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Frank26:  There are many places to look ............ But for today stay with the CBI website .  I go to Church now ................ To Look for God.

Don961:  News and announcements

Gold bullion , which will be on sale under which the prices  Tuesday  approved  2017 / 2 / 14


Slappy SquirrelLoneStarCowboy:  ~~The CBI website states:

"The CBI aims to reduce the use of cash in the country despite the challenges of geography and the remaining security issues which make the transfer of money across the country difficult and risky. Hence the objective is to automate the settlement of checks, salaries and the activation of automation systems for electronic cards, in order to keep more liquidity in bank accounts."


Frank26:   Oh my God praise God hence our ADMIN meeting last night please enjoy I will release a video at 9 PM Eastern standard time tonight

Walkingstick:  Once liberated the Iraqi dinar?

28 minutes ago

In spite of all the conditions of occupation that have passed on Iraq and on the successive periods, and despite the fact that each of those periods and occupation , including pros and cons has ended and it became part of the history of Iraq. But there is one occupation lasted more than anyone else and did not end up so far , but did not find little resistance from any class of society.

For Instant underwent Iraqi dinar or rather the Iraqi economic system of socialist occupation since the events of the revolution in 1958 that overthrew the monarchy and some of the success and effectiveness of the monarchy system manages the socialist occupation that dominated the capabilities of the Iraqi financial and monetary system is heavier shoulders with many of the decisions and actions He turned to heavy machine semi - unemployed are unable to progress drains the bulk of Iraq 's resources in the system administration just because he is aligned with the ruling ideas.

Iraq 's economic system may be made under the socialist occupation some successes but tabbed keep this system under the control of the socialist occupation was cumulative and it seems that cholesterol socialism led to a narrowing of the arteries of the economic system of Iraq and then closed and wounding economic system stroke incidents to make a complete paralysis in the economic system. Now , should this patient paralyzed on display specialist to diagnose the situation as critical require immediate intervention.

Thank God for the blessing of socialism

we are a generation that has upbringing Socialism is the blessing of the Creator , which summarize it without all his creation and we must thank God every day that he granted us this blessing. Platform and continued education on the same rhythm. In some periods have rhythm loud and resounding to deaf ears and blind luster our sights for continuous and accumulated mistakes and not to pay attention to the effects and consequences of political decisions taken on the economy with the continuity of entering into the events of the problems caused as a whole to severe weakness in the monetary system to witness after he passed varying successes scary decline visits Other on the grounds that this success was a dwelling may be useful in some cases for for quite some time, but it does not address and does not eliminate the disease.

What to fall until the concentration of housing aches gradually begin to appear to be stronger than ever before and then we came to scream in pain severe stage. Either us to leave those painkillers and look for a real treat either for us to save our currency of this tumor is not it time to put the dinar in place that must be it.

Dinar , the national currency is stronger than the passport . It is the laissez - passer for any country in the world . If the Iraqi dinar was strong when we found the state does not give us a visa. If the dinar in the right and put the biggest countries in the world for our requests and the DNA for investments .. Vahamdllah for the blessing of socialism .. Praise be to Allah who does not praise is disliked.

Resistance and catheterization

and before we do the catheterization of the Iraqi economy must constitute the front stiff resistance and that we work with all our strength to expel Socialist occupation and defeat him , and then proceed to the catheter and open closed arteries and even replaced with new arteries inoperable revive the economy and give the dinar to a new healthy life far from the control and control and openness to the world in order to return to a time when the powerful of our currency and our economy integrated open to new systems and get to real institutionalized a system where the government departments Foundation resemblance to any company operating in the market have a right to make a profit and benefits then we will commit public servant system based on a strong foundation of work, production and evaluation. To live free and independent of the dinar.
This article reflects the views of the author , and has nothing to do Roudao network point of view of the media.


Don961:  Hello WS ....Iraqis are proud of their currency .... Want it out of the control. Of the  hands of foreigners ... Like the UN sanctions .... And back to it's glory days ... When it stood on its own as one of the strongest .... IMO

Cole:  Former glory... calculate inflation... double assets... IOO
have we been handed our study on a silver platter? Absolutely...

Slappy Squirrel:  I knew this was a Smokin ARTICLE PRAISE GOD!!!!! WOW WOW WOW LET'S ROLL!!!...


LoneStarCowboy:  ~~Samson~~

Coffee is so much more enjoyable now while reading your news article posts.
They make me go scrambling for my CC notes.

Like when Frank had told us on last Monday's CC.

Frank26:  " Moving from MANUAL to ELECTRONIC to do business with an international world!

The only thing that is missing is an INTERNATIONALLY accepted RATE … NOT a program rate.

In addition … the eDinars were launched!

Why are they important for the US Treasury and the IMF?

eDinars represent SECURITY and STABILITY.


eDinars CANNOT be stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s electronic currency."

And then reiterated it on Wednesday's CC,

Frank26:  "E-dinars equal 'security and satbility'"

Oh, what a beautiful morning it is indeed!

Samson:  Rafidain Bank shall issue electronic payment instruments to the staff of the Sunni Endowment

Rafidain Bank announced issuing one of the electronic payment tools for employees of the Sunni Endowment in order to receive their salaries through them to shorten the cash currency trading routine.

MilitiaMan:  Being this is about the 2017 budget and is directly related to Customs, would this not be about MCPs? (Multi Currency Program?)  Something that is required by the IMF to cease, they just aren't openly referring to it that way? Mechanisms being implemented. Adherence to guidelines need not to be interpreted at a personal level, but at a legal level.  If so.. Oh buddy!

Walkingstick:  The formation of parliamentary committees to follow up the implementation of the paragraphs of the budget

said the parliamentary Finance Committee, Sunday, the formation of sub - committees to follow up the implementation of the mechanisms of materials and paragraphs of the general federal budget.

According to a statement of the Commission received (Journal News) that "the Finance Committee hosted Abdul-Razzaq Al-Issa, Minister of Finance Agency, Salah al-Din Hamid Djaath Director General of the Public Debt Department spectrum Sami Director General Budget Department and Kazem Ali Abdullah, Director General of Customs at the Ministry of Finance, the meeting discussed the subject of mechanisms for the implementation of the General Budget Law Federal also been discussed on some items in the government's intention to appeal against the Federal Court. "

The statement added that "the Committee formed sub-committees to follow up the implementation of the articles and paragraphs of the budget and to consider the instructions issued by the Ministry of Finance to implement the law and the Commission showed the presence of some items in the instructions are not consistent with the mentioned text in the budget law, which requires modified by the ministry or will be replaced stabbed in front the attention of the Federal Court by the House of Representatives. "

"The meeting also discussed the issue of entitlements and allocations of ministries, agencies and provincial exchange of others linked to the Ministry and departments and the emphasis on the principle of justice in the dispensing away from personal interpretations."
The statement noted that "the Committee addressed at the meeting to the issue of border crossing points and the obstacles and problems related to the work of the General Authority for Customs and the need to choose personalities able to promote and control of this vital joint."



Samson:  Iraq not to let US harm Iran ties: President

Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:27AM   VIDEO ON THE LINK

President Fuad Massoum says Iraq will not allow its ties with certain countries, including the US, damage relations with Iran which he described as Baghdad's "brother".

“We seek strong ties with Iran. Our ties with the Islamic Republic are an important issue. Rarely is there a country with which we maintain such ties as we have with Iran,” he told Iran’s Tasnim news agency in an interview published Sunday.

“Although Iraq maintains ties with the US and other world countries, we do not want those ties to contradict the ones with Iran. We do not want our ties with other countries to damage the type of relations we have with Iran,” he added.

The relations, Massoum said, were "increasingly moving towards becoming strategic.”

"There are countries which are our friends. Some of these countries are markedly friendlier but there are countries which we regard as our brother. Iran is a brotherly and friendly nation to us," he added.

Massoum reminded that the Islamic Republic has been supporting Iraqis ever since the embryonic stage of Daesh’s terror campaign in the Arab country.

"We are in need of this support, capability and expertise (of the Iranians). This support has been very important to us and clarified many things to us," he said.

Iraq waged a destructive war against Iran between 1980 and 1988 under the former dictator Saddam Hussein. Since his ouster, the two neighbors have turned to close allies, forging an exemplary relationship in the region.

Iraqi leaders have famously said that if it were not for Iran, Daesh terrorists would have easily overrun the capital Baghdad where other countries simply stood by and watched. According to several Iraqi officials, General Qassem Soleimani heralded Iran's rush of aid to Iraq as Takfiri militants hunkered down at the gates of Baghdad.
Massoum dismissed disparaging media reports about the Iranian general, saying his visits to Iraq were within the framework of foreign advisory assistance to the country. Iran, he said, is providing legitimate advisory support to the Iraqi military.

"America, France, Britain and other European countries have their own military advisers in Iraq. Hence, one cannot say Iran's military advisers don't have a right to be in Iraq. We think this is a normal issue and Iran, like other countries, is entitled to this right."

Iran's assistance in the form of arms aid, advisory support, and humanitarian assistance to refugees has proven instrumental ever since Daesh took control of the northern city of Mosul, Massoum said.

He said bilateral relations with Iran are of historic nature and have never been in collision with the Arab country's national interests, adding they have rather been in line with the ideals of the Iraqi nation.

"All political currents at the helm of power in Iraq today have had strong relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran," he said.

The Iraqi president also said, "Our relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran have never been and will never be against a third country. Rather, they will guarantee the interests of both the Iranian and Iraqi nations."


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