Wednesday, February 8, 2017


2-8-2017   Intel Guru Bruce    ...at 5pm EST today [Tuesday], we got word through contacts at Chase Bank and at Citibank on two different coasts that the banks with foreign currency departments inside the branches...were to begin contacting people, their clients or people that purchased currency they know about...to set up exchanges for them to come in and exchange at the screen rates.  We know the rates are on all the screens at the banks. We heard some very good rates on Dinar and Dong. The rates are higher than we thought they would be...quite a bit higher. That is exciting. I think this is an amazing time...Maybe not tonight [Tuesday], but it could or it could happen the next couple of days.

2-8-2017   Intel Guru Frank26 
  In the last few days articles have been out about...the country’s National Reconciliation...if they are talking to you NOW about the National Reconciliation it is because it is very extremely important... IMO...the National Reconciliation Law is the end of everything…  IMO the National Reconciliation is everything we are involved with as a study...the Economic Reform...to the Monetary Reform...to the budget...to the Qi Cards...the HCL...to the Security and Stability that will come...to Mosul…to me it is all wrapped up in the National Reconciliation Law...everything is encompassed in the National Reconciliation Law...it encompasses so many things and above all things...the Monetary Reform.  IMO when you see the NRL we are going to be so close to seeing the Monetary Reform being announced.   I believe this National Reconciliation Law as it is being put forward in Iraq is moving forward at the speed of light...because I believe they are kind of tied together with the results of Mosul because once we have Mosul everything inside of the NRL is going to travel at the speed of light…and of course the Monetary Reform is the number one thing...

2-8-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
    So many sectors throughout Iraq in the past week or so taking a "pause"...then coming back on line... It could be business as usual and we were unaware...or it could be a final accounting of the numbers before they open the blinds to the window of transparency...

2-8-2017   Newshound Guru loop
  Article:  "Sabri: government measures raise customs state revenues"  Iraq went from collecting 1/2 a billions dinars in customs duties in Jan 2016 to finishing the year with 24 billion dinars collect for the entire year.  More than quadrupling January 2016 custom duties every month.  And they are still fixing working on fixing some of the issues that have come to light at some of the points of entry. Again this is right in line with the IMF's SBA.

2-8-2017   Intel Guru Bruce
    I got word from one of our sources in Iraq...that Prime Minister Abadi announced that the gangs and forces for dash or ISIS had essentially laid down and retreated and are no longer a militarian threat. This was announced in Iraq.  We have not seen this on the news here. It could be coming up here quickly.  A lot of positive things taking place in Iraq and we are sort of looking for a public revelation what their new rate is and that would be put out internationally. That could be the next from of announcement we get from Iraq.  Iraq has done basically all they need to do, and ISIS is no longer a threat in Iraq according to Prime Minister Abadi.

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