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FrostyTheSnowman:   Here’s tonight’s HIGHLIGHTS …
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Frank26:  Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, February the 13th, 2017.

All my Team members send you their greetings.

I had an Admin meeting Saturday evening.  I talked to them because I felt a need and a responsibility to tell them where we are.

Yesterday I released a video … and my Webmaster said we had over 3,000 people that tried to get on … basically crashed the server.

Tonight … I’m going to share a little more.
My Admins have been with me for a long time – they are like the Shepherds watching over our flock.

We (Teams) are all in sync … understanding as to what is going on.

I welcome all of you … in the name of Jesus Christ … as we are a Christian based forum.
Let me set the stage … this entire CC is in MY OPINION!

It may sound like I’m giving you a rate/date … but we study TIME FRAMES & WINDOWS!!!

Abadi and the CBI … they pay close attention to what the IMF wants of them.

In the video I did Sunday night … I said that I have 3 words for you … “TIME IS UP!”

In my opinion … I expressed why it the TIME WAS UP for Iraq and their monetary reform.

We have seen a lot of the OBEDIENCE that IRAQ had to follow under IMF guidelines.

The IMF is the governing agency … tries to EQUALIZE world currencies.

As you know, China is a currency manipulator.

You saw what happened in Iraq with the MCP (multiple currency practice)

You don’t see an indicative rate on the CBI’s website.

We continue to LOOK for the EVIDENCE

The EVIDENCE points … 28 FINAL ARTICLES … to the fact that they are … IMO … doing that!

We are impressed … a lot of good things are moving forward.


A while ago … they made fun of me because there were these BIG SCREENS that were put up in Iraq … and now … you see it.

You saw the names on the list … all of those in trouble for corruption.

The BIG SCREENS they are NOT in Baghdad … they are being put up in ALL of the providences … in fact Korea is putting them up … over 1,000 of them.  Iraq is “renting” them.

Those BIG SCREENS … they used to tell you that they were for Soccer scores.  Interesting … most of the people in Iraq are illiterate.

AIRLINE TICKETS … told not to take anything but IQD … BRAVO … more MCP evidence.

This means that Iraq … at that moment … had control of their currency.

Do they have it right now?

That’s what this CC is all about.

Once Iraq switches over … only accepting/using IQD … this is a MONSTEROUS STEP … all done within the 1st quarter of 2017.

MCP … this is a huge things with the IMF.

Do you see Abadi in DC?  Not yet … he wasn’t done yet.

Donald Trump to Adabi … “get it done!”

Travel ban?  Humm … raise the rate Abadi … and then let’s talk.

Message was sent to IRAN … over 45,000 more troops coming … don’t you dare mess with Iraq!
The airlines … the software was not ready to accept it … yet 24 hours after Trump took office he told Abadi to stay over there.  Wait until you are done!.

TIME IS UP!!!  We were expecting something.  I wanted VANILLA ICE CREAM … but I got CHOCOLATE!!!

Since the 4th of January … the indicative rate TOOK OFF!

Since then … Iraq was not really in charge of their rate anymore.

That’s why the CBI is WAITING … on the IMF .. waiting for the new numbers to come out.

The CBI during this phase … (which is over now) … could not control the indicative rate … and other numbers.  The remittances … “get rid of them!” … AND THEY DID!!!!  In 3 weeks … we saw this on the Arabic side of the CBI’s website.

The testing of the NEW NUMBERS … it went perfect!

These NEW NUMBERS … everyone is now waiting.

There is a period … that I call 72 … 72 hours … and IMO … the 72 HOURS … we STRONGLY agree that this period started WEDNESDAY into THURSDAY.  That was on the 8th.

On Saturday night … TIMES UP … and I was hoping to see a number on Sunday morning.
What happened?  Did something go wrong?  No!

Iraq is a sovereign country … and they can do it when they want … and boy oh boy are they getting ready too!

So … I got Chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla.

Do you think that Abadi doesn’t want the value to go up?

The articles (FINAL ARTICLES) are like GOLD!
 They are not messing around.

Two arms … WEST and EAST ARMS … both of these arms flex

They are done!!!



What is 72-78 DAYS?

Once you’ve seen the rate … please be VERY careful.

What if they came out at $1.00 … would you exchange ALL of it?

Do not assume that it will stay at that number.

Re-read Saleh articles … he is VERY conservative … all of his words are very impressive … via Abadi … because of the USA and the IMF.

When the value goes up … and when my broker calls me and says that the rate has gone up … WE ARE DONE!  Orders prior to that call will be honored … all else … NO MORE … NO MORE SELLING OF IQD!!!!

I will spend the remainder of my time doing God’s work!

Study the rate … the spread … the taxes … and the spread could be 20%+ … banks gotta make money.

The 72 hours ended … when you see the rate … consider 76 days.

Pay attention to BASRA, IRAQ … the financial hub of Iraq … watch what it does.

Last Wednesday … Abadi said (article) … transfer the POWER of Iraq to the providences.  Each providence will act like the 50 United States.  Why would they do that?  Because they are about to empower those Providences.

Trump is moving so fast … we can’t even keep up with him.

Chapter 7? … They probably won’t even announce it to you.

Trillion have poured into Iraq.

Trump says … “currency devaluation soon to end … equal level soon … “

IMO … he wasn’t just talking to Japan and China.

MCP’s … no auctions … it’s all good!

Mr. Trump … “how do you know this?”
Sounds like you’re talking about the monetary reforms.

IMO … he was involved long before.

Indeed … IMO … a lot of countries know not to mess with the USA … we have leadership now!

These other selfish countries played around for the last 8 years.

Within a week of taking office … Trump starts talking about Iraq and Iran.

Iran … did you hear we have 45,000 troops coming in?  NOW LEAVE IRAQ ALONE!!!
IRAN … you know darn well the games you played with Maliki.

TIME IS UP … security and stability as far as Mosul is concerned … well … you know.
I’m satisfied!  Time’s up!  Liberate the dinar from the program rate!

I’m not sad that I didn’t get my VANILLA ice cream … I still got ice cream … and I’ll get CHOCOLATE soon.

IMO – this window to post the new rate … isn’t it interesting that it would be timed with the new Secretary of Treasury by Donald Trump.

Mr. Secretary Mnuchin … you’re off to see the wizard … aren’t you?
 “In the still of their night” … but I don’t want to go into the calculations of it.

PLEASE … LOOK at the final articles … basically, they are like a MR announcement.
Those were “calculated” articles that were released … from Abadi … to those who needed to see them.

Trump gave Abadi nine things he needed to do.

IMO … the UST put a ban on the USD inside of Iraq.   That’s why it’s TIME’S UP!  The USD is not to be used anymore for interior transactions … they are to use eDinars.

IMO … all agencies have their hands off … everything is in the hands of Abadi and the CBI.
It’s now time for Iraq to bring out the new rate … and I believe the time is now.

We have never been to this phase before.  Congratulations Iraq.

Another 45,000 troops … not for Mosul … but to protect Iraq … POST MOSUL.  Figure that one out!

Now … we are done with the 72 hours.

First time … we’ve ever seen this progress is ONLY waiting for the indicative rate … which has been missing for over 40 days now.

Baghdadi?  We need the Pentagon to tell us.  Once I do …

Yes, Mr. Trump gave a beautiful speech about currencies … and value for value.

The IMF recently that the US will pump-up the world’s economy.

For the IMF to say that to the world … that is currency evolution.

There is no rate on the UN Operational Rates chart.  Yes, and that’s because there is no rate on Iraq’s spreadsheet.  Iraq is a sovereign country.

Baghdadi is not in Syria or Yemen … he’s in the west-side of Mosul.
The tunnels they’ve been using are collapsing.  There is NO escape for him.  He is trapped.

The Pentagon says that he is injured … and we agree.  I’d like to see more … for Iraq.

You always fight your enemy where they are not!  HOORAH!!!

They know where Baghdadi is at.   They got 13 of his side-kicks, 40 of his jihads (suicide bombers).  The communication within their ranks is lacking.

This is good for the monetary reform!

Sadr protestors … “hey … come on … stop it!”  You know what Abadi is going to do.

Maliki rigged everything, wants to run for Prime Minister again.  SORRY!!!  Not going to happen.

In Arab news … there are names of people that Maliki killed … all of the evidence is coming out.

Sadr & Maliki are sworn enemies … THANK GOD!

Sadr wants reforms … in politics … in economy … in everything.

The security forces of Iraq are acting very, very professionally!  BRAVO!!!

Maliki … anything you try to do … it’s pretty stupid.  He needs to sit down and shut-up … but that goes against his fiber.

Hey Daesh … the Golden Division told them … “surrender or die!”

They need to read the “Art of War” – not the art of stupidity.
Frank26:  Look now to the Arabic website of the CBI … there is not a requirement to post the rate on the English side.

Trust me … Iraq wants this!

There is nothing random here … everything well orchestrated.

The western assault … hasn’t even started yet … so technically … Mosul is not completely done … (done as “medium-well” … but not “well-done” like a steak.

The Iraq army is doing a very good job of editing.

2,000 Iraqi forces have been trained to protect Mosul once it’s liberated.
Saleh … the financial advisor to Abadi … 75% … one of the biggest requirements of the IMF.

RESTORATION is part of the RV.
Did you see the beautiful pictures of the streets in Baghdad where citizens could buy Valentine Day presents?  That is why TIME IS UP!

I believe that parliament should be in session … and Abadi in country for an RV.  Tomorrow, parliament is back in session.  Hello!

Don’t blame the UN … they only post the numbers that are given to them from the IMF … who in turn gives it to the CBI who puts it on their website.

POST-RV … Trump also said the 10th … new tax brackets coming out very soon … and will come with INCENTIVES.  How?  Maybe a one-time … a pardon of taxes of foreign currency for corporations.  Mr. President … would you consider a one-time pardon of taxes for US citizens too?  Our Teams want you to realize … that may be possible.

Most dinar holders want to pay off their debts … but would that be a mistake?

I am NOT a financial advisor or an attorney … but in MY OPINION … if you take some of your money … a little bit of it … and you take that money … and you pay off your debt … it could destroy you!  Your credit score will dry up.  OH SNAP!

You’re ability to use credit … it might disappear.  Making payments on time helps your credit score.  A revolving account creates your credit score.  Do you understand?  You need to be the lender … not just the borrower.  Your equity … you must control.  I AM NOT A TAX or FINANCE ADVISOR … go see a PROFESSIONAL … pay them a fee … council with them.  Have a new mindset.  Your credit is important.    This is why banks run the world.  Credit gives you the power of the banks money.  Think like a bank.  They use other people’s money to make money.  Pay your debt off in chunks.  You may disagree.  So be it.  Good luck!

I am expecting something.

IMO … we are very close.  I’m sorry if I got on my high-horse and lifted my RV flag … but I tried to do it with evidence.

72 hours are up … it’s your turn Abadi.

I don’t care about any more news except for the rate of the IQD.

That’s why I got my admins together and expressed how special this is.


I’m just waiting for them to release the rate … and then we get to work for God’s kingdom.
Fly baby Eagle!


Delta … are you there?

DELTA:  Yes, yes yes!!!

FRANK:  Tell them … some interesting concepts.

DELTA:  Greetings family.  We have been busy … lots of progress.  Great cc and video Frankie.

I came today to give you an update.

The CBI and the program rate … what is going on there?

January 2017 the CBI … all of the sudden the program rate was taken off.

I do watch the CBI … and 3 sources in Arabic … must understand the language.

January 2, 2017 … when auctions started … the spreadsheet  … the program rate 1184 … and then January 12, 2017 … we watched it … they had an auction … I noticed that the numbers disappeared.   Today, 13th and into the 14th … the program rate is gone … the spreadsheet … the indicative rate.  Why is that significant?

Articles from the CBI (long time ago) stated that they couldn’t have 2 rates in the same fiscal year.  When the CBI and the GOI decide to come up with a TRUE RATE … that must happen in the beginning of their FISCAL YEAR … MOOKLA 2017.

That should have been the 1st week in January 2017.  It didn’t happen at that time for whatever reason.  They agreed not to postpone.  The meeting on January 17 to 19th with the IMF … that meeting … everyone involved … everyone was there … and we believe that that date was a high possibility of them getting the green light to lift the value.

An article from the IMF … they say that every member nation … when they want to change their rate … the IMF has to know within 30 days of the implementation.  These are NOT rumors!  This is fact from the IMF website.

The 30 days give you 3 windows … the 4th the 12th and the 17-19th … so we believe that they … this week … for Iraq to show the rate.  

It’s never happened before for them to remove the indicative rate for that long.  If you owned a store … you wouldn’t remove your products for 6 months to re-price them.

Where does the indicative rate come from?  How many Guru’s know?

This indicative rate comes directly from the IMF … they give that to Iraq … we found that out about 3 years ago.  One of the memos that we found talked about the exchange rate.

So when they talk about January 4th … and they tested the numbers … changed from 1184.  The CBI controls the market price … auctions and cash.  The thing that can’t control anymore is the TRUE RATE!

Even the CBI … they got the permission … we believe within the last 72 hours.

This is NOT rumors!  This is a fact from the IMF. ​
So many people question the 30 days.

A lot of you are looking at the UN Operational Exchange Rates.  That has nothing to do with Iraq.

Iraq doesn’t have to wait until the next UNOP rate date changes.  Don’t get confused about this.

We believe that the budget was passed … and showed up in the Gazette on the 9th.  So … how did the President sign it on the 10th?

Did you see the budget implemented yet?  No.

We are way past January 9th when the budget was done.

What are they waiting for?

The only time you have to amend the budget is if you changed the rate.

The budget has to expect the numbers.

The spreadsheet and the numbers … YOU SHOULD BE VERY EXCITED!!!

This is powerful.

You NEVER take the program rate off!!!  That’s how they do business in Iraq.

In 2015, December 20th … the CBI told them that the exchange rate … international standards … as soon as they got the results … they would let them know.  It’s now 2017.

It’s in Abadi’s court.  They don’t have much time.  They’ll have to act fast.

The BAS News website … that showed a rate … the newspaper took down those numbers because they got too many calls.

Where did those numbers come from?


At that time … they were testing the new rate.

We got so many confirmations … yes … there was a rate there … and then all of the sudden … it was gone.

When Frankie tells you he is going to post a video … you will know what is going on.

FACT – this is from the IMF and the CBI.

The ATM machines … they said they were going to activate every machine … but they haven’t UNTIL the new rate shows up.

Finally … the Iraqi airlines … using the IQD … they couldn’t do it because of the software … it would accept it.

The concept of the ATM is exactly like the airlines.

More than a million demonstrators in Iraq on Saturday.

Mosul is basically a done-deal.  Daesh is running away.  Surrender or get killed.  I do believe that Mosul is back to life.  The east-coast was the biggest part of Mosul.

We continue to watch for the NEW RATE … that could happen ANY DAY … ANY MINUTE.

The IMF has their rules.

Iraq will be able to pay their debts.

We are so excited … so happy to see this progress!

We believe that in our hearts … this is our month … which happens to be a very short month.

The TRUE RATE should show up on the CBI website any day!

All my friends … connections … banking contacts tell me the same thing … just  waiting for the NEW RATE to show up!

FRANK:  I agree.  I feel that the time is up … the 72 hours to release a new rate.  All of the agencies now have their hands-off of Iraq.

Very little from now on will be shown to you about their reforms.

That website … has been empty … the remittance of their auctions and the rate.

DELTA:  Yes … it’s been empty.  The remittances are a wire-transfer.  They used to have a manual form.  In the past if I wanted to send you 1 million dollars … I would have to fill out this form … give it to the CBI … with 24 hour notice … etc.

Now … because of IBAN … for the last 6-7 days … the CBI doesn’t have to do things manually anymore.  All electronic.

We’re just waiting for the NEW RATE.

Yes Frankie … this is very significant … and it lines up with everything else.

FRANK:  If the CBI starts selling gold tomorrow … what is your comment?

DELTA:  I saw that 2 days ago … I believe what they are trying to do is to get the 3 zero notes off the street before they pull the trigger.  It’s all about money.  It’s all about greed.  The moment they pull the trigger … remember, a dinar is a dinar.

FRANK:  On that same idea … we don’t know the rate … but if they came out at 10 cents … I think most people would walk very slowly … maybe 1 to 1 would do better … but if it was 2 bucks … I think many would run to the banks.  $3.22 belonged to Saddam.

DELTA:  The numbers belonged to Dr. Shabibi … he said they that wanted to get around $2.80.  Saddam manipulated the numbers.  The rate … if you go back to the 70’s and 80’s it was $2.80.  For me … I’ll exchange a little bit … and wait.  $2.80 was planned by Shabibi and the CBI a long time ago.

FRANK:  Question … about Maliki running again for PM.  What do you think?

DELTA:  I believe that parliament will pass a law … term limits to limit people like Maliki.  He won’t be in power anymore.  Kurdistan won’t tolerate it.  Trump doesn’t like Maliki either.

IMO … he’ll be gone.  The reason why he’s still there … he got immunity.  With Trump in as President … I do believe that God sent Trump for the USA.  Maliki will be gone … he’ll have to say goodbye … just like others … they’ll have to leave.

FRANK:  Question from DoodleBug … “what happens if they miss this next window?”  As a sovereign country … we haven’t seen any evidence that they don’t want to raise their value … nor an attitude not to do it.  I feel that they are done with all of the agencies … and the UST … and now that we have a new Secretary of the Treasury … the TIMING is very interesting.  As a sovereign country to stay at a program rate with as much interest that countries and international investors have in them.  Too much time, contracts, invested.

If they miss this window … what do you think Delta?

DELTA:  I don’t believe they will miss this target.  At the beginning of this fiscal year … do they have to wait until 2018?  They are a sovereign country.

Bush knew they might resist revaluing … and that’s why they can’t get out of Chapter 7 completely UNTIL they raise their value.  They are not going to help them out.  They won’t get any money unless they are willing to do what they said.

Could it go into 2018?  If you see all of the old numbers reappear on the spreadsheet … well, then we might have a problem.

They (everyone) is waiting for the NEW RATE!

Frankie … I’m telling you … it’s a done deal!

FRANK:  I am so tired … so real quick … do you think they need the National Reconciliation Law first?  IMO … I think they already have one … they just haven’t made it into law yet … and the parliament comes back tomorrow.

DELTA:  The rate must come before the HCL.   They cannot UNITE Iraq with a program rate.  No jobs, no nothing without the rate changing.  The citizens want something done quickly.  I believe the rate will come before the NRL.  You won’t see the HCL pass until the RATE changes.

FRANK:  Do the Kurds have everything they want?  Are they happy?

DELTA:   The Kurds always wanted independence.  That is what will really make them happy.  Lot of internal issues … BUT … you’ll never see them independent.  They will be happy … and Trump will see to that.  They know how to work things out … but you’ll never see them 100% happy … give them a car … they’ll complain about the color.

I feel bad for the citizens.  The open market economy … billions and billions are waiting to go as soon as they raise the rate.  We just had a delay in the plan while we waited for Trump to get it.  Abadi was told to “hold-on” --- remember they said it was just a “little hold.”

I do believe they are waiting for confirmation from Trump and the US Treasury.

FRANK:  Thank you Delta.  You’ve done a great job!  Rest up … it’s getting late.  You’re my brother-in-Christ.  Do you have your scissors sharpened?

DELTA:  Yes … they are gold … ready to go … even by remote control!

FRANK:  Thank you my brother.

DELTA:  Family … it’s been an honor to be with you and Frank/Tink.  We have been doing this for so many years because we really love ot help people.  I really do believe in my heart that this is it.  I believe this could be one of our last conference calls … because we’ll do one when the rate goes up.  Look at the facts … don’t worry about people trying to take what we say and get credit for it.  We are here to help people.  We love you … love to bring you this information.  Let’s help each other.  When you get discouraged … I’ve noticed that you lift each other up.  I love you up.  Take care of yourself.  We’ll see each other very soon in Hawaii.  Thank you again Frank to join the family.  I know how hard you work for us behind the scenes.  Tink … my sister in Christ … she is very patient with me and Frankie.  Love you all.  Talk to you very, very soon!

FRANK:  God bless you Delta.

Ok … that is your conference call.
I believe that it is time!  It’s coming … loud and clear.
Thank you for being with us.
CC ended in prayer/shofar

I highly encourage everyone to try to listen to the replay as soon as you can!



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