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FrostyTheSnowman:  Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …

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Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, February the 27th, 2017.

NOTE:  THIS ENTIRE CONFERENCE CALL (and comments made on KTFAlways.com) ARE IN MY OPINION!!!
FRANK:  Tonight, I’m going to try and set a record … with a shortened cc.  Please … take what we have to God in prayer!

I’d like to give a shout-out to DoodleBug.  She did an interesting thing for those on TeamChat.  She asked if I’d be willing to help out some folks on TeamChat and ask some questions.  The Holy Spirit told me to “help.”  This was on Saturday.

I spent 2 hours answering some questions.  I believe it helped a lot of people.  We covered like 20 questions.  I’m considering doing this once a week.  Maybe Saturday night or Sunday night … not for 2 hours … but I’ll keep you posted.

If you’re not a member of our forum … go to http://www.KTFAlways.com … click on FORUM … then SIGN-IN … create a USER-NAME … and once you’re approved … you can join in with our Christian based forum.

Last Wednesday … we told you that we thought we were about 2 weeks away from getting Mosul.  Then we thought it would be another week … and coming THIS FRIDAY … I believe that could be a good time-frame for the liberation of Mosul.

Once we have Mosul … does that mean we have the RV?  No … this is a lava-flow process.  Don’t put yourself or me under that type of stress.  Stop stressing me (and you) in looking for a date.  If I blink 4 times … that doesn’t mean we’ll have a RV in 4 days.

Again … this whole CC is in my opinion!

Don’t worry about the maps of Mosul … (military advancements put out for the press) … those maps are sooooo old. 

Our time-frame study takes us into this Friday … and the weekend.

Delta said (last week) … the article … “MAKING A FINAL DECISION” … about what?  Their reforms.

This article told you … “we HAVE made a decision” … notice … “we” (meaning the GOI) … they made a FINAL DECISION on the ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL REFORMS.

Abadi talked to the whole INTERNATIONAL world.

I believe that Mosul is VERY, VERY close to being announced.

72 hours?  What about that article?  Uh … no … and I’m not back-tracking either.  The article told you in about 72 hours.  One of our Team members said the article was translated incorrectly.  The 72 just said that the 72 hours was the 1st phase.

But Frank … what about the 48 hours?  Was that part of the 72?  No … we were looking at something completely different.

We always have something powerful that the internet is not thinking/studying.

Here’s a clue for tonight’s info … I’m looking up … (my eyes upward).

An article came out … and I’ve asked WS to post ALL 10 articles … that were just stepped over … on Friday’s TeamChat … we talked about “proper Mosul.”
What does “proper” mean?  That article was HUGE!  It means the “inner-city” – most missed that.  That means they are (were) in the center of Mosul.  The center of Mosul is the government center.

Abadi has said to the INTERNATIONAL world … “come on in!”

This meeting that Delta brought up … he labeled it “BINGO” – Allak came out and said … “we’ve MADE a decision.”  The next thing you see … Abadi says “we’re open for business.”  And Mosul wasn’t fully liberated YET … but was “PROPER”

So much has happened in the first 3 days … their primary target … IMO … was the airport.  Why?  Because it’s a military base.  The airport was secure in the first day.  Once you have an airport secured … what do you do with it?  Planes can fly-in and out.

Mosul is important for something … we don’t know exactly for what … but Mosul is important for the airport.

What does Mosul give you?  SECURITY and STABILITY

How do you get SECURITY and STABILITY?  By removing Daesh.

The GOI and CBI is being cleansed … you now see Iraq’s leaders talking about Maliki.

Someone took all of the details against Maliki … that Dr. Shabibi talked about and published them.

These meeting … “FINAL DECISION” … the CBI, MOP, GOI, COM was there.  That’s why Delta called it BINGO!

They were NOT working on “what rate” or “what date” … IMO … Mosul is about to be announced to the world.

Study that BINGO article.

Yes … Iraq needs international investors … and I believe that is the big campaign now by Abadi.

All of this negotiation … allows them to be so BOLD!  Come in and invest in our country!
This airport … once it was captured … IMO … it opened the door … did you know that we are building 7 bases in Iraq?  Name me a country where we have 7 bases?  WE AIN’T GOING ANYWHERE … and the INTERNATIONAL WORLD KNOWS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You haven’t figured this out yet????????????????  Nobody will mess with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told you … the Green Zone Embassy … and we are building another one … costs 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS.  For what?  For good fiber-optics … you can’t tap into that!

Iraq has done a wonderful job in recapturing many important buildings.

What will they tell you by FRIDAY?

We told you that the FINAL ASSAULT … add that into your equation … it started when?  Sunday?  No.  The final assault is actually the 2nd phase … IMO … they are FAR-MORE ADVANCED THAN YOU THINK FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In that same time-frame since last Wednesday … they said they discovered a new oil field … 300 Billion in oil … but … that is OLD NEWS!  The internet took and ran with that.  That news is about a year old.  Can you imagine what they have discovered (in about a year) … that they haven’t told you about?  IMO … that’s like 1/5th of what they’ve got.  IMO … that news shouldn’t have been released. 

The internet thought this news would produce a delay, because they would have to “recalculate.”  No.  The price of oil was set a long time ago … for Basel III.

The airport … it’s a military base … now.   Strategically important … to cut off the terrorists.  Important to save time to get to Syria.   The reason why … to show the international world … we are here permanently … like 125,000 troops.

The battle plan has changed to a degree … and IMO … our troops don’t really know how many ISIS characters are left.  Going door-to-door.  The canvass “hiding” method … used in East Mosul … doesn’t work.  ISIS would rather commit suicide.

Another important thing … Dr. Shabibi came out and condemned Maliki … and you will start to see EVEN MORE!!!  That will help with the monetary reform … help with the lava-flow.  Watch for more on Dr. Shabibi and Maliki.  In the end, Dr. Shabibi will make a speech to you.  Security is coming in many ways.

We (USA) are planting a presence sooo deep!

We told you … some articles would come out … about the new Iraqi dinar being used in-country … and they are coming.

Listen … another thing happened over the weekend.

No one has really talked about this before … but when you get Mosul … you’re going to get a little BONUS!
What was the “BONUS?”


Yes … you will get Raqqa!

Please understand Raqqa and Mosul are one … they are NOT separated operations.
That airport was VERY important.

Why is Raqqa important?

Will this delay the monetary reform?   IMO … NO!!!

I am very adamant about that family!

Our advancement in Mosul is all the way up to the bridges … you’ve seen the videos.

This bridge … IMO … once we cross it and that will be the liberation of Mosul.

I believe that they (ISIS) is trapped … coming to an end.

What Dr. Shabibi did  (2nd article details) … they are spilling more beans about Maliki … for a reason.

It’s not a coincidence.

Even Iran is running away from Maliki.

A lot of these reports … include Iran … saying that Maliki was in cahoots with Iran.

Maliki is saying that … “he was the best Prime Minister in the history of Iraq.”
Frank26:  Uh NO!

In the future … Iran is going to look pretty guilty.

Iran is doing business … on an “equal terms basis.”

Maliki stole a lot … sent it to Iran … and that is why Iran is backing away from Maliki.

Speaking of the word INTERNATINALISM … sit next to me on my BLUECOUCH.

Help me name 10 things that prove Iraq is stepping on INTERNATIONAL ground.
#1 – IBAN … every bank has IBAN numbers – allows they to transfer money in/out

#2 – SWIFT CODES … these numbers … part of the international world

#3 – MASTERCARD … (and Visa) … they are all over the place in Iraq

#4 – CHAPTER VII … IMO … is 90% gone.  The other 10% is the RV of their currency.

#5 – NO PROGRAM RATE on CBI SPREADSHEET … for about 2 months now


#7 – IRAQI STOCK EXCHANGE … keeps proclaiming they are going international

#8 – WTO ASKED THEM TO JOIN … spells international

#9 – WAKRA … is finally catching up … (website finally updating)

#10 – BONDS … international bonds … two of them

I just gave you 10 reasons WHY Iraq is international … not counting eDinars.

Here is #11 … which will start the internet to start talking about it.

#11 – INTERNATIONAL AIR STRIKE on SYRIA … Iraq did an air raid across their borders … and we allowed it!

Baghdadi is running … where?  There is only one place … Syria.

Iraq wanted to bomb Baghdadi in Syria.

THIS IS PERSONAL for IRAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The US gave permission … take your weapons … planes … show the world that they could get Baghdadi.

Unfortunately … he was hit and they amputated his leg.
IMO … that article IS correct.

Dear God family … this is a nation that is still in Chapter VII … and the rest of Chapter VII … show the international world that Iraq can do this!

We (USA and Iraq) make a good team.  We are not the infidels that they thought we were.  This is monstrous.

To strike Baghdadi outside of their borders is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I promise you … SYRIA also wants to get rid of terrorism.  They don’t want Baghdadi to recruit in Syria.  NO!

There is only ONE reason why the Iraqi Air Force went into Syria and not the USA … because Iraq wants to get Baghdadi.

One commander said that Mosul is about 75% done.  No sir!  You are about 1 click away.
ISIS is melting away … destroying itself.

They are using anything they can to take position on the front-line … very desperate.

Look at the list of 10 … now 11 items of why Iraq is going to be international.

Mosul is PROPER … read yesterday’s thread … you’ll see 10 articles POST #278 by WS … and POST #279.

God fortifies us to defeat evil.

7 military bases … OH SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will stay in Iraq forever to maintain SECURITY / STABILITY … we are so deeply invested into this country … plus we like fighting our battles in someone else’s backyard.
Dr. Shabibi’s article … released for a reason.

The WAKRA website … it look exciting … but IMO … they are working on the SWIFT codes, etc.  They are utilizing the time to get ready.  WAKRA is just a small rinky-dink bank. 
The other banks … IMO … are ready … and WAKRA is blocked right now because they aren’t quick ready.

Abadi must finish Mosul … to give confidence to investors.

Remember when they knocked down the Twin Towers in New York?  Our economy dropped immensely.  We were weakened … investors weakened.

If Abadi doesn’t get this done … sanctions will be put back on them.

Terrorism destroyed Iraq’s economy.

IMO … soon their currency will grow-up to become international.

The military side is just not ready to tell you that they are done yet.

IMO … they are close because Abadi is telling the international world to come in … but all you see so far in Germany.

This war (Mosul) must end.

Now … let’s wrap this up with the BONDS.

Is the USA is letting Iraq sell INTERNATIONAL bonds?

I don’t want my forum to be wrong.

They are NOT selling international bonds!

Family … last year, Iraq asked the USA for money.  The USA said “NO!” …

The IMF was going to loan Iraq money … but the IMF said that one of the stipulation was to raise the value of their currency.

The USA says … we will give you TWO BONDS … which will become international.  The bonds will BRIDGE from this month … into next month … to help displaced people … and the USA will back the bonds … the US aid will get involved to help.

So last year … 4th quarter of 2016 … you already know all of this … the USA said they would back the bonds about 5 years … and C-Bonds (coupon bonds) like international bonds … classified as Euro-Bonds … which has nothing to do with Europe.

The first one … 1 Billion Dollars … given to Iraq in January 2017 … a sovereign international bond to keep the budget going.

The USA has invested everything into Iraq … and so they gave them another bond … 1 billion … to be issued in March 2017.  That’s 2 Billion in bonds.

For those who are saying … “oh no!  They’re giving them more money!”

Please don’t get distracted … please understand … do this with me … take a deep breath … now exhail … you just spent 2 Billion in bonds.

These 2 tiny bonds will NOT allow them to not revalue their currency.

This is merely to help them get by to liberate Mosul … IMO.

It is to help and assist them … there is NO DELAY.


It’s not like 100 Billion … it’s only 2 BILLION.

Liberate Mosul … then lift the value of your currency.

Is this news of value to you???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We (USA) are bridging them from in order to keep up with our deep investment in this country.

WE WANT OUR RETURN … and that included the monetary reform!
They will never tell you what the money was used for … nor do they have to.

At the bottom at the screen with this link … you will see the country’s currency … you will see the IQD and USD … look for DAILY INDICES.

Look at that … look at the relationship of the bonds with the USA.

Outstanding bond issue notes … look underneath that … line says “currency under sovernity” <<< what is that line doing there?

Visit >>> em.bdonds.com

More specifically >>> em.cbonds.com/countries/Iraq-bond

You can really learn a lot about these bonds and feel more comfortable … this is NOT a cop-out!

Watch Iran become more “honest.”

We have more … but that’s enough for tonight.

All glory to our Heavenly Father!

For those who thought we were wrong … no … we were waiting for the air strike to happen within 48.

Please pray with us!

CC ended with prayer/shofar



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