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Here are the Wednesday Night CC Notes Family....special thanks to 7-FA/Harry for getting them kickstarted for me....thank you for that effort sir....enjoy    Aloha    Randy
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CC Notes for Wednesdays 02-15-2017

Greetings family welcome to another conference call at KFTAlway.com….  So Family the last time we were together on Monday we had a central theme in our CC that was basically saying Iraq, Iraq your time is up. Your time is up and I gave you all kind of, I made you a video on Saturday and you saw it. On Monday’s CC we really broke this down, and then you have the notes from Frosty and you are going to have them from Aggiedad.
So what would the theme be for tonight what would the theme be for tonight’s CC? I am going to bring back something I have already said to you before and I am going to say it again. KTFA family beautiful KTFA family I love so much “What Are You Worried About”.  Well Frank I am worried about my mother that is in the hospital, Frank I am worried about the fact that we are losing our home and I do not know where we are going to go with our children, Frank I am worried about a job, I haven’t had a job in quite a while.  Frank I am worried because the IRS is after me and they are not very friendly and they are about to take everything away.  Hey Frank, look I know. My wife and I get about 100 calls a day and we hear your pain, we hear your struggles.

I want you to know that all of us carry a cross, some of us have a cross that is very rugged, some of us have a cross that is kind of small not so rough.  Some crosses are huge and some are small, all of us suffer in one way or the other.  You call me I suffer; I am not telling you not to call me.  The roll of a Christian is to suffer.

When I …………. When I hear your voices I bleed, when I hang up with you after praying talking with you I cry don’t I TINK?  Sometimes profoundly, sometimes profusely but each one of your phone calls affects me greatly because each one of you is a human being, a creature of God and I only know to Love you and that is why I pray for you.

And that is why I am trying to tell you it is time not to worry, be at peace.  Deep into my heart I have never been in this position before I have never led you down this road before to tell you “Iraq Time is UP” We have had a study a continual study to understand the progress of the process of the momentary reform and I have never brought us to this point.  You know where I said that Iraq is like the baby Eagle that has been thrown over the cliff and Iraq has to realize that whether, they have been thrown out of the nest and they are falling over the cliff.  But that fall is a form of flight, they just have to open their wings and sail with the wind.  I have never told you that I believe deep in my heart with all sincerity that their time is up.

I was talking with a few of our TEAM members today and one of them said, there is nothing, we are not doing anything right now.  I cannot tell you who I talked to and I know I do not want to be coy about it nor teasing but you know me, you know who I am.  I am not the author of deception, I pray to God that my time spent and my record with you can vouch for that.  I am at peace, I am happy because when I asked my TEAMS is there anything, Nothing.  Did so and so call?  No.  Is there any word from?  No.  Has anyone updated our files?  No nothing.  Wow ok alright sounds good to me.

One of the interesting comments that I received today “well alrighty we are waiting” yes we are waiting Frank.  We are waiting for the 1 nation state of Iraq to raise the value of their currency.  When I heard that I thought 1 nation wow reconciliation 1 nation unified together for the common goal and purpose no division even by the Kurds.  Yes, I agree with you, we are waiting for the 1 nation of Iraq to lift the value of their currency because time is up.

Revaluation how about Revalidation, did you see that in today’s article, I did.  Revalidation of Iraq’s currency, to me that is saying the same thing as saying the liberation of the program rate.  Didn’t we say that about 2 weeks ago.  Yes, we want Mosul to be liberated but we also feel that enough is enough, it is at the point Mosul it is enough, it is ready. Yes, somebody wants their steak done medium and somebody wants it well done, but they are ready.  An article comes out today and tells you Revalidation of Iraq’s currency.  When?  Well after the liberation of Mosul, and what did we say?  Give me Mosul and you will have the liberation of the program rate.  These are interesting combination of words that we share with you and then you see them in the articles.  In fact, articles are coming out with so much energy that they are busting out at the seams IMO.

Let me give you an example, remember the subject that we talked about on Monday about the airlines and DELTA talked to you about it too?  The airlines were told hey, don’t accept any other currency, no foreign currency only, no American dollar only Iraqi Dinar when people want to buy tickets from now on, you got that?  And what did you see today in an article family what did it say?  Well it said the…. We cannot, we cannot do this.  What do you mean you cannot do this?  Well you see we have a program it is called Sita, the Sita is our program within our computers and it will not receive Sita will not receive in its system as a form of payment right now with our Dinar because of the fluctuation of the Dinar. Really? Yea Yea.  But you just said a few days ago.

No we did not say anything we were told. OK OK you are right, who told you?  The CBI and the GOI.  Because they are busting at the seams family IMO.  This whole CC is IMO everything I say is IMO tonight ok. Airlines? “Airlines failed to adopt the Iraq dinar in the sale of tickets” You know why? ….. Why? …. Because it was a premature statement you guys are busting at the seams.  Because there is no new rate for you to implement into your Sita program.  They cannot end using American dollars until you raise the value of your currency.  Your program rate is still in the stupid Sita system.  So don’t tell me or anybody in the airline industry right now in Iraq to only sell tickets with your currency because you need to raise the value of your currency to stop the fluctuation problem.

This but 1 example family, while all of this is going on reconciliation in Iraq is growing like weeds.  If you looked at the compilation post 191 from WalkingStick and if you didn’t please do, you are going to see a compilation of posts, I think there was a total of 5 of them where WalkingStick was showing you that there was an equilibrium being established inside of Iraq.  A unity to bond together not bomb each other, I like it because it is all part of the stability and security that is being born out of the liberation of Mosul.  But we don’t have Mosul Frank, I know that but I will tell you what IMO we are 90%, 85-90% all we have to do is get Baghdadi now, well why don’t we?  Tactical reasons that we don’t talk about on this forum, military reasons.

The organization of Islamic corporation today or yesterday announced well we are going to have a Mecca 2 yep we are going to have a Mecca 2 conference.  It is for the reconciliation of Iraq.  Really? Yea, Yea, Yep.  “The Iraq official delegation is achieving reconciliation among ALL of the components of the Iraq people” This is a dream come true, and this is the reason why the monetary reform is busting at the seams and this is why IMO the monetary reform is in a stable and secure position right now to come out.

We added another article to our final articles thread, we added another one it is final article #29.  Once again this article it almost seems like the CBI is busting at the seams telling everybody, “hey come on man what have we been telling you” But do remember though family the western assault in Mosul has not begun yet.  Keep that in the back of your calculations please, but I want to tell you once again this article you should go look at it.  It is bragging, here let’s talk about it you want to, you can go look at it, it is article #29 but together let’s look at it so then you can go look at it. 
Mosul give me Mosul what do you get? Security and Stability. If you have security and stability do you get? The Monetary Reform.  And if you look at article #29 that we just put in the final article thread what does it say “Anti-terrorism confirms that Mosul is a plan…that Abadi has a plan…it has been completed….really…wait a minute…a plan of Mosul completed….but….we haven’t even begun the assault on the west side….wait a minute….al-Baghdadi….wait or did you….by the way this article is three days old….let me see…somewhere in your notes it should say….if they release it in an article well then it has already happened….it has already long happened.

Alright again…..”Anti-terrorism confirms concerning Mosul a plan has been completed and Mosul will be quickly edited”…..can you define quickly….if it helps any just look at my eyes when I blink.

In that same “Final Article” #29 that was just put up it also says, “The battle of the right side will be less severe than it was in the left side, it will lead to a quick and positive result”….now remember the Tigris River flows through Mosul, from the north down to the south….so the left side is that which has been recaptured….the west side is where al-Baghdadi is hiding…..I agree….Family they could give you al-Baghdadi if they want to…..the last 10-15% of Mosul, because the rest of Mosul is celebrating Valentine’s Day…..opening banks….kids are going to school….and I agree this western side….this little corner where al-Baghdadi and his people are at….I agree…that it will be less severe than it was on the left side….on the other side of the Tigris River….you know why….because the western side is much smaller than the east side….and DAASH is heavily surrounded….it is a squeeze play now.

Oh and by the way “He appeals to the revitalization of the domestic markets of currency after the liberation of the left coast of the city of Mosul”…this is from one of Abadi’s deputy advisors….wow….the domestic markets….they are busting seams all over the place in Mosul…yeah we’ve seen it….they are doing great….the shelves are bring filled back up…and what about this economic growth…..what about it….well it is of the Iraqi dinar after the liberation of the left coast of Mosul….so once you get al-Baghdadi you are going to be 100% clear in Mosul….some people like….some people like their steaks done medium….some like them well done.

Have you ever seen the cartoon where someone starts to paint the floor in a room and when they paint the floor and keep going instead of painting towards the door to get out they paint themselves into a corner….to me that whole floor that has been painted is the liberation of Mosul….that little spot where he is standing on is where al-Baghdadi is at…how long do you think it will take to finish painting that little corner…well they say rather quickly….and I blink my eyes.

This is fascinating IMO Mosul is done enough….we said it is done enough to put Security and Stability into the Monetary Reform….look so much has been done in Mosul….so much has been accomplished with Security and Stability in Mosul….so much has been done that they actually said in this article #29 that they are going to put a bank in Mosul…..on the left side….where al-Baghdadi is at….well that is a little cocky or maybe this article is a little bit old….at least three days.

Do you see the beauty in all of this….do you see the beauty and excitement in all that we are studying….I do…and I don’t really see too much negativity on our forum….I see a lot of you that have an alliance….a reconciliation that the Monetary Reform is right in front of us….that they are very close to the decision to raise the value….and Article #29 goes out of its way to exaggerate this…..talking about their currency after we’ve liberated all of Mosul….talking about a bank….it is a squeeze play….they keep squeezing more and more and he has less and less…they are painting that corner down to the point where he will only have one foot standing in that corner.

And that is why I say….”Time is Up”….IMO Iraq is international….it is international as I am brown…..it is too obvious….but at a program rate….and being international…..it’s like the Goodyear blimp without any helium.

So….”A transparency arbitration has been established between Iraq and her investors”…..transparency…..no more fat lady….no more hiding of things…..her anxious investors I would say because they are in they are in a Long Line…..”and this agreement is an important message and clear to the world that Iraq is a major hub in the Middle East for investments and reconstruction and construction”….you know what you are saying….that Chapter VII does not interfere with anything you guys are doing right now….you guys are just busting at the seams aren’t you.

Iraq seems like a Level 5 Hurricane I will admit it says the media but I need for you to look…..need for you to look deeper at  the things that WalkingStick is bringing out to you….look at those pictures…..because they are screaming to the international world that the sky is clearing for them….and for those investors…..but none of this can happen at 1186…it cannot happen at that rate….that is why we do not have that rate anywhere….can you show me that rate…..can you show me that rate anywhere….have you seen that rate in 2017 in the Mookla of 2017….do you see a program rate anywhere…..all you see is one article after the other that we are in the process of lifting the value of our currency as soon as Mosul is liberated…..hey it is liberated enough….it is time.
We’ve got a pretty good Commander-in-chief Family….he is not a YES man….in fact the United States American Generals love their new Commander-in-Chief….President Trump….they said we love his ME policy and boy we can back this up…..we love what he told Iran….up yours Iran.

O is no longer here….Obamanation….this nation is no longer under O’s horrible leadership.

In less than one month as President, President Trump has disintegrated all of the disrespect from so many other nations, especially in the Middle East, especially Iran….especially China, who were spitting in our face and laughing their heads off…..it’s a different story now isn’t it suckers…..Obama is not here for you anymore Iran….oh snap….hoorah.

While all of this is going on….the DOW….WOW….are you on steroids…..the DOW if you look in your notes….we told you we wanted to see a consistency….that we wanted the DOW to develop a 20,000 and above pattern on a consistent basis….it is doing it…..I think the latest was around 20,600 or something….are you kidding me….are you telling me we are about to tap onto 21,000 for the DOW….

I will admit that President Trump is saying a few things for the markets to get excited about….but that was even before he said those things….but notice....the DOW only started going crazy as soon as Donald Trump became President.
Frank26:  Dr. Shabibi who said very clearly I am about to raise the value of our currency now had to run for his life one month later….they all ran for their lives at the CBI and we protected them…..they were being threatened to be killed or imprisoned by Maliki…

So I ask this Christian forum….pray…..pray that Obama just shuts up….and leave Donald Trump alone….and stop trying to throw a wrench in what he is accomplishing for this country of ours.

Meanwhile the NRL…..the National Reconciliation Law…..is hot….and it is in the midst of Mosul…and it is in the midst of Maliki wanting to be reelected…and it’s in the midst of Obama trying to stop Donald Trump’s advancements in the ME.

You know NASA helped Neil Armstrong to leave footprints on the Tranquility Base of the Moon….is in the same way the UN, the UST, the IMF, the World Bank are expecting Iraq to leave epic footsteps with the National Reconciliation Law….because the eagle has landed and it is time.

I like cookies….a lot….I like Ho-Ho’s with the crème filling….and I also like Ding Dongs….but right now I will admit that the Dong is something to like too…..I’m invested in currencies Family and I study many of them….but I really only teach you about the Iraqi dinar….with your permission may I say a few words about the Vietnamese Dong.
For decades Vietnam has been treated in a bullish attitude by its big brother….China….but I will admit that Vietnam is sidestepping a lot of the things that China is restricting them about…..IMO the Dong is a good investment…..because they sidestep a lot of the China restrictions….and they are entering into the world trade.

In fact ironically enough do you remember I told you that Obama could never go to the ME because he embarrassed us….the only place they ever sent him was to go play golf….or go to Hawaii, or go to the Asian Theater…..and he went there last year and he told Vietnam on behalf of the US….hey we are giving you a thumbs up….we are here to help you…..the IMF is here to help you….we are here to help you with trade…economic growth…whatever we are here….and sure enough the US started doing a lot of trade with Vietnam…..this is impressive because for Vietnam to put on its big boy pants…and turn towards China who can squash them….they said….nope….nope….but when you think about it China has always kept the currency value low on purpose…..in fact the Vietnamese Dong was devalued twice in the last year…..because of China….but their inflationary core….if you study that…..if you look at their GDP….if you look at their trade….this country is setting themselves up….if you look at the relationship they have with the IMF….and that the US has opened up so much trade for them worldwide for this country…..holy cow.

Vietnam if they keep this up….IMO they are not going to be a communist nation very soon…..oh snap….if Vietnam continues they are going to have to raise the value of their currency which would automatically affect the Chinese Yuan wouldn’t it….yeah….in the direction that we want.

So if we couldn’t win or get through China….can we get through China with Vietnam….IMO it sure looks that way…..you need to study the currencies that you are involved with….if you have Vietnamese Dong I would get Vietnamese newspapers…..you see all of the newspapers that I bring in….yes I get the Chinese newspaper as well too….no I can’t read it….but I have friends that do.

The Dong is interesting and I think this year you are going to see a mirror image of what Iraq has gone through…..for the last year or so or two years….in trying to become international….I’m not saying that the Vietnamese Dong is not international…..it is….it is recognized…but…it’s growth from its own program rate will escalate this year in the same way that the Iraqi dinar exploded last year on an international level….I think the Dong is going to explode on an international level this year….and poise itself…..for next year.

I am personally studying another currency for myself….but when the Iraqi Dinar goes up I’m sorry Family that is it….I will not talk to you about any other currencies anymore….and I have already told you what this other currency is that I believe in my heart is next….and you know something….I don’t believe in a basket…..I don’t believe in a global currency reset….but I do believe that many countries are following the same motto with the IMF that they did with Iraq….and if you can find those patterns….well then good for you because I think you will have a headstart.

As far as the currency that I am to look at next and study a little bit more I’ve already told you and if it is not in your notes…..well that is ok….because I really don’t want to talk about it…..I believe deep in my heart that we are so close….that I am close to shutting down on teaching about currencies….and all we are going to do is….KTFA at that point will tell you look…..this is what we are doing here….this is what we are doing there….we are sending a mission group there….if you would like to help out….we have about 20 doctors we are sending over there….we also have some dentists that are going to be working with people in South America…..we are working with Gideons…with Gideon Bibles….we will and you know why….because we want the Word of God to be understood in every language…..Frank showed a Certificate of Appreciation that he received from the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital….

I love St. Jude’s….I love their concept…..I love what they do…..we are going to work with Vet’s and you are going to read about that…..we are going to be doing things for God’s kingdom….we are going to be building churches….you don’t know this yet but we will be telecast across the world….not just here but in a television medium style….we will have the Team of 7 who will report to the Committee of 12….we will work with the handicapped….with the Veterans….we will develop what I call the Cookie Jar so we can help all those who did not have enough dinars.

We will no longer be involved with this currency or that currency, which one should I buy or how much should I buy….hey Frank can you sell me some Iraqi Dinars….nope sorry.

By the way Family while all of this has been going on Barzani….from the Kurdistan….he said….hey Sadr….alright….we love what you are saying about Maliki….we don’t like him either….we don’t want him anywhere near us….tell you what….I representing the Kurdistan, I Barzani….I support you man….if you want to cut off Maliki’s head, I mean his hands….go right ahead…..do you remember what DELTA told you on Monday’s CC….someone is going to kill Maliki…..hmmmm.

Now we are in this time frame that is ending today….we were looking in the 12th, 13th, 14th, and now the 15th…..do you see any UN Operational Rates for Iraq…..no….why not…..because Iraq has not posted any rate….any program rate….new rate….any rate at all on the CBI website…..so the UN does not have any Operational Rate to put up…..doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

So was this time frame we just walked out of….was it a failure….NO….the 72 hours are up….”It’s Time Iraq”……So What Are You Worried About Family”

Our next time frame study is when…..17th, 18th, 19th……and we gave you the reasons why because we felt that was the last meetings in January with the IMF….so 30 days later here we are….you do know that Abadi and Barzani, from the Kurdistan, will be going to Germany on the 17th, 18th, and 19th, right….but Frank if that is the next time frame you said we needed Abadi in the country….and we need Parliament in session….and he’s going to be gone on the 17th, 18th, and 19th…..the 17th is a Friday, then you have Saturday and Sunday…..do you think in all honesty that Abadi and Barzani are going to stay in Germany for three days (note….Frank just smiled like he ate a canary)…..to my TEAMS and I that time frame is still wide open.
So is the 16th a good time for a new rate….yeah….but the 16th is tomorrow….and so are the 17th, 18th, and 19th good times….let’s see what happens over the weekend….don’t throw your hands up in the air….don’t be saying….oh geez I just don’t care.

The next thing that I want to talk to you about has been going on for a number of years….at least a year and a half….this thing it is from the US Treasury….and even though it has been going on for at least a year and a half…..I love the fact that the UST brought this topic back…at this time….with all those articles on our “Final Thread” too….so at this time they come back out and they say….oh hey listen…..”The program of cooperation with the United States Treasury aims to prepare the local trainees globally, efficiently in the usage of all of the advanced banking systems”……why…..when we are at a program rate of 1186….why are you UST training and educating all of these people that work in Iraqi banks….why are you preparing them for global efficiency….when you guys are at a program rate that can’t be global….really….and you say you are trying to get them to use all of the advanced banking systems….for international communications….I mean you got e-dinars in there…..you got rid of the MCP’s….the auctions are frozen…..you don’t have a program rate….US Treasury are you busting at the seams.

And then the US Treasury looks right back at us and they say, “Well the future goal is the creation of a banking sector that is able to apply all of the banking regulations and programs adopted internationally and in advanced banking systems to keep pace with the latest updates in the global banking sector…..what for….this is a war torn country…..don’t you read the papers.

No this is not nor was it ever needed for a program rate UST….what you are doing is because it is for a new international rate isn’t it…..I know this whole CC is  in my opinion….but I’m sorry that is a fact Jack.

I am extremely pleased to see President Donald Trump with the Israeli Prime Minister….you know why….because it is only going to help with the Security and Stability in all of the Middle East….because Donald Trump is being respected in the ME…..the Presidency of the US is once again sitting with great power…..the voice of America in the ME….they are now fearful once again….they know we are not taking any garbage from anyone….and when you see the President of the United States….it was on NBC….it was on our forum….when you see the President finally….oh geez the last 8 years was nothing but sewer…..when you finally see the President of the United States FINALLY say…..yeah Israel we are here…..we got your back….do you see that Middle East….and everyone else is going to say oh shoot….but it is going to bring Security and Stability because unfortunately without this type of support you got a bunch of wild renegades trying to instigate and cause trouble and problems….especially Iran.

Iran I dare you to fire off another missile…..in fact you were going to and you took the missile off the launching pad….something went wrong….whatever….Iran I dare you to get close to our F-35’s….come on try it again….I dare you to bring any of your little stinking boats up to our big boats…and just try to intimidate us….I dare you….Make My Day Iran.

So to see the relationship between Israel and the United States is nothing more than gorilla glue for the National Reconciliation Law that will bring Security and Stability into a country that is almost done with Mosul that will bring forth the Monetary Reform.

So What Are You Worried About Family…..with all sincerity.

They said that the DAASH Military Police Chief was killed with an airstrike in Mosul….that is the guy that should be right next to al-Baghdadi….protecting him.

Ok so now we are done with Mosul…..so what are we waiting for….precious Family that I love so much…..we are waiting for the one nation state of Iraq to raise their currency because “Time is Up”.

Remember when you were in high school or college and you would have to take the final exam…..and they gave you that long skinny IBM card to fill in the bubbles with your lead pencil….what would happen when the bell would ring….what would the teacher do…..ok everybody pencils down….let me just fill in…..no pencils down time is up….gee whiz I just wanted to….time is up….that is what I envision right now…..with Iraq.

Iraq is like a person jumping out of an airplane with a parachute….Iraq you have no choice but to pull the ripcord ok….open up the parachute….time is up….pull the cord.

“Iraq is looking for partners to finance the 4,500 projects in excess of 5 trillion dinars in our country”…..holy cow….you guys are just busting at the seams aren’t you.
Yes Aggiedad I saw your post….”this screams of a Monetary Reform….of a change in their currency rate….because such a plea…such a cry out to the international world….could have and has never been done with a program rate….it is simply illogical.”

“Hakim says….the Iraqi project of the desire is to put in a democratic system in the liberated cities that will come after the liberation of Mosul”….there you go again….and this article that I just read to you is from our CC on Monday when I told you that the provinces are now being given power by Abadi from Baghdad….Baghdad is still the capital….but it is like the US with its 50 states…..they have their own representation….they have their own government…and they want to put the democratic system back into these liberated cities once Mosul is liberated…..this is amazing advancement….that is perfect for a Monetary Reform….not for a program rate…..that would be an insult to anyone’s intelligence that wants to invest in this country.

And what I really love is that Abadi then comes out like two or three hours later and you can read this in post 487 from WalkingStick….Abadi comes out and says….I am saying we are in the phase to defeat DAASH….wow…you see me blinking my eyes….you did say it would be done quickly right Abadi….yeah…..Abadi if it is printed it is already done isn’t it….(big smile).

I was watching the Super Bowl last Sunday…and I was watching the playoffs that led up to the Super Bowl….my team was in the playoffs bu they didn’t make it….oh well….but my wife gets a big kick out of when the field goal kicker…when they snap the ball from the center…..and the place setter grabs the ball and holds it…here comes the field goal kicker and he kicks it up into the air….oh man instead of going through the uprights it goes to the right or to the left….Jan says you’ve got one job….just one job….couldn’t make the field goal….good God just one job….Iraq you have one job…..lift the value of your currency….please.

I say to you precious dear KTFA Family based on what you have been seeing….”What Are You Worried About”…..one of our newest members Gigisarah, made a post….it was only her second post and it caught my attention….because I say to you….”What Are You Worried About Family”….Gigisarah posted and said…..what do I have to worry about….Jesus Christ has already paid the price….Amen…Amen…Amen.

Dismissed with a prayer.

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