abadi. What I mean by that is the ball is your court now Abadi. The CBI has stated they are coming out to the GLORY DAYS and Hakim said National Reconciliation is on the table when Daesh is finished. Sounds like your at t he Free throw line today Sir, 30 days are up! (Imo) PAST!

"Trump has a plan … for America to stop being ripped-off!"~ Frank26

What better way to feed the American Dream than with a pay off on ones investment. The UST didn't just steal those Dinars in the coffers of ours. We exchanged USD for IQD and now it is time to redeem them.  So PM Abadi, shoot the ball~!

"The United Nations and the United States, and the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, have declared repeatedly expressed their support for reforms in Iraq, and the prime minister, Haidar al-Abbadi, pledged to implement the reform program, but the steps in this area is still below the level of the aspirations of the broad sectors of society." LINK

callum:  Read the Full Cease-and-Desist Letter a Senior Congressman Just Sent to Janet Yellen

Geoffrey Smith   Feb 03, 2017

Janet Yellen, Donald Trump has you on notice. At least according to one congressman.
Congressman Rep. Patrick T. McHenry (R-NC.), a vice-chairman on the House Financial Services Committee, has sent a blistering letter to Federal Reserve Chair Yellen telling her in no uncertain terms to stop cooperating with other central banks and insurance supervisors over global rules of conduct, at least until the new administration has given her a clear political line to follow.

In 2010, in the wake of the financial crisis, the Fed and its global counterparts signed the so-called "Basel III" accords, under which all countries agreed to raise the minimum level of capital banks must hold to 8% of their risk-adjusted assets. Wall Street hated it, but Congress enacted key parts of the accords under the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, which President Trump started to roll back on Friday with the latest of a series of executive orders.

It's not clear whether McHenry would like the U.S. to suspend all such "opaque" and "secretive" cooperation indefinitely in principle. But a suspension now would further delay some controversial tweaking of the original accords that could still result in a further effective tightening of capital standards, by restricting the freedom of banks to assess the riskiness of their own assets. Click here for the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision's more detailed explanation.

The full letter is posted below. It's worth noting that the letter doesn't touch on Yellen's conduct of monetary policy, where its independence is protected by the Constitution.


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