Saturday, February 25, 2017


Geoffrey:  I wanted to share a couple banking experiences with you that I thought very encouraging, related to the reality of & release of the new USN, and associated gold standard:

1) Cashed a check at B of A early this week. When the teller asked how I would like the bills, I asked him, "well, are you allowed to give me the new USN yet?" I knew the answer of course, but the look on his face!! Eyes as big as saucers. He looked around, hurriedly, and just said, "naw, naw not yet."

2) went to Wells yesterday evening to pick up some dong I had ordered (ya know, that is just not something I had ever in a million years thought I'd be typing. HA!). I also made a withdrawal. Teller asked how I'd like the cash back and I asked the same question- "well, can you give me the new USN?"
I had spoken with this fella several times on the phone and we had a good conversation around the value of investing in currency { ;) }.

His supervisor was standing just to his left. The mood was very good as the weather was clear and beautiful, and it was Friday afternoon, end of shift. There were no other customers in the lobby at the moment. Similarly, the young man responded, "nah, we can't do that just yet."

His supervisor, who had been in on the conversation about currency, echoed the tellers response, saying, "nope, not yet. Soon."

How bout them apples. Freedom is here. Our time to shine and to bring this beautiful planet and its inhabitants back to harmony and joy is upon us.

Blessings to you all, dear family, and I look forward to seeing you all at the abun-dance.
Namaste,  Geoffrey

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