Thursday, February 2, 2017


2--2-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat   According to the news media in Iraq - yesterday the order was given to begin advancements toward the western of Mosul (across the Tigris River).  They are doing this in the hope this could accelerate the final resolution and liberation of Mosul.  So this week we heard yet more news on what it takes to bring in foreign investors into the Iraqi “market” economy.  It is nice to see them having these conversations. This will be the growing pains as the country progresses in the future...   They need to put laws in place and to allow for freedom of capital flows to strike the needed balance. This is not something they can do or will do overnight. This will take years if not decades but we are seeing now even the point where investors are choosing to come into Iraq. We are seeing the progress.  I believe they are at the point now that this sector may be stable enough now for the RV.   Having a plan and constantly moving towards the target was needed.

2-2-2017   Newshound Guru loop   Their actions over the last 18 months to reform their banking and financial sectors are indicating that they plan on moving to some degree of a market economy.   The most encouraging thing about this, IMO, is that the tempo in which they are getting things done is increasing all the time...Which is a big indicator that this move will occur sooner rather than later.

2-2-2017   Intel Guru Frank26
   I think that there has been some undisciplined people (MEDIA) in the Middle East...a few slip-ups in the media lately ...one that came out of Basra News...where they talked about 3.84 and 3.64...seriously!   We called it the “perfect mistake” ...and another one came out on Tuesday... talking about raising 4 Million Dollars for some fund raising for some religious thing.  They said something like 50 IQD was = to 38 USD’s.  NO IT’S NOT!   I believe there is a lot of “leakage” going on about the MR. The numbers...IMO... are not mistakes...they removed them...out of fear.  IMO -- The CBI is allowing this.  The perfect mistake IMO is nothing more than the jump of the gun.   [See Guru wmawhite Post below] [post 2 of 2]

2-2-2017   Newshound Guru wmawhite   Article quote:  “In 2016, the revenue for Hajj and Umrah was more than $5 million,” Naqshbandi said. “We collected more than $4 million from the people, who need to pay 50 IQD [about $38 USD] to fill in the application form. And we collected about $1 million from Umrah fees. With this, we had more than $5 million in revenue from these two elements, and have provided the revenues to the government.”  Does something jump out at you from this piece of an article?  to pay 50 IQD [about $38 USD]    38 IQD divided by $50 = $0.76.  [I believe it is speaking of a 50,000 note.]   you are probably correct...it still amazes me that an error of 50,000 can be made in the writing of this article.  This article is Rudaw (out of Kurdistan).  Normally very good with their reports and translations... 

2-2-2017   Intel Guru Frank26    BasNews website... it is a legite site.  ...I’m just curious…how did they get the number 3.64 and 3.84?  Well, anybody that might accept that it was a mistake might be gullible...Because you don’t remove a mistake, you correct a mistake…  [reference Guru tman23 post 1-29-2017, Guru loop post 1-31-2017 & Guru BGG post 1-30-2017]

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