Saturday, February 11, 2017


Ghost Writer 2/10/17. Usually when a certain wording or clause is mentioned to the public it is because the dentity behind has that inscibed in there contract or NDA. I do not think that this so called sovereign or humanitarian gizmo is prudent to any Christians, the feeling or mechanism behind it is not Godly, it is not blessed.

 A certain CLAW BACK CLAUS was mentioned and this falls under greedy and greedy is evil. What this claus intends is that at any point that the bank see fit, they can penalize you and extract a huge amount of money from your account like for example not moving to fast enough on a certain project or not moving on there specific time schedule. So instead of the bank working for you, it would be you working for the bank instead. And they will be doing these deductions on a daily basis. 

This is not what God wants for you His people. Jesus with just five fishes fed thousands and this is what He wants you to absorb, that we actually can do more with less, it is all through our FAITH on our one true God that all will be accomplished, so heed my warning for this gizmo is not Godly at all. See the way I see this, my way would be as follows; Let's say I get $1.00 per zim that would be 1 trillion dollars. I leave the money intact to gain interest, once I get the return from that interest then and only then will I start to do my projects using and working with the interests never using the mother load. 

And I control the time and space, I control the money and not the banks. There way as it seems, that they will be using your mother load monies from the get go and they will be doing the investments and not giving you the opportunity for your monies to grab some interest, and if you were to wait on it to gain that interest, then they would hit you with this claw back Claus accusing you of non action at a certain moment. With this last thought man they will dry up your well in a very short time. You will be as dried as a raisen in the sun. And like I said if they mentioned the clause that is because it is inside that nda.

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