Monday, February 20, 2017



MilitiaMan:  This is asking the question where did you get the money?

Final Article 25 says $45 Billion in reserves.  It is dated January 30th real close. Iraq pays Iran $350 million of $1.3 billion and lights go on. Why... What happened in Munich?

Well. Pence spoke. The world spoke. Deals were made. Many deals. Siemens deal. Think about it. Iraq now has money.. With a program rate?

Tell me when, since we have learned that 90% of the trip zero notes are off the street and Iraq is paying bills and neighbors are responding and quite quickly!~. Militia Man

Samson:  Central Bank: the size of Iraq's reserves of foreign currency of $ 49 billion  http://www.alsumaria.tv/news/195636/link

Harley:  Just thought I would share this with you....I was traveling a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop at a currency exchange center in the airport and do a little prodding.  I asked the lady behind the counter "Do you have any information on Iraq?".  I didn't ask about the rate, or spread, or fees, or what-if scenarios, or anything like that, simply my question as I just stated.  Her reply to me was "We are not doing anything with Iraq right now, we are still waiting for them to revalue their currency."  So I said, "Oh, when is that happening?", and she replied "I don't know, it was supposed to happen last year, at least that was the rumor." That was the totality of our conversation.  I just thought her responses were very telling. 

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