Saturday, February 18, 2017

Excerpt From Thurs. Night Big Call Notes , 18 FEB

Excerpt From Thurs. Night Big Call Notes 

Bruce   We are in good a position that a lot happened to get us to Tuesday and a lot happened to get to us where we are now. A lot has happened the last 24 to 48 hours.

 What we heard is what we are going to call early exchanges on Vietnamese Dong.  A few weeks ago same type thing going on with the dinar. 

My understanding this is it. The Dinar was done. The Dong was exchangeable at lower rates which I know were 39 cents to 56 cents per Dong. 

These exchanges went on for 23 hours and 35 minutes. Then they stopped abruptly.  ...the opportunity was a short window today for a reason.

The reason was...the CIPS system.  That has superseded the swift system. It was put together to allow wire transfer to occur in as little as 18 sec to 53 sec around the world...attempts...made to integrate the swift system into the CIPS system and make those two systems work parallel with each other in such a way the Swift system can operate at the same speed of the CIPS system...

We have that system interrogated approximately 1:30pm EST

What does that mean? The timing was that system was to switch on in its activation at same time the intake for the Dong at the trial exchanges stopped.  It wasn’t coincidence. 
Now we have the ability to do wire transfers all over the world and domestic transfer in the United States at lightning speed without delay, open transparent. 

The point I am telling you about this is that is to show you how close we are.

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