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Samson:  FRANK - is this the first time the IQD has appeared on the forex ?

Frank26:  No.   But IMO ........... Very soon ........... It will be the FIRST TIME it will appear on Forex .......... With an International Rate and NOT a PR.(Program Rate)

Hootowl: so frank have the horses been let loose yet at the gate,,,,?  is the 12th to the 15th still looking good?    I think Monday they are going to vote on the treasury secretary

Frank26:  IMO ............. Yes ........... Yes.

Walkingstick:   REHASHED ONCE AGAIN ~ WS

US Treasury and the Association of Banks Taatdarcan ways of joint cooperation
BAGHDAD / morning

examined the US Treasury delegation and theAssociation of Iraqi private banks ways of joint cooperation between the two parties and thepossibility of advancement of the Iraqi banking sector.

President of the Association meek Handal emphasized that during the meeting , they reviewed the achievements of the private banking sector and the labor supply in place mechanisms for the advancement of human resources working in the banking sector and banking technologies and regulations approved and those that fall within the bank 's plans for this year.

The delegation included John Sullivan , Head of Delegation and Michelle Chatzl of Bank of New York up and Rashid Nasim manager at Bank of New York and Leslie Young adviser at the US Treasury and the gift of Mary , energy consultant and the economy.

Handal between the role adopted by the Association to raise the products continuously and enable them to compete with regional and international banks, also pointed to contribute to the humanitarian relief goods and development of social projects across the country , and this falls within the social responsibilities incumbent on the private sector presented to the people of the community.

He pointed according to a statement of the association, that the visit of Treasury delegation of US to the headquarters of the Association gave a strong and clear message about how the trust and faith of the Treasury trends and the Association 's work , which is the CBI arm and a chance to tell the success stories of the private banks in the areas of the country 's reconstruction and development of Rasheed Street Project Take Baghdad and drive our people headed Goodwill Ambassador musician Naseer Shamma started.

In turn , praised the head of the delegation , John Sullivan on the role of the special bond in the development of the banking performance through advanced training programs and orientations supporting the economy of the family.

It was agreed between the two sides to hold a second expanded meeting attended by Iraqi banking leaders and representatives of the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of the US, it is dedicated to explain the obstacles and problems faced by the Iraqi banking sector, particularly in the relationship with correspondent banks.


MilitiaMan:  Be it that it may be not the same Agencies listed above, but, note the below and above players have clout to say the least Globally and get attention and I mean serious attention when they speak.

I believe we can all agree that the UST and the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA knows everyone at the IMF and UN, etc. and probably on a first name to nick name basis..  lol

 Don't think for one second they don't know or are at least apprised of the goings on in Iraq to the degree necessary for the work they do. Money!!!

The CBI hasn't published as far as we know an IQD rate since 01/04/2017 possibly further back to 12/31/2016 to be fair. We are told there have been meetings on the 01/04/2017 and the 5th as well. Then again on the 11th - 12th and then again, 17 - 19th of January 2017 between IMF, CBI and other agencies in regards to the IQD / Iraq's Monetary Reform (MR).
Frank spells it out clearly in the CCs.  Then today we see that Pres Trump wants and equal playing field and goes on to say the world is going to be surprised how things are moving forward in regard to global currency.

(I suggest everyone watch the video or read the transcript from to day.)

Trump just called Abaadi did he not? Yup.

Abadi had an interview with France24 and says effectively "Mosul is Done" did he not? Yup!  
Well then? There we have it.  They aren't going to spoon feed us any better than this.. lol
I believe I gleaned from the board that it is up to Abadi.  Or in other words, if there is anything out of Abadi that can be shared, it may be. JMHO.. Frank says the progress is beautiful.. Ya think!

Frank26: "When they met … and that was the last time they met … on the 17-19th … the IMF / UN met with them … and many other agencies … IMO … they talked about the new exchange rate … that they have well calculated … and IMO … they approved this new rate."~Frank26"  "IMO --- on Jan 12th the CBI presented the new numbers that have been missing now for over 41 days.  So Jan 12th … they talked … then they met again on the 17-19th  … with the IMF.

 The coming weeks … they have BIG reasons to lift the 3 zeros from exchange rate … and bring back the GLORY DAYS of the IQD.~Frank26  IMF says to Iraq … “the implementation of your financial reforms has been fantastic!” ~Frank26  "The reason why IRAQ is proud is because they are doing what the IMF told them to do.  IMF says they’ve done a good job … Abadi, GOI, CBI. With what? 

The IBAN, security, stability, etc.  Why don’t we have the 3 zeros lifted right now? They need to improve the foreign policy for Iraq … in other words … lift the 3 zeros from your exchange rate. The progress is beautiful.~Frank26


Don961: More details of their conversation .... IMO

Trump to Ebadi: curtail the role of Iran in exchange for increased US military support, and al-Abbadi: Maliki is why
February 11, 2017 | 9:57   -  Network Iraqi position

According to informed sources from within the prime minister's office, said the US president, "Donald Trump" confirmed through his connection to "Abadi" first on Thursday; the need to work to curb the Iranian role in Iraq through a sober and serious government action that would impose the sovereignty of Iraq on all decisions political, paid increased military support to the US and consultant in the war against al Daesh terrorist, as the source expression.

The sources added, that "Abadi" welcomed the invitation "Trump" expressing his willingness to work on measures that would curb the Iranian role in Iraq, especially on the military side of the forces of (the popular crowd), and pointing at the same time that the previous administrations of Iraq, especially the governments, "al-Maliki "I am played a crucial role in the increased Iranian presence in Iraq, both politically and militarily.

According to the statement, the Iraqi government, that "Abadi" congratulated "Trump" with "victory during a phone call," and expressed his country's desire to "expand the horizons of the important relationship between the two countries."




 13:00 11/02/2017

BAGHDAD / MP for the Federation of Iraqi forces Raad Aldhlki, for an expected visit of a political delegation from the Union to Washington to meet President Donald Trump, noting that the most prominent axes and files, the visit will include the human side and the situation of displaced people and the reconstruction of liberated cities in addition to .the economic, political and social files

He Aldhlki in a press statement that "political delegation from the Union of Forces of the six provincial representatives (Baghdad, Diyala, Salahuddin, Anbar, Nineveh and Kirkuk), will visit Washington in the next few days to meet with the US president, Donald Trump, and the deadline for the visit is related to obtaining regulatory approvals and ".arrangements for the visit

He added that "the United States is the sponsor for the political process in the new Iraq after 2003, and it is internationally importantly burden to rid Iraq of its problems, especially with regard to policies wrong for the management of former President Baraka Obama and his team that caused the entry of organizing Daesh terrorist to " .our areas through the clear support of political Islam over the previous period He explained that "the most prominent themes that would bring, representative of the Sunni component of the Union of Forces and other forces wishing to attend the delegation will put up these humanitarian provincial problems and put the displaced and the reconstruction of the cities and the liberated areas, which prevents people from ".returning to it, in addition to economic and political issues and social Aldhlki

He pointed out that "change the situation in Iraq from the reality of crises and conflicts to be better than stability is the responsibility of everyone, including the United States," pointing out that "there is a movement going on for browning the visit, positive atmosphere refers to approve work to be invested and the investment of big " .political change in Washington what hurt the interests of Iraq and its security and stability  LINK


Samson:  UPDATED: Public protests in Baghdad turn violent, one killed by police
BAGHDAD, Iraq—Public demonstrations in the Iraqi capital turned violent on Saturday which led to the death of one person after police opened fire on protestors who tried to break into the heavily-fortified Green Zone.

Supporters of the Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr marched on the streets of Baghdad and towards the government compound against corruption and demanding a change to Iraq’s election law.

They chanted: “Don’t respond to us with bullets,” as they marched on, said our correspondent in Baghdad.

“The protesters are calling for peace saying do not respond to us with bullets,” said the reporter.

Police used tear gas and fired over head to disperse the protestors.

Waving the Iraqi flag protestors shuttled the streets, with the injured rushed to nearby hospitals.

Jamal Kochar, a Kurdish MP in Baghdad told Rudaw that the demonstrators have taken matters into their own hands.

“Muqtada al-Sadir has not asked his supporters to break into Green Zone area at all,” Kochar said.

“Based on our knowledge, we were aware that protesters had planned to enter the Green Zone area,” said another Kurdish MP, adding that some Kurdish MPs have gathered together in a place to protect ourselves.”

The police did not let the protesters cross The Jamhuri Bridge to break into the Green Zone area, said Rudaw’s Bahman Hassan.

Adil Nuri, another Kurdish MP said that the protesters have blocked a main road to the Green Zone.

“The protesters have blocked the suspension bridge, which is the main road to enter the Green Zone,” said Nuri, from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU).

Security forces in the Green Zone are calling for reinforcements as they say they cannot stop the protesters, said Shakawan Abdullah, another Kurdish MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

“When they knew that the government was not serious in changing the Electoral  Commission, they staged demonstrations,” Abdullah added.

To avoid any harm against the Kurdish MPs based in the area “all Kurdish factions are leaving the area and returning to the Kurdistan Region ,” he said. “The airport road is open and the demonstrators have not reached there.”

It is said that after 5pm, the demonstrators will receive new orders and that the violent clashes may escallate, he revealed.

Rudaw has the knowledge that some of the protesters have managed to pass the concrete barriers and enter the Green Zone area.

“These protestors are calling for the high electoral commission to be changed, which we believe is controlled by the ruling parties,” Sadr’s political spokesman Jawad al-Jiburi told Rudaw.

“The Sadr Movement previously demanded that the election commission be changed as we believe the change is in the interests of the Iraqi people. This commission should be free from political interference. The protestors are demanding that the election commission, the election law, and the commission’s members be changed,” he added.


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