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FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

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Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

If you are a member of our forum, you saw me post earlier today … I said that I only want to open one file tonight … and due to the sensitivity, we decided not to bring Delta on the call tonight.

One of these 2 files I am going to share with you tonight.

It’s not that I’m trying to take my toys away and go home …

Please take what I have for you tonight to God in prayer.
Our TeamChat on Friday … we are not going to cover anything that was discussed in TeamChat.

Two Friday’s ago we mentioned the words “yellow cake” … and the thread before today … it talked about “YELLOW CAKE.”

You also saw this in TeamChat … please understand … I may say something that doesn’t make sense at the time … but given time … it does.

I’ve compiled a lot of articles … it’s about 1.5 pages … from a few threads ago … these are the articles that support what we talked about last week.

I mentioned that the “ball is in Trump’s courts”.

Someone just posted in Chat … Yellow Cake = Uranium.

Uh … no … not in this context.  Yellow cake … means GOLD.
How is it that RESERVES have nearly DOUBLED?

Private sector … private contracts … and GOLD!!!

In this file that I’m not going to get into tonight … it mentions 30 days … remember, Delta brought us the component that says that Iraq can only keep the rate of their currency off of the CBI’s website for 30 days.

BUT … when did the 30 days start?

On the 1st?

One the 4th when the indicative rate disappeared?

Maybe on the 11th going into the 12th ……. Why?  Because they had a meeting that you didn’t know about – BUT YOU DO NOW!

Or … maybe on the 17th, 18th and 19th ……. Why?  Because, once again, they had meetings that you didn’t know about until now.  And you’ve seen the articles.

You really shouldn’t worry about those 30 days … or try to measure them …….. Why?
This is a special case.

If you haven’t figured it out yet … Iraq is being treated like the prettiest girl at the dance.
Who is helping Iraq out with the monetary reform?  The USA, UN, IMF, World Bank … but the USA is deeply involved in the MR of the IQD.  The things that are going on … are NOT to fail!!!

No point in swimming ½ way across the English channel … and then stop to come back.  That’s kinda dumb isn’t it?  Same distance, isn’t it.

We don’t know the date.

The 30 days may be ignored … and now that we’re into February … (there is a lot of stuff in this file).

So we’re making special arrangements with Iraq?  Breaking rules and breaking laws?
This whole CC is in my opinion.

None of this CC should be taken to the proverbial bank … it should be taken to God in prayers.

The spreadsheet of the CBI website … IMO … has been given special variances.

I want to talk to you about something … but before I do … would you help me?  I’d like to recruit many of you tonight … I’d like to ask you a question.

If you could talk to the powers that be … to the person who “pushes the button” to launch the monetary reform … if you could ask them ONE QUESTION … what would it be?  What would you ask them right now?

Post your question in Chat.

Tink has the answer that I want to teach you tonight.

There are many moving parts of monetary reform.

Around summer time I said “give me Fallujah and you’ll get the ECONOMIC REFORMS.”

The economic reforms are in full-bloom.  You’ve seen the pictures … the hotels, museums, the businesses that are opening up … shelves filled with merchandise … that’s pretty good huh?

So … when did you have Fallujah?

Around August … I think.  Look what’s happened since then in Nov and Dec.

The ECONOMIC REFORM … exploded exactly when we told you it would.

So DoodleBug … you got the answer we were looking for.  J

DoodleBug is quite a student … she researches the articles to understand.


Before we walk into this file … (now watch the Internet follow what we say … and I’m not trying to be a champion of intel) … because the rest of the net is not talking about this … and that concerns me.  I would love for them to take what we say, which they normally do … and REPEAT it … and go ahead … tear it apart … understand the value of what we are trying to teach tonight.

We have the ECONOMIC REFORM … doubling … and they are exploding.

Now … give me MOSUL … (stability/security) … and what will you have?  … The Monetary Reform.

So in the last 10 days … how many articles have you seen that elude to the fact that once we have Mosul … they’ll be able to do a lot of things
Allak basically said that once they had eliminated Daesh … you’d have the MR … “back to the glory days.”
IMO … things are going well in Mosul.

IMO – very well.

But … no one needs to talk about Mosul in depth.

Yesterday … I was interested in what President Trump did about an hour before the Super Bowl.

He was interviewed, and he was asked how things were in Iraq … specifically about Mosul.  Trump pointed his finger … and he said that Obama always told the media what we (military) was going to do BEFORE they did it.  I salute Trump for that!  HOORAH!!!

For the last 8 years … it’s like we were trying to help the enemy.  Don’t give me that look that I’m being critical of Obama … its HISTORY!!!!

Mosul is a moving target … because it was freakin’ designed that way.

Look … I love you … and IMO after the 12th of February … you will learn a lot more about the MR … about Mosul … about Baghdadi.

This is my study … my opinion … and now your study … if you’re a student.  Do you understand that?

The fact that you should be very much aware of … and grateful for is that this is a moving target … and the fact that the MR is moving.

They say so much about the budget … yet we don’t see any numbers.  That says a lot to us as Teams.

It’s a moving target … we continue to move in the direction of each one of these targets that leads to the Monetary Reform.

The economic reform exploded … and the private sector in the last few weeks has exploded … money … huge amounts … by businesses and banks … moving into Iraq.  Many researched … found evidence … and were amazed.

IMO – this explosion is a direct part of the MR.

In order for the MR to take place … the private sector did what it needed to do … while you were asleep.

It’s all done … economic reforms … all done.

The MR … all of the procedures … all procedures … all backing … all done.

So when are we going to get it?

Right now … the economic reform coordinates itself right now.

In the last few days … articles have been coming out about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION.
I’d like for you to study what that means.

How does it work with the alliance?

What is it doing in Iraq right now?

I will give you a lot up help … to push you … up to the 12th.

Inside of Iraq … I’m telling you … if they are talking to you NOW about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION … that is because it is VERY IMPORTANT.  Drop the mic!!!
I consider it to be …

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Iraq !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMO … KTFA family … that I love so much … the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION LAW is the end of everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now do you see why I believe that is the right question to ask about the person who pushes the button?

IMO – the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION is everything that we are involved with … Economic Reform, Budget, QiCards, HCL, Security/Stability that comes from Mosul..

This is the candle that you put on a birthday cake … already lit … asking you to blow it out.
Do you mind if I call it the … “NRL”?  So I don’t have to keep saying that over and over?
The NRL encompasses everything.

When we see the NRL … we are going to be so close to the MR being announced.

Are you having fun?!!!

One of the 3 Musketeers posted that are going to post something tonight … can you guys wait until tomorrow … so that our Teams can study the NRL.

Everyone … SKULL CRUSHERS, NEWSHOUNDS … find EVERYTHING YOU CAN about the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION (NRL) that you can … post it … teach each other … teach the family
This is the conclusion of our studies.

The NRL … is equivalent to our natural rights.

Inside of the Middle East … this is a REQUIREMENT!  A HUGE REQUIREMENT inside of Iraq.

During 1964-1966 I lived in Chicago during the time of the Civil Rights movement.  The Black Panthers scared me … at 10 years old … I didn’t understand.  Humanity had been abusing each other for a long time for a lot of things.  All men are created equal … so says our Constitution.

Once the 70’s moved in … and we united behind the goal of landing on the moon … we sure made a quantum leap.  That is what the NRL will bring to Iraq.

I believe the NRL in Iraq is moving forward at the speed of light.

I believe that it is tied together with Mosul.

This NRL is becoming a HOT topic in Iraq.

Like I said … President Trump scared the daylights out of Iraq in saying that he would take their OIL, their GOVERNMENT … and low and behold … they started moving at the speed of light.

The SHOT that we taught you about … those 3 threats (in your CC notes) … the SHOT that was heard across the POND … for the NRL … well … that’s the end.

As a businessman … Donald Trump understands MULTI-TASKING … Iraq does not.

I believe that Trump wants several things to GO OFF simultaneously.

I believe that the request by Trump to Abadi … to get the NRL done … (time to 
fish, or cut bait) … and if you cut-bait … well it sucks to be you … cause we’re just going to take over everything.

The USA isn’t the only one country that is doing a travel ban.  OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are about 5 countries now.

Thank you Jordan, Kuwait, the UK … you know … all of those countries that are joining us in this travel ban.  Sense of “brotherhood” --- or national alliance.

Because of the security and stability that DOUBLED … IMO … this allowed many 
of the assets in Iraq … in roughly the last 10 days … to also DOUBLE.

The NRL … you know what it’s going to do?   Stability / security / end corruption / etc. and brings forth the MR.

For the CITIZENS and the MINISTERS … it will introduce a “perfect frame of mind” … vs … the “PERFECT MISTAKES” --  that they’ve tried to use to confuse you family.

There is very little confusion from this point forward.
Frank26:  The MR and MOSUL … come together … you watch that … it’s very close.
That’s why the NRL that represents the same thing is being BRAGGED about over the last few days.

This is the LAW that never existed before … it will bring CIVIL RIGHTS to Iraq.

They are hinting to you about this in articles … almost DAILY.

THE NRL … is the RIGHT OF THE IRAQI CITIZENS … not the Sunni’s, not the Shiites, not the Shia’s, not the Kurds, not the Christians, etc. --- it brings them together AS ONE!!!

I want Mosul … but I don’t want to talk about it.

An Iranian militiaman … Donald Trump called him out last week.

I told you some things about Baghdadi.
What’s up with Iran firing off missiles?

Donald Trump called out the Iranian fighter.  We know what you are doing man.

That also put fear into Iran – they know they can’t mess with Donald Trump.
Donald Trumps speed is way too fast for the Middle East.  Obama gave away billion and billions of your tax dollars away to Iran.  (Crazy).

Trump is demanding for the NRL. (National Reconciliation Law)

When Trump turned to Hakiem … in less than 24 hours … Hakiem changed his tone of his voice and his opinion … because Trump told them he would take back their oil and their government.

If you’ve been watching … the IMF says that they have been meeting with them.  They have some money for them … and the World Bank and the UN said they have some money for Iraq … after Daesh is over.

Banking stocks started to soar in Iraq – must have been a lot of money entering that country.

Baghdadi’s commanders are turning on him.
Not much of an army left.

Many moving parts of the MR … and these are MOVING TARGETS.

Trump sure talks a lot about doing this … or that … which all takes money … because he knows.

The World Bank is offering its financial support to Iraq.  Why?  They also want Iraq to do their NRL.
Do you understand that is a mirror image … like what Alak said about the IQD?

World Bank … the NRL … important for them to start it NOW!

All they got to do is the NRL … gives them equality …

Are they going to start paying salaries?   Yes.  Salaries are coming out too.

There is another article … PARLIAMENT … the OIL and going on with Egypt will strengthen the regional balance.  What currency did I say would be next?  IMO?  Somebody agreed to something.

Something happened over the weekend … you’ll see the articles.

Look for the FREEDOM article ... about the NRL that will be coming out soon.

Look for Ministers of Defense with Abadi.

The NATIONAL CARD … on an INTERNATIONAL LEVEL … I pray to God that you understand that!

It is like an ID Card … just like you Driver’s License (which give you a lot of rights).

Look for the World Bank to talk a lot more.

Look for more about the Travel Bans.

The Anti-Money Laundering / Terrorism … look for those.

People all over the place are being wacked all over the place.  Lots of ministers being arrested.

The criminals with the GOI/ CBI is coming out.

The NRL also brings out the TRUTH about these bad people.

Iraq is going after criminals … in and outside of Iraq.

A lot of people are paying for it right now.

The NRL is very important … this is the longevity of the security / stability that brings forth the MR.  Do you understand that statement?  Good!  Tattoo that somewhere.

The NRL = INFRASTRUCTURE inside of Iraq.

Blow out those birthday candles … the old infrastructure is history.

They will VOTE on it tomorrow.

They will swear in a bunch of ministers … getting rid of the corrupt ones … that will be heading to jail.

That’s why the NRL is now so popular.

I believe that by the 12th … we (and you) will know a lot more about this.

You will learn more about the new ministers, the NRL.

By the way … all of the new ministers … are ALL pro Abadi!

What’s been stopping the MR?  Oh yeah.

As far as Maliki … he is a waste of time to even talk about.  He’s not even a figment of his own imagination anymore.  He was neutered a long time about – not able to reproduce his evil anymore.

No one … not even Iran is buying what Maliki is saying/selling.

The BS … about Trump not wanting to take Abadi’s phone calls … that was BS from Maliki’s bozo’s who released that info.
You should be extremely happy family!

The NRL is CLARITY … and around the 12th … things will be even MORE clear!

So much evidence of the NRL.

Is the NRL done?  IMO … yes!

When are we going to have it?

IMO … After Abadi swears in the new ministers … about the same time they give you Mosul.

Praise God!

That is why the World Bank has moved forward with what they are saying about Iraq.
After the 12th … eyes will be open to the logic of our study.

Our study is in the 1st quarter of 2017 … the MOOKLA – keep that in mind.

The NRL … IMO … is going to give you MOSUL … and you know very well what our studies say after that.

The MOOKLA of 2017!

If it doesn’t turn out that way … well then … you’re welcome NOT to study with me anymore.

Donald Trump has gone ballistic about procedures about Iraq.

Yes, our troops are there with the Golden Division … we are neck-deep in Iraq.

IMO … President Trump is HEAVILY involved in Iraq … because Trump is NOT Obama!
The Middle East knew and knows this!

Kirkuk and Fallujah … went VERY FAST!

MOSUL … let’s just say that it was … “timed.”

As far as the internet being shut down that was for the students … LOL … whatever.
IMO … you leave communication open for the enemy so you can listen to the enemy … then once you have done that … then you start to shut down the internet … taking away their ability to communicate – but only to a CRITICAL POINT <<< that is a keyword right there.  We are at a CRITICAL POINT.

When the leaders are breaking rank with Baghdadi … that says a lot.

Where is Baghdadi?  [Defected leaders won’t say.]

IMO --- there is now a complete break down within Daesh … and that equals stability / security.

They should have gotten out when they had a chance … like when their leader ran.  Oh snap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody is being taken alive.

What’s you worried about, huh?

The NRL is ALREADY AGREED UPON … (I hope you listen to this) … it’s just a simple vote … that will bring to forth to the world.

The NRL was WELL COOKED over the weekend!

The NRL is why I ask you … “what are you worried about?”

Let them announce that Baghdadi is done … and that we have Mosul and the MR.  Does it have to happen in that order?  Not necessarily.

Watch for an article from the World Bank TOMORROW.

Please find me everything you can on the NRL.

Once they (World Bank) has stability / security / Mosul … they want to do business with Iraq.

Remember … like I’ve told you before … when you read something … it’s ALREADY HAPPENED.  Keep that in mind … especially in the last few days.

Here’s a hint … Did you see an article from PARLIAMENT TODAY … about an “emergency meeting today” … … ok … go ahead … pretend that you are going to vote on the NRL.  Read it twice … vote on it … swear in your ministers … get Baghdadi … then hold emergency meetings … and then put that in the Gazette … ok?

Around the 12th … we will learn more.

Especially IF applicable … something might be put on the 12th … and then 3 days later … it comes out on the 15th.  What does?  The UNOP’s (United Nations Operational Rates) … (hummmmmm – see why we hit that target now?)

All of this conference call is in MY OPINION.

The FINAL ARTICLES are fascinating right now.

They said they would lift the 3 zeros … so is this why they haven’t put up the rate yet … going on like 40 days now.

Trump is saying a lot about the MR … without saying it.  But he IS saying the right things!
Trump says … “Who knows … maybe we’ll get another chance” … you mean like their oil? 
May I change that a little … “Who knows … maybe we’ll get another chance at an RV!” -- because Maliki and Obama are now gone!

ARTICLE … keywords (meaning the proxy Governor of CBI) – achieving the task of the MR …  wow!  That’s not even a leak!
The World Gold Council … they say that Iraq is within their goal.  Oh, you mean their “yellow-cake”. LOL

On Wednesday’s CC … the 72 to 78 … the float may have been altered … due to DOUBLING that occurred … watch the price of OIL to jump dramatically … maybe the float won’t even be needed anymore.

But in order for the 72 to 78 to qualify that period of oil … I told you … let’s see … 120.
We need a crisis …
Kurds – are you guys happy?  (Yeah!)

One complaint … Sistani needs to mind his own damn business.
This entire CC has been in my opinion.

We do have an request … there are so many of you now … which is good … but Tink and I need help … from our prayer warriors … to become more involved to help those who are asking for prayers.  We thank you … and we’re counting on forward with our 1%.

We’ll see what we do on Wednesday CC … we have a lot to talk about … but we may not be able to … as we narrow through our study channel.  This is our responsibility.

USA Today’s Money section says … The DOW 20,000 … NOW WHAT?

Good question … the DOW hit 20k again … twice already this year.  Let us hope we’ll see it continue to hit 20k and stay there.

CC ended in prayer.


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